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  1. I bet if he was 10-3 last year instead of 5-7 it wouldn't have mattered how many escort services he called.
  2. I got gold, natural, no stone. I kind of wish I got the white gold option though so it would match my wedding band.
  3. Moron. Sinbad wasn't in Shazaam. That was Michael Clarke Duncan. You're thinking of that Berenstein Bears movie.
  4. Fine needs to work harder on getting taller.
  5. Damn millennials.... First they made Maple Cafeteria go full veggo, now this.....
  6. Despite both entities being large public schools in the state, they don't really compete for a lot of the same students. Awareness of UNT isn't very good in South Texas and the awareness of UTSA in almost nonexistent in the North Texas region. It's hard to have a rivalry when the student populations are pretty ambivalent towards each other. Of course, that might change naturally with time. It would help if both programs got a lot better quite frankly.
  7. Oh wow. Are those guys from 2 years ago going to come back and play (or will we see more of the unranked 8-5 team). I didn't say there were bad, I said they were mediocre because they are.
  8. I wouldn't consider Iowa a bodybag game. They're pretty mediocre.
  9. Well.. Maybe Obama would have been crucified, but that sort of implies you don't think Trump is. He is getting slammed constantly on the news and by politicians. The FBI has a counter-intelligence investigation and his Asst AG just assigned a special counsel. Obama poo-poo'd Romney's cold-war mentality towards the Russians during the debates and famously told Medvedev that he'd have more flexibility to work with them after the election. It caused some stir in conservative circles, but no politicians calling for impeachment and CNN didn't have 50 bold headlines about it on their website every day. We'll see on Flynn, he did ask for immunity, but AFAIK he didn't indicate he'd roll over on anybody, which is why they didn't take the deal. If anybody is suspicious IMO it would be Paul Manafort. However, he was only with the campaign for about 5 months, so it hard to know how much there would be to that. Full disclosure... I am a Republican, but I find Trump to be a complete sleaze-ball and I didn't vote for him (or Hillary). I also think a lot of his protectionist policies are awful. I hope beyond hope he gets primaried next election. However, I'm very skeptical at this point. Lots and lots of conjecture with no evidence. The special prosecutor seems to be well regarded with both sides, so hopefully his findings will put some finality to the matter.
  10. Yeah, I get what you're saying, but you can't really compare Trump to some random nameless president can you? Trump firing Comey just because of some perceived slight or that he doesn't like the guy is perfectly in character for him. Not saying he's right to do so, but frankly it is far far more plausible than assuming he had the wherewithal or temperate to engage in some sort of covert collusion with Russian actors. And honestly, if there was any evidence, we all know it would have been leaked out by now. My guess is all the current scandals will end up being nothing or relatively minor. However, by the time that is determined there will be dozens of other things taking the limelight. We are in for 4 or 8 years of constant drama.
  11. austin

    You put Caldwell County as a choice instead of Hays County? Mon Dieu!
  12. Meh. Why not? He (Trump) already gets ragged on by everyone on TV 24/7. He might as well fire him if he doesn't like him. He gets to look tough for his supporters and it isn't like his detractors can get any more agitated than they already are.
  13. Louisiana is a very poor state. There just aren't enough taxes being paid in general to support too much. Frankly, they have way way to many colleges for their size population. The population of DFW alone far exceeds the total population of the state.