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  1. But with all the sports the university has, almost every day is a game day. Or are you suggesting it only be flown on football game days?
  2. I enjoy going to the pavilion on game days now. After graduating, I did the yearly dues for a bit. Then, my membership lapsed and I didn't renew it for several years. When I got the email that lifetime membership was going up, I debated doing the lifetime membership since I’ve always wanted to do it anyway. The last night it was available for $500, I got online at about 10:30 pm and went ahead and did it. I have to have been one of the last, if not the last one, to get in at that price. I’m glad I did it and I’m excited to see the changes for next year!
  3. Not a joke... A&M Commerce, TWU, SFA & ACU all have days, but UNT does not. Many local school districts (Keller, Carroll, Ft Worth, Jesuit, Everman, Burleson, Arlington, Allen & Crowley) have days with the Rangers, but UNT does not.
  4. Spring Game on a Friday Night

    This page says the spring game is now on 2/24 at noon. I'm so confused...
  5. I'd like to buy one of those sweet ass hockey sweaters! I love that uniform! Went and saw them play a couple games last season at the Dr Pepper Star Center in Farmers Branch. It's free to go to the games out there and we got to see them beat up on my wife's TCU Horned Frogs.
  6. Here's the schedule for the team based in Allen.
  7. In addition to the Dallas team, there's also a team based in Allen. I came across some free tickets and got to go to a few games in Allen a couple years ago. It was a lot of fun. Very family oriented.
  8. Add to the tailgate toy wishlist

    Doesn't say anything about with the motor running it around. I bet that runs the battery down faster than the lights or the music playing. Would still be cool... until we change our shade of green again. LOL
  9. I got a phone call from the athletics department this morning talking about this change. Seems like a reasonable price considering the product that was put on the field this year. If they can continue to put a respectable product on the field, I will have no issues continuing to pay for it.
  10. Hope Y'all are ready to open up your wallets!

    I believe the concern may be whether or not Wren will choose to continue it.
  11. Hope Y'all are ready to open up your wallets!

    "If we can't sell out the stadium, lets at least sell out the Wing" -Wren Baker Disclosure: Wren didn't really say this. It's a joke. But I feel like some will start buying cheaper tickets and move freely to the middle sections. As for me, I'll be awaiting my renewal notice and tax return before I make a decision.
  12. This is really cool. But side note: Why have we not renamed all the Avenue "X" streets to something school related? There has to be notable alumni or donors or school traditions we can name these streets after. North Texas Battle Flag Way, Stone Cold Boulevard, Ernie Kuehne Drive. There seriously has to be something besides Avenue A, B & C we can name these streets.
  13. Football Banquet?

    Yeah. I think that may have been an all UNT athletics awards event if I remember correctly.
  14. UNT - National Champs!

    When do we raise the banner at Apogee?
  15. Do You Have Any Eligibility Left?

    I have eligibility left. Are we trying to recreate Necessary Roughness with my old ass?