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  1. 8 passes and 2 INTs. I like this guy!!
  2. Didn't we know this several weeks ago? Or maybe it was a different game? I thought someone said it on the boards here that worked at the team hotel. And they told us that the hotel was blocked for that night.
  3. Moobs

    Wilson Signs 3 Year Deal With 49ers

    1,665,000 would be the minimum for a 3 year rookie contract. So he's getting a little better than minimum. That's good for an UDFA.
  4. I can see what they're trying to do here. They're trying to add incentives to fair catches to reduce the number of injuries on those plays. However, I don't agree with the way they're going about it. They could start with just giving the receiving team +5 yards from the fair catch spot. That way a fair catch on the 3 still keeps them deep in their own zone. Just a thought.
  5. Moobs

    Favorite Mean Green Game

    My top events that I've been in attendance for would have to be: 1. Tearing down the goal posts, marching them to Fry and proceeding to get excessively drunk and make plans to go to New Orleans. 2. The Stand 3. The Drive 4. Bowl win vs UNLV (first football game ever attended with my now wife) 5. CBI games 2 & 3 6. Final game at Fouts. Honorable Mention: Although not a favorite memory, sitting front row on the 50 at the HOD Bowl game against Army was a cool experience. And had a play or 2 gone a different way, it would have definitely been near the top of the list.
  6. Moobs

    Final RPI Ranking

    I'm impressed that not a single CUSA team went down from their previous rank.
  7. Moobs

    San Francisco (3/30/18)

    There. I fixed it.
  8. Moobs

    FAU Has Suspended QB Chris Robinson

    This is true. There's a lot going on behind the scenes that none of us know about at both programs. After all, it wasn't that long ago we had some kids stealing stuff from Walmart.
  9. But with all the sports the university has, almost every day is a game day. Or are you suggesting it only be flown on football game days?
  10. I enjoy going to the pavilion on game days now. After graduating, I did the yearly dues for a bit. Then, my membership lapsed and I didn't renew it for several years. When I got the email that lifetime membership was going up, I debated doing the lifetime membership since I’ve always wanted to do it anyway. The last night it was available for $500, I got online at about 10:30 pm and went ahead and did it. I have to have been one of the last, if not the last one, to get in at that price. I’m glad I did it and I’m excited to see the changes for next year!
  11. Not a joke... A&M Commerce, TWU, SFA & ACU all have days, but UNT does not. Many local school districts (Keller, Carroll, Ft Worth, Jesuit, Everman, Burleson, Arlington, Allen & Crowley) have days with the Rangers, but UNT does not.
  12. Moobs

    Spring Game on a Friday Night

    This page says the spring game is now on 2/24 at noon. I'm so confused...
  13. I'd like to buy one of those sweet ass hockey sweaters! I love that uniform! Went and saw them play a couple games last season at the Dr Pepper Star Center in Farmers Branch. It's free to go to the games out there and we got to see them beat up on my wife's TCU Horned Frogs.
  14. Here's the schedule for the team based in Allen.
  15. In addition to the Dallas team, there's also a team based in Allen. I came across some free tickets and got to go to a few games in Allen a couple years ago. It was a lot of fun. Very family oriented.