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  1. Sr Associate AD Position Open

    Yes - Sheffield's position.
  2. Bowl Projections (Week 13)

    Well - it would be a chance to take back the record.
  3. Bowl and APR Situation

    Great news. Now - anything but Dec. 17th bowls since I have to be at UNT commencement that day.
  4. Morris is horrible

    Radio just said he would be good for even an early bowl game (Dec. 17th).
  5. Bowl Projections Update

    May and December. No more August.
  6. I am against the Banner

    Harry - well said. Thanks for posting this.
  7. We used to have a single commencement speaker and then separate "walk across the stage" ceremonies. When I graduated in 1987 the speaker was H.Ross Perot. Not sure when we went completely decentralized. 90's or early 2000's?
  8. Spring enrollment is always smaller than fall. Due in part to a large graduation in December along with fewer new students entering in spring compared to fall.
  9. Not that I really care about this thread overall, but just for the sake of accuracy, the master planned Preserve at Pecan Creek development is entirely in the City of Denton. I should know. I live there and pay Denton city taxes.
  10. 1) You can rent robes. No one is required to buy them, so if you want to wait and purchase a different color later you can. 2) Not sure about other institutions, but as faculty I get my robes for free rental at UNT any time I attend graduation.
  11. Tailgating plans for SMU game? Train?

    The plan right now is a family pancake tailgate.
  12. I always tell people I cheer for two college teams every weekend: North Texas, and whoever is playing SMU that week.
  13. I was responding directly to a request to address the list of authors provided by UNT90. This isn't a list of scientific opinions, it is a list of peer-reviewed papers. If the science was strong against global warming, then where is the scientific data?