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  1. Is McCasland allowed back in Jonesboro?

    Yes. After a bunch of passive aggressive comments from their petty athletic director.
  2. DRC late night hoops rewind: UNT 85, Rice 78

    Depth is becoming a bigger and bigger concern.
  3. DRC: UNT women use hot shooting to down Charlotte

    @Brett Vito what is the status of Szczepanski?
  4. Rice (1/13/18)

    We have been getting left out a lot lately. If you see something like that happen. Take the time to send an email to them about it.
  5. Rice (1/13/18)

    A little surprised/concerned we only won by 7 after that offensive output.
  6. women win

    The unsportsmanlike call against Buckner was ridiculous. Getting the stop immediately after and Holmes hitting the 3 to tie it next time we had the ball was huge.
  7. Home Opener Against SMU

    Isn't there a football exception to bedtimes?
  8. Part of Our Problem

    Kind of ridiculous to decommit that quickly. Shouldn't have committed to begin with if mind can be changed that quickly.
  9. '19 QB Will Kuehne (Liberty Christian)

    Surely he would pick us over Maryland.
  10. Riddle Me This: North Dakota State

    In years past when the stadium had a little bit larger capacity (prior to the renovation) and the opposing team didn't travel as well as JMU did, NDSU had had 16-17k fans just on their own. I really do wonder if we were, for instance, in a New Years 6 bowl game a 15-hour drive away, would we travel that many people.
  11. Old Dominion (1/6/18)

    Just one of those weeks... Despite losing the last two games the ship is heading very much in the right direction.
  12. Old Dominion (1/6/18)

    Last chance to salvage anything positive out of the week for NT basketball.
  13. Riddle Me This: North Dakota State

    They have a 20,000 seat stadium that they sell out every week. Not exactly tiny. NDSU is honestly a mid-tier FBS school masquerading as an FCS powerhouse.
  14. NT Women vs. Rice (1/5/18)

    The women should go 2-0 next week for what it's worth.
  15. NT Women vs. Rice (1/5/18)

    The last two nights have been brutal. The women came back from 12 down with about 6 minutes left to take the lead. Only to lose.