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  1. for those curious and may know it by a different name, I've heard that this was the complex named Jefferson Commons during my time at UNT.
  2. North Texas Chant

    We have many alumni that have been lost along the way, Stone Cold most definitely among them. Probably because of the 16 years or so of mediocrity we recently had leading the athletic department. It doesn't mean we can't start reaching out to these people from the university's past. You know... people like Hayden Fry, Darrel Dickey, Dan McCarney, Abner Haynes, the bowl game champion team, and all the others that have been reached out to this year in order to correct past mistakes. So just because someone has left and not been much of a supporter doesn't mean we can't reach out and try to get them involved again at some capacity. That being said, lets also use Cynthia Izaguirre, Rob Coffee or anyone else too. I see nothing wrong with that.
  3. The Conference USA Championship Game

    I'm scared.
  4. North Texas Chant

    It wouldn't be hard to re-cut the MF video. I admit it would be an awkward pause on video. But after he says "North" the video could cut to a graphic of the word "North," then back to MF for "Texas" and so on... I think our stadium would lose their minds if we had a Stone Cold video for anything. At least the first time. I know for sure that I would! I hope Wren sees this thread and really gets on that. You know Wren would love to work with Steve anyway. It'd be a good reason for him to call a childhood idol and establish communication. LOL
  5. Final record?

    do we have enough replies yet for the obligatory "one game at a time, so stop looking ahead" post? If so, can this be it?
  6. Final record?

    I'm exactly in line with your thoughts. 2 more L's to Army and FAU. Win all the rest.
  7. Georgio bowing up

    There are plenty of alumni that this tweet could/should be directed to. But George is definitely not one of them.
  8. I just saw a billboard on 35 advertising this game. It was the digital billboard that rotates through advertisements on NB 35E at 121 right near La Hacienda Ranch. Love it!
  9. When is the CUSA Champ game?

    Thanks for the info. That's weird that FIU would schedule a game on championship weekend. I'm guessing they'll have to buy UMass out of that game if they make it to the championship game.
  10. So I was trying to figure this out. I searched google and the CUSA website and couldn't find a date for the game. I'd assume it would be the same weekend as other championship games, on December 2nd. However, FIU is already playing a game that day. So this makes me think it can't/won't be played that day. Does anyone have definite details on the date/time of the game?
  11. Graham Harrell a broyles award nominee

    Well Seth certainly couldn't nominate Reffett or Biagi. But I'm glad he takes the time to nominate someone from his staff.
  12. New Polo at Stadium Store

    I was the second name on the list. Still haven't heard anything. I think I'll probably pass on it now. The excitement has faded.
  13. LT 2018 recruit decommits

    And a Super Bowl ring
  14. Meanwhile....back in San Antone

    I️ hit the “I️ don’t give a fuck” point after the loss to UNT tbh. I️ was upset after the loss to southern miss and lost my shit after the loss to cUNT. My “I️ don’t give a fuck” is in relation to our season, not our team though. -PB3 Turning point- UNT. Checked out this year after that game. -Beaks Rising YUM!!!! Tasty, tasty roadrunner tears! HAHAHAHAHA!!!
  15. Reviews of the Facebook broadcast?

    I had a similar experience. It was very choppy for me and got better in the 2nd and 3rd quarters.