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  1. It's funny. I've had conversations with a couple folks just recently whose kids really wanted to go to UNT, but had to go to Texas State or UTSA instead because they couldn't get in. I thought they both were joking at first. 20 years ago anyone with half a pulse could get in, so it is good to hear our academic standards are increasing.
  2. post-SMU game thoughts in song only format

    Just wondering what year we'll actually have a ranked team.... If man is still alive.
  3. Watching the Aggie/UCLA game. The most interesting thing to me is how rough Matt Leinart looks. Time has not been kind.
  4. No Gasoline in South Texas Not a pretty sight in any of the major Texas cities tonight. Looks like 80%+ of the stations are out of gas and those that do have long lines. This will probably take 2-4 days to work itself out.
  5. Yeah. I guess there would probably have to be major reshuffling for several teams for it to work out.
  6. Sure, but those things I would think, on the whole, work to UNT's advantage. UTSA might concede to it since rescheduling Houston looks very very dicey otherwise.
  7. Since UTSA/Houston is cancelled, I wonder is there is some way to swap dates so that UTSA/UNT play this week and we play Lamar on the UTSA date.
  8. UTSA/Texas State

    Ahhh. I didn't realize the game was being televised. I overlooked the little beIN sports logo.
  9. UTSA/Texas State

    I live down in Austin and since I won't be able to come up to Denton for the UAB game next month, I'm thinking it might be fun to crash the Texas State/UTSA game. Anybody else thinking about going?
  10. I'm not sure if I'm being whooshed, but that is Six Flags over Georgia, not Six Flags over Texas.....
  11. I see someone gets all their information they need on the topic from the videos on their Facebook feed. I'm sure that information is completely accurate and unbiased. I still haven't seen anyone go on the record here. Should statues of Jefferson and Washington be taken down too? If not, why not? What is the logical distinction? The vast majority of confederates soldiers never had a slave in their life. Surely folks who had large holdings of slaves are more worthy of contempt? I mean.. there is no way this is just a made-up issue the left came up with to get folks agitated could it? Remember of all those confederate statues coming down when Obama was president?
  12. People made statues to them because they were heroic. These were people's friends and family members who were defending their homeland. Sure, at a macro scale the trigger point of the war was slavery and the South was clearly wrong and paid dearly for that despicable choice. However, just because the war means something to the political class, it doesn't mean that it meant the same to your average mountain-boy in Tennessee who enlisted or was conscripted into the war. We have large numbers of diaries from Union and Confederate soldiers and slavery is almost never mentioned as a reason for the fighting for either side. You have to remember that most folks in those days (particularly in the South) identified themselves as a citizens of their state primarily, so calling these folks "seditious" or "traitors", which seems to have gotten really fashionable on the liberal boards these last few years, lacks historical context. Now... I don't have a problem with taking down confederate battle flags, given their history with the Klan in the 1920s-30s, but tearing down statues of confederate soldiers and taking down the "stars and bars" at Six Flags is just plain stupid and reactionary. This is a modern day Byzantine Iconoclasm. There is no logical place for this to end. Do we tear down statues of Washington and Jefferson as they were slaveholders (and traitors to their mother country as well, btw).? Do we tear down statues of Roosevelt due to the Japanese Internment? What should a "true American" do?
  13. I hope all of you giant babies* are proud of yourselves. Pretty soon we'll be pulling down the statues of Washington and Jefferson. I have no doubt that will happen within the next 20 years. *sorry. I've been drinking. I've made this nicer... :)
  14. DRC: Friday practice notes

    You'd think out of 32k undergrads we'd be able to find someone who could walk-on and boot a ball a respectable distance.
  15. DRC: Friday practice notes

    What is generally considered a good punt distance for a college punter (assuming they are punting deep)?