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    Since the students are the ones paying for the fee either from mom and dad or mounting student loans, they should absolutely get a voice by vote. The athletics fee is the only fee they have control of. The university raises tuition and fees all the time whether the students like or not.
  2. DRC: Three reasons UNT could be worse in 2018

    I thought the only reason CUSA flipped the home/away schedule was because UAB wasn't back in the fold yet. It changed this season with Rice getting us at home again this season. Has the conference already released the 2018 schedule? Are we playing the same East teams?
  3. Baby Briles going to Houston

    No... none of that will happen. So just no.
  5. Giovanni Vizza - UTSA

    The way he left was pretty crap, but his dad posted something on the board? I don't remember that. What did he say?

    No one ever started a Mean Green Christmas Swag thread (that I could find.) It may have been a day late but my mom did buy my dog a "Mean Green" parka for Christmas. Pup is less than thrilled. Merry Christmas Mean Green brethren and a happy and blessed New Year!
  7. What a horrible thing to happen at this time of year for all involved. Hopefully the rebuild is speedy and fits in architecturally with the rest of the Square. I'd hate to see the start of a Fry Street like makeover happening there.
  8. Charlotte is the one dragging CUSA now. Some stronger teams are going through a period of mediocrity just like we did when we started losing Sunbelt under Dickey. The bottom of CUSA has hired up and now it's up to the rest of the team's to compete. The Miners and the Houston Owls are looking. It's only Charlotte that's keeping on their coach. The East would never have agreed to add anymore West teams. ODU was added and is already begging along with Southern Miss for a more regional alignment.
  9. UNT Holiday Message

    Everything is awesome this season!
  10. NMSU could decline a bowl if eligible

    I've got a feeling that if the Desert Aggies are invited to a bowl, they will go. I also have a feeling that it will be the end NMSU football. At least at the FBS level.
  11. NMSU could decline a bowl if eligible

    But against the same traditional team?
  12. NMSU could decline a bowl if eligible

    Are they even eligible for post season after playing a fbs transitional team twice in the regular season (oh my god!) And have 2 byes? I know Army gets some kind of pass if they play 2 FCS teams in a OOC.
  13. NMSU could decline a bowl if eligible

    Yeah, but they were trying to go independent. Idaho is dropping down, but a lot of their natural rivals in virtually every single sport are in the Big Sky Conference. I'm not sure where the rest of NMSU's teams are, I think they're still in the WAC with little to no rivals. If football drops down too, do they join the Big Sky as full members? I can't see them surviving as an independent FBS school if they can't afford to travel to a bowl.
  14. Bowl Projections 11/12/2017

    K-State is one of the best traveling fan bases, right up there with Nebraska I believe.