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  1. Embarrassment in Boca

    I see a defense with very little D1 offers
  2. 3,000 - 1,000 - 1,000

    I think it was Darrell Royal that said that if a quarterback threw the ball 30 times in a game that they were losing. Hard to compare stats (QB) to the era of the running game. (2 or 3 running backs in the backfield and 1 or 2 receivers on the field.
  4. Alternates every 2 series. Just threw his 2nd int in the end zone
  5. At this time, he's projected to be drafted somewhere in the middle of the 1st round. (Maybe higher) Don't think he will spend a day in the D- league (G-league) as bad as the NBA need good centers. Good that he is not wasting a college's time, although late in the process, when it is clear college is not priority at this time.
  6. When will they widen Bonnie Brae to get folks in and out of this area?
  7. Men's OOC schedule

    Makes too much sense for a 2 day Metroplex Classic (UNT, TCU, SMU, UTA) at the AAC or alternate gyms. (4 different conferences)
  8. Could end up at LSU which will push Jeremy Combs further down the bench. well LSU backed away
  9. Tommie Harris (former Killeen High, OU All-American & 1st round pick of the Bears) to serve as Calvin's mentor. Talks with him weekly.
  10. Thanks! Long way till signing day... The guy at the end of the table (on the left) was hoping to hear UNT
  11. Will announce tomorrow. Decision was made a month ago
  12. I think we stole Zach Simmons. Best option as a traditional center. Lawson is a good slasher but he needs to knock down his shot consistently.