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  1. Other notables: DB's Bruce Bell Walter Casey Benny Cherry T.J. Covington Larry Dixon Craig Jones Markeith Knowlton Dhati Lewis Sean Mayes Kim Phillips Mike Rhone Tony Walker Wayne Walker Danny Whitaker Detrion Woodson DL/LB Jimmy Burkholder Darrell Daniels Tony Elliott Shawn Green Willis Hudson Charles Johnson Curt Jones Reginald Lewis Fred Pertile Michael Pruitt Stan Thomas Shawn Wash Terry Champagne Rex Glendenning Byron Gross Louis Haynes Maurice Holman
  2. Too bad many of the earlier coaches didn't have 50 bowls to choose from like they have now
  3. Add Broderick McGrew to the top 15
  4. 1 Abner Haynes 2 Bernard Jackson 3 Jamario Thomas 4 Patrick Cobb 5 Lance Dunbar 6 Malcolm Jones 7 Ja'quay Wilborn 8 Kevin Galbreath 9 Eric Pegram 10 Jeffrey Wilson 11 A.D. Whitfield 12 Mike Jones 13 Roy Bishop 14 Terrance Brown 15 Bobby Daniels 16 Cedric Cromer 17 David McGinty 18 James Hamilton 19 Monty Moon 20 Antoinne Jimmerson 21 Milton Collins 22 Hut Alred 23 Brandon Byrd 24 Cam Montgomery 25 Eteka Huckaby 26 James Mitchell 27 Micah Mosley 28 Deundrey Mason 29 Mack Cumby 30 Brad Hammick
  5. 1st Tier 1) Steve Ramsey 2) Ken Washington 3) Jordan Case 2nd Tier 4) Scott Davis 5) Mitch Maher * Don't know anything about Carlin
  6. It seems that all new UNT coaches, in all sports, for as long as I can remember, tend to coast in the the first few years of their 5-year contract. (Recruiting) Have we ever had a coach with very impressive recruiting the first 2 years on Bonnie Brae? There's never a sense of urgency.
  7. For the younger fans, Ken Washington was clearly the best QB to play for the Mean Green since Steve Ramsey. The great Hayden Fry would tell anyone this today. Jordan Case was good but not better than Ken Washington, which is why he was Washington's back up the year they were on the team together. Case also entered the Hall of Fame after Washington. Silver it is comical and somewhat of an insult to keep mentioning Joe Stevenson's name in the discussion of top NT quarterbacks. (Black or White) I don't know what you have against Ken Washington when this was not even a debate during the true glory years.
  8. I called the coaches/recruiting office twice seeking info on Jr Day. Both messages went unanswered and unreturned. Following the recorded instructions, I left my name, cell #, email address as well as my relationship to Calvin and his High Major teammate. Both were thoroughly looking forward to the visit with me the next morning. As things turn out, we didn't hear back from UNT and Calvin was reminded very late that he had committed to attend the Tx Tech scrimmage at the Star in Frisco (about the same time). As I had assumed, his grandfather (my brother in law) has taken on the leading role as primary advisor. He's insisting that Calvin focus on those schools who shows the most interest in him. UNT didn't register at all in this category. Suprised he put this out so soon. I'm interested to know where recent offers from Florida St and ND affects this list. I know he wants an offer from Alabama and LSU
  9. We offered his younger brother Dimitri (Vanderbilt) as well
  10. So we allow guns on campuses and not weed? We'll never close the gap on the P5's.
  11. We're well over 500 transfers looking for new homes in 2017-2018. I just think we should/could do better looking beyond Arkansas St. What happened to all the great local talent coach talked about at his press conference?