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  1. Jeff Wilson headed to NFL Combine

    I believe it was Adrian Awasom in 2005.
  2. Hope Y'all are ready to open up your wallets!

    Last year, you could get better seats game-by-game. I never paid more than $40 for a ticket last year, and I think the worst section I was in was 206 for the UTEP game. I was mostly in 105 and 205, sometimes as cheap as $20 per game with sales and promos.
  3. Red Shirt Rule to change?

    Yeah, I'd forgotten about the medical redshirt, but the point stands. At the time, we were burning his redshirt for 2 minutes of playing time. I think the argument about it lasted his entire career here. To your point, the new rule is meant, from what I understand, to get rid of the medical redshirt filing altogether, while helping to solidify and guarantee the "5 to play 4" rule.
  4. Red Shirt Rule to change?

    I think it has more to do with being able to reduce the number of/hurdles to medical redshirts in the first place. I think it will provide a lot more roster flexibility, both at the beginning AND end of a season. Say a guy's borderline... you THINK you want to redshirt him, but he's been playing lights out in fall practice. Now, maybe you give him 3-4 non-conference games and see if he's got enough to take the job. OR you give him most of the season to put on weight and learn the system, and then you give him a shot at the end of the year. But I still see it mostly as a fix for the medical redshirt issue. If Mason went down next year after a couple of games, we'd have to apply for a medical redshirt for him. With the potential change, we could just use it as his redshirt year, and it requires a lot less work/administration. It also allows you to lose a starter and replace them with a redshirt for a handful of games, then put that guy back on the shelf. Just look at the Derek Thompson situation. We burned his redshirt for about 2 minutes of playing time in the last game of a 2-9 season. Under the new rule, we would have gotten an extra year out of him.
  5. Still at least 5 investigations into Baylor ongoing + lawsuits. Baylor keeps fighing to not have to release their documents. I think he's an excellent coach, and while I don't think we're in the "all good guys league" and that you have to take some character risks in order to win, there's a line, Baylor went over it on a ramp. Until the results of the investigations and lawsuits are in, I wouldn't touch him.
  6. 10th On Field Assistant

    I approve of this.
  7. Seth Littrell on defense

    Makes me re-think using my real name here.
  8. I focused on the little bit of coherence that was there. It's not my fault the only part of your posts that seem to make sense are factually incorrect. Keelan Crosby doesn't have anything to do with DD's recruiting during the infancy of the internet. If you have an issue with recruiting rankings, take it up with the hundreds of coaches making the scholarship offers upon which these rankings are based.
  9. FSU May Not Actually Be Bowl Eligible...
  10. A guy with a committment that was public knowledge on August 3rd wasn't "stealth recruited."
  11. FSU May Not Actually Be Bowl Eligible...

    Call the Indy Bowl. Tell them we'll help them out.
  12. DRC: Midterm signing preview

    Someone should tell Mt. San Antonio College first, I guess.
  13. One analyst's scouting report/preview of the game from last week: "Troy has some NFL talent." He didn't say anything at all about us.
  14. Seth litrell

    He's done a good job coaching, IMO, and a bad job recruiting. The flaws from the beginning of the season are still what they were. Defense and OL, but overall talent.
  15. They're actually playing without some of the better members of their secondary as well.