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  1. ‘18 Tyree Thompson LB (LA Valley CC)

    and he decomits like 48 hours later....crap

    Merry Christmas to the Mean Green faithful!
  3. A look at what we have

    So who would we be losing?
  4. 2018 Conference Schedule Predictions

    i have not, but i have heard its pretty epic. They are crazy about the razorbacks up there. I went to a b-ball game once and it was pretty nuts.
  5. 2018 Conference Schedule Predictions

    I will be in fayetteville to watch us play arkansas as my folks live about 30 min north of there. Should be a fun game.
  6. I yelled the same thing. Or can we at least give him help? How many times are we gonna let him burn us 1 on 1?
  7. I’d be ok with a change in d leadership. I understand we don’t have the best athletes on that side of the ball but at some point the d coordinator has to be blamed. The d is almost cosh level bad today... (hopefully they can make me eat my words)
  8. That was a big TD! Understatement of the year
  9. We won the coin toss?
  10. Official New Orleans Bowl Score Prediction Thread

    i say its NT -38 Troy-35 GMG
  11. Nice Pub on 105.3!

    Yep that was my buddy and former classmate Kevin KT Turner. Always love seeing NT get some goo rep.
  12. Saturday Morning Tailgate

    Man that sucks about the student package number. If i was a student i would have jumped all over that.
  13. NO Bowl Preview - Lindy's Sports

    Wilson is out, Guyton should be good to go since he played in the CUSA Championship game.
  14. New Orleans Bowl Uniforms

    great choice, green, white and the best helmet we rocked all year.
  15. McNeese State (12/9/17)

    First game i have made this year. Several Observations Simmons is going to be a great player for us. He is only a freshman and i cannot wait to watch him continue to develop over the next 3.5 years, Its so nice to watch a North Texas team with some plays on offense instead of everyone just standing around like they did for 5 years under benford. This was the most complete offensive team i have seen at NT since the JJ days. This team is a beast on the boards and play great defense. If they can keep it up, we can steal some conference games we are not suppose to win this season. FInal thought. This team is young but is already playing better then i expected and is super fun to watch in person. If your on the fence and haven't made it out to the pit then come on out and see for yourself. Only thing that is sad is the student crowd...i saw maybe 10 in the student section and no semblance of the pit crew like it was when i rocked it from 2007-2010. Anyways i am glad the conference tourney is local because this will be a hard team to beat if they continue to rebound and play d like they did today.