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  1. Football Banquet?

    Yeah. I think that may have been an all UNT athletics awards event if I remember correctly.
  2. UNT - National Champs!

    When do we raise the banner at Apogee?
  3. Do You Have Any Eligibility Left?

    I have eligibility left. Are we trying to recreate Necessary Roughness with my old ass?
  4. Bad day for athletics fundraising

    I’ll gladly pay less overall in taxes (about $6k for my family according to online calculators) and keep paying my MGC membership.
  5. Frisco Bowl

    I love watching SMU implode. I hope this keeps up tonight and for many years to come. 😂
  6. Player Safety

    Someone has to be behind the center. So if your concern is truly for “player safety,” then you should be saying we should just wave a white flag and not even play. For a topic with this title, I expected to see some complaining about the refs. 😂
  7. I remember that when SL got hired someone asked him about defense. His response was something like this... I’ll hire someone whose defense scares me to go up against. And then we hired Ek. I miss Ek. Like, a lot. Certainly, our current defense doesn’t even come close to intimidating SL. It doesn’t intimidate anyone in the FBS. Ref needs to go, and soon!
  8. Contract extension?

    1-11 just 2 years ago. Some have forgotten what that felt like. Extend him ASAP and get a bigger buyout clause.
  9. Here’s An Idea...

    I’d be okay with that. Don’t let them leave NO in Trojan gear, Wren!
  10. I think I’ve heard Brees name more than Fine’s name on this broadcast
  11. Bowl Mania Picks

    North Carolina A&T is tied at the half. They could be wrong on 2 of their top 5
  12. Fine's knee brace

    Didn’t he wear the brace last year too? I may be mistaken, but I thought he wore it the last half of last season.
  13. NT Schedules Home/Home with Cal & Wyoming!

    But... but... but... I thought other schools didn't want to come to Denton? Good riddance RV!!!
  14. “UGA’s student-athlete handbook calls for a four-game suspension for football players who incur a second marijuana violation.” Will be interesting to see if this holds up. If it does, I’ll def be picking OU in my bowl pool.