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  1. We're well over 500 transfers looking for new homes in 2017-2018. I just think we should/could do better looking beyond Arkansas St. What happened to all the great local talent coach talked about at his press conference?
  2. "Cooley, you're a good poster and bring good info to this board. I agree that Brice was not utilized properly, and I was hoping he could claim the starting center spot and have his potential maximized under McCasland. That being said, your post in this thread, which you said would be fun to revisit, indicates you thought he'd be an impact guy well before his junior year" I think I said that he would provide about 10 point and 10 rebounds right away. And, could help the team right away Of course no one saw him gaining 40 pounds over the summer (which I since mentioned as well) and was way out of shape. Benford didn't play him for strange reasons his soph year. I don't consider 10 pts and 10 rbs an impact guy. Was hoping/expecting a bigger force in CUSA by his Jr. year. This is what surprises me that he left after Benford. Most other coaches could probably get more out of his size and talent here. We will never know. If Benford (coaching) was the problem why get rid of all the players as well?
  3. Should have 1 opening as I count 12
  4. My expectation of Brice after watching him in high school was that he wouldn't be an impact guy until his junior year. Hate to see him leave. Benford gave up on him too soon. Never liked Brown's game and while we are at it, isn't it time for GWP to graduate early? Is Fuller homesick as well?
  5. That list is old. I think he finished #21 in the class of 2017
  6. Benford recruit. Nice pickup
  7. Combs, by UNT standards, is a lock. I would select him over a number of the last few they let in. Once you make an all conference team, you're in.
  8. I don't see this kid as the "pass first" point guard we need to back up Woolridge.
  9. Will try to get Calvin to the green/write scrimmage. Do the coaches reach out to the recruits?

  10. Looks like he has changed his mind
  11. Will do. I left a vm for the coaches earlier Friday and later sent an e-mail. Never heard back from anyone. Calvin was with me earlier in the day at the hospital as my uncle passed away. We had set plans for me to pick him and his teammate up early Saturday.