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  1. Andrew, you absolutely nailed it!!! This does not help the program at all. Instead, it's an opportunity to build on this coaches’ resume; for the exact reason you mentioned. Additionally, that of a young/new AD. This is embarrassing actually. I'm sure there were more programs to turned this joke down than accept. Are we this desperate? It also gives Brett Vito yet another opportunity to blast Tony Benford by calling a 15-17 record (soon to be 15-18) a "Highly Successful Season". Bill Blakeley must be turning over in his grave having had 3 plus 20+ seasons in a row, at the height of the best of times, with no place to go.
  2. Wonder how many schools told them NO...
  3. Louisiana Tech (3/7/18)

    Gibson is not the point guard some of you guys are hoping for. He’s more a small shooting guard.
  4. Plano Girls Basketball

    GMG24’s stall candidates
  5. Plano Girls Basketball

    I'm OK with a stall if someone could just let me know in advance before: 1) driving 35 miles, 2) spending $8 to get in, 3) $5 to park and 4) purchasing a $5 (discounted t-shirt) that is too small. Though I always pull for the locals at the state tournament, I'm kinda wishing Allen gets their ass kicked for that crap.
  6. Plano Girls Basketball

    I was at this game and the stall did take Guyer out of its game. Looks like it took them by surprise after 2 wins in the district. They have most of everyone back so they have a year to adjust.
  7. Plano Girls Basketball

    No, but I saw them take down #1 Duncanville the week before. Pending brackets, I'll try to make the boys tournament. Not the same not being in Austin
  8. UTEP (3/3/18)

    Blakeley did win 16 over the previous year (from 6-20 to 22-4) but it could have been 5-6 more if those college teams were allowed to play the same amount of games as today (around 31-32); in the regular season. That team also would have certainly had their choice of post-season tournaments; to pick up 2-3 more wins. One important factor I consider with new coaches is how did they finish the season? That Blakeley lead team finished the season on a high and was deemed the best basketball program in Texas; averaging about 8,000 in attendance. Unfortunately, other coaches have not fared as well as Blakeley in their first season: McCasland - 15-16 Johnny Jones - 15-14 Tim Jankovich - 14-15 Tommy Newman - 9-11 Tony Benford - 12-20 Vic Trilli 5-21 Jimmy Gales - 11-17. Of course, one could always point to and argue the ease in increasing wins when the predecessor had a very low number. It certainly helped Blakeley's legacy. After Jimmy Gales first campaign of 11-17, he took the team to the NCAA tournament by winning the conference/tournament. Hopefully, we will see a better ending (not that this season is over) next year under McCasland. Expectation(s) historically are higher in 2 & 3.
  9. 2018 6-A State Champions (1st Girls title in school history) Lead by former North Texas player and graduate, Rodney Belcher (1983-85)
  10. I would hate to see the same front court next year but I’m afraid we are already set there. A stretch 4 is great if you have the down low presence it should benefit.
  11. He walked into the best possible situation a coach can walk in to. This was not a final four level program so no pressure to sustain it. Many returning players to build upon. Ended up with 7 scholarships to give. Hired early enough to get his own guys. And, an extremely low bar from years of losing. He was even afforded an opportunity to pad the record early with several cream puff schools at home. I hope we continue to gradually improve over the next few years. He should, however, rightfully feel more pressure going forward especially since we had to pay a buyout fee for his services.
  12. Many guys end up over-coaching; where the players aren’t as comfortable anymore with their initial roles. This became evident with the frequent substitutions. We had several close games because the staff coached each possession. The kids, in most cases, have to be free to play instinctly and not restricted. The only kid that was/is not restricted is AJ Lawson and he is the main kid that needs to be restricted. My concern for next year is that the roster appears to already be set. The only available scholarship will go to Draper. The Russian kid appears to be another finesse big outside shooter. This teams needs a consistent down low post game to help the outside shooters.
  13. My updated rating goes from a C+ to a C
  14. DRC breaking news -- UNT fee vote passes

    So how does the department ever catch up with others or at least close the gap? Why didn’t they also ask for a modest 10% increase each year for the next 10 years? At least you wouldn’t have to go through this every five years.
  15. This team is certainly closing the gap within the conference with its hustle. It also helps to have a legit 1st team All-Conference caliber player in Roosevelt Smart; that can keep you in games throughout games. Additionally, a very good point guard, although outside shot challenged, controlling the action. After these two, I’m just hoping other guys don't hurt us too much and contribute something. Woolridge's turnovers are somewhat understandable, and to a smaller degree, missed free throws, due to possibly being tired late in games. Our big men need to understand or be reminded, that they don’t have to dunk a poor lob pass. Instead, bring it down and take it back up. This team will be much better when AJ Lawson and Allante Holston are further down the rotation or out completely. Additions next year may help this to become a reality. I get Lawson’s hand injury concerns but he commits so many wild ill-advised turnovers before he gets a shot off. I don't think he plays sound defense either. Its actually unbelievable how you can see the turnover coming when he get the ball most times. Its just so many little things that affect the game that prevents greater success. Hate settling for a moral victory today when this should have been a W.