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  1. That seems a little misleading. Yes, Patterson started at TCU in 1998, but TCU did not make their move to the Big 12 until 2011. Even though we now have a playoff, I don't think football has changed that much in 6 years. Patterson spent 13 years at TCU before they got a Big 12 invitation. He could have left TCU for a much better job, but he didn't. Patterson could leave TCU now for a better job, but he doesn't want to. At some point TCU made their job his dream job. Yes, the landscape of college football is changing, but the fundamental truth has not. College football is still all about money. If North Texas were to finish undefeated and win the Rose Bowl, like TCU did, we would certainly become more valuable. We are not like most G5 universities. There are a handful of G5's that have the right combination of size, location, and funding to grow into P5 caliber programs. Are AD's in the P5 taking notice of what Littrell is doing at North Texas? Of course. But, I have to believe they are also taking notice of what the University of North Texas is doing within their athletic department too.
  2. Can't say for certain. I'm not in the athletic department. Baker might start by asking Littrell what North Texas could do in order to make the UNT head coaching position his dream job. Vito mentioned TCU's Patterson in his article. I doubt Gary Patterson viewed TCU as his dream job when he first got into coaching. At some point TCU turned it into his dream job.
  3. If we are to truly move up the college football food chain, then we must develop into an athletic department that successful coaches don't want to leave. I'm sure there are factors that could be adjusted which might entice Littrell to stay when a P5 does come sniffing around.
  4. Coach Reffett

    Our defense is a huge concern for me. I know we can't do much about it at this point in the season. For now, it is what it is. But, changes certainly need to be make before next season. We are in the Championship Game because we have an outstanding offense. Rice and UTEP are the only defenses in C-USA that have given up more points this season. In conference play, no one has given up more points then our defense. I know Army has a really good run attack, but no team should be able to roll up 534 yards and 7 touchdowns of rushing against our defense. I refuse to believe our defense is that untalented. Our coaches on the defensive side of the ball either have a bad scheme, or are not very good at their jobs. Possibly both. Whatever the reason, changes need to be made in the off season.
  5. Bold Predictions for North Texas in 2017

    *Updated With one game left in the regular season, Mason Fine has thrown for 3,190 yards, 26 touchdowns, and 10 interceptions. Personally, I think Fine is in a dogfight with Mike White for 1st team All-Conference honors. White has a lead in total passing yards, but Fine has more TD's and the best QB rating in C-USA. Also factoring in that Mason has guided the Mean Green offense to the title game by orchestrating a few amazing 4th quarter drives, and I think right now he is certainly deserving.
  6. Rhyan England #8

    I love and respect our service academies, and I respect and appreciate this guys choice to defend our country, but last season his style of play really rubbed me the wrong way. I didn't care much for the way he played when we beat them at West Point, and I didn't like his style of play in the HOD either. I hope our receivers catch 7 touchdowns on this guy today.
  7. Bowl Projections 11/12/2017

    No to Army in the Armed Forces- It would be the second time we played in a month. I'd be okay with the Armed Forces Bowl if Army wasn't tied to it. Army should take the AAC's spot in the Hawaii Bowl and the Armed Forces should fill their spot with an AAC west team like Houston, Navy, or even SMU. That would be better for everyone. If Army stays tied to the Armed Forces and we can't fill a spot in the HOD verses a P5, then I hope we are able to fill in a spot at the Independence Bowl.
  8. North Texas Chant

    Last night we had a great crowd and they were eager to get noisy. And, our team did an outstanding job of giving the fans something to cheer about. Why did we only do the North Texas chant once? And, why did wait until the 3rd quarter to do it? The one time we did the chant, our fans were so in to it that they kept doing it after the ball was snapped. We should do that chant before the opening kickoff and at every timeout (except injury timeouts). I know people from the athletic department read this board.Someone needs to get with the video board operator and the cheerleaders and fix this before next Saturday. We should video guest alums to lead it, like Mason Fine does. How great would it be to have a video of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Zack Orr, or Kathy Ireland pop up and start the chant? Apogee as built to create noise. Athletic Department personnel and cheerleaders, let's do a better job of getting the North Texas chant going when we have opportunities. Rant over.
  9. If a lower P5 program came looking to hire away Littrell and our administration really wanted to keep him, I think they could pay him enough to pass on those offers. When a major P5 program comes calling then we would be powerless. Right now lets focus on Army and look at Littrell's contract after the C-USA Title Game. FAU should be hosting it, and we owe them a beating.
  10. Need Some Help

    Thanks Harry. I talked to him.
  11. Need Some Help

    If anyone on here knows Ole Green Guts, please ask him to check his PM's. I need to speak with him before I head down for Homecoming. Thanks guys.
  12. My adopted player Jeffery Wilson came up big today when the Mean Green needed him most. 165 yards and 2 TD's. In the post game interview, Littrell said Wilson as less then 100% healthy. Outstanding Wilson. Thank you for your tough selfless style of play.
  13. stadium broadcast of our game

    Here is a link to the C-USA page with links to all the conference's streamed games.
  14. I’m Gonna Say It

    Brother, I was out in that cold with two broken ribs, and I yelled much more then I should have. After staying until the end of the game, I got to drive home for over 2 hours. Oh, I'm paying for it today, but it was the choice I made. And, it was worth it. You have no idea what some on that alumni side are going through, or what they have done for our university. We all want more rowdy fans on the alumni side. Once you and the majority of the student section start graduating, and joining the Mean Green Club and buying season tickets on the alumni side, things should change.
  15. Yes, drawing fans has long been an issue at UNT. And the overall success of this team should be drawing more fans to the stadium. But, many fans are walking away in the third quarter of our home games as they watch the defense continue to struggle with the same issues (3rd down stops & discipline) they have had all season. Watching the special teams cough up two TDs on kickoffs didn't help either. We scored 0 points in the third quarter on Saturday and lost the lead to a now 2-6 ODU team. Thankfully, the team did enough in the 4th to sneak out with a win. But, because of the habitual problems that have plagued out team all season, many of the few cold fans we had Saturday, walked right out of Apogee before the comeback. Lets also work on keeping the ones that showed up, while we figure out how to draw new ones.