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  1. Totally just for fun. What problems did I have with JJ other than his recruiting his first few years? Serious question.
  2. Left them after one year recruited players for UNT on ASU’s Dime took all the assistants with him took a player already on their roster. Current recond is 6 - 13 and 1-5 in conference loses to a bunch of shithole schools.
  3. Expectations for UTA game?

    5-13 Arkansas Little Rock defeats UTA 77-65 last night.
  4. Old Dominion (1/6/18)

    ODU loses at home to WKU 68-75
  5. Will be better or could be better? Don't straddle the fence
  6. Part of Our Problem

    The NFL drafts guys every year from all levels of college football in various rounds. If you can play (with size and speed) you will be drafted. Mason Fine will NOT be drafted regardless of his stats.
  7. Holy $#It huge commit for North Texas

    Hopefully he will contribute but I don't see anything special on video
  8. Smh? Unless I’m missing something, Keith Frazier is only 23 years old and has a college degree. Can make millions playing in Europe or other places. Very good teammate that may have family responsibilities at this time. Can return to the team which indicate he was not thrown off the team. Grad transfers are an unexpected gift so UTEP can’t be too disappointed. Frazier’s path to success should be dictated by him and no one else. What did he have that he does not have now?
  9. Expectations for UTA game?

    UTA has lost 4 of their last 6 games since their win over UNT. Lost their Conference opener to 6-7 Coastal Carolina 65-90. Only wins have been over Cal Poly and UTRGV.
  10. UTEP (12/28/17)

    Roosevelt Smart, Roosevelt Smart, Roosevelt Smart. Temara was hot early. Nothing from the bench. Bad UTEP team.
  11. Haven't seen this in a while but yes, this list started from 75-76
  12. Expecting the same results (no more, no less) as what he did last year is not high expectations. My point is to not judge this coach on what Tony Benford did or not do. Instead, judge him on what he did at Ark. St. Blakeley did not miss on many recruits when he took over. In fact, with the nucleus he inherited he brought in Weasel Johnson to run the point and as we know, Weasel became the best point guard during my time. Blakeley never had 4 guys come into a class and not be productive. Blakeley in subsequent years brought in Charles McMillian, Waymond Lister, Jon Manning and others. The framework was in place and he built on it. Again, I’m not beating up on this coach but we have missed a golden opportunity to really upgrade this roster to compete this year. I never said anything about Johnny Jones and I lead the attack about his recruiting when he first took over. I also didn’t give him credit for improving a bad record from the previous coach.
  13. Houston Pulls Offer

    UNT has to be more aggressive than they have shown with the top ranked recruits in the area. Subscribe to Randy Roger's service, and others, and offer every top kid early. Follow up, follow up and follow up. I realize there is a screening process and Littrell wants every kid to fit his Core Values. But at the end of the day, we will always wonder why the top athletes end up at FAU and Troy.
  14. C+, which can be upgraded (or downgraded) with more games. 7-6 currently on the year. Won all expected games (Eureka College, Bethune Cookman, Rogers State, Grambling State, Indiana State and McNeese State). I had San Diego as a toss up from what I knew of them. Lost all expected games (Nebraska, Georgia Tech, OU, UTA, Georgetown) Lost to a below .500 UTRGV team at home (which I projected as a Win) Unlike many, I refuse to give McClasland extra credit because Tony Benford was bad and he doesn't appear to be. Instead, my expectation is to see similar results enjoyed at Arkansas State in his lone season there. Still early I really like the addition of Roosevelt Smart and Duffy. Gibson will contribute in the future. Don't like what I have seen in bringing in Arikawe and Michael Miller as Juco guys. Juco's should be impact guys or major contributors. The Russian's situation was somewhat of a gamble and hasn't paid off this year. Not sure why we have a transfer (J. Simmons) using up a valuable scholarship this year to play next year. (Looked like a modest contributor while at ArkSt) Inherited a nice PG in Woolridge, Lawson and a nice prospect in Zach Simmons. Lawson played better last year but Shane Temara is playing much better. Maybe its just the adjustment to a new system at this point. I think we missed a golden opportunity to add to the mix with 7 scholarships for this team and not getting production out of 4 of them (for various reasons). Coaching is better but recruiting is equally important. I'm sure he will end up being a good hire. Just depends on what we look like 3-5 years down the road. I was a student during 3 consecutive 20+ seasons under Bill Blakely; with the top talent the state had to offer and having the best program in Texas. Attendance was at an all-time high and the Pit was electric. It's on my bucket list to see those times again. Hopefully this coach can help move the needle.