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  1. Mean Green Matt

    WKU Stikes Again

    For all we know he could be a bust. And if he's not we only have to deal with him for one year. It's not like this is going to be an annual thing for western.
  2. Mean Green Matt

    Track and Field/ Soccer Complex Video

    That doesn't make it ideal. I went by yesterday. The stands are up (not the press box yet). The stands are right on the track, which is good. We will see how the views are but long term I hope the athletic departments amends that master plan and builds a dedicated soccer venue like Texas Tech, TCU, Texas A&M, etc. That program deserves it and it wouldn't be expensive.
  3. Mean Green Matt

    WKU Stikes Again

    This shows the benefit of offering early. This also sounds like kind of an exceptional set of circumstances. I don't think WKU is going to be landing a top 5 recruit annually. It's good for the conference but shouldn't be worriesome as far as competitiveness of our team. This kid won't be at WKU for 4 years.
  4. Mean Green Matt

    Last Scholarship

    Use it on the best graduate transfer we can get.
  5. Mean Green Matt

    Track and Field/ Soccer Complex Video

    I guess we will see what impact there is on the environment. The stands weren't necessarily right on the sideline of the current venue but definitely closer. Theres a soccer practice field directly to the east of this track facilIty in the master plan. That needs to be turned into a prime stand alone soccer venue. It's so close the exact same locker rooms could be used.
  6. Mean Green Matt

    Track and Field/ Soccer Complex Video

    Big difference is the track. Doesn't ruin our facility, but that's a big difference between ours and the Tech stadium.
  7. Mean Green Matt

    Track and Field/ Soccer Complex Video

    This does bother me quite a bit but there are plenty of college soccer facilities that share space with the track team. I do, however hope the AD eventually decides to build a standalone facility for soccer and give the track team the full space in this venue. For what it's worth I've seen a few soccer games at SMU and never really noticed the track being an issue.
  8. Mean Green Matt

    Soccer Schedule released

    I imagine that first game will have people standing around the track because the stands are full.
  9. Mean Green Matt

    We Need A Baseball Team!!!

    I know many if not most on here would scoff at the idea but if we wanted to add a new sport that would be nationally relevant overnight the answer is men's soccer.
  10. Mean Green Matt

    Dude Perfect at the Super Pit

    The arena looks awesome. Few nice shots of the Jumbotron with "North Texas" very prominent.
  11. Mean Green Matt


    Are they replacing that endzone with the kelly green endzone when it's completed or is that it?
  12. Mean Green Matt

    Lauren Holmes leaving UNT

    Took 6 hours off of her round trip commute home.
  13. There's some sentimental value to George's play by play for me, having grown up with it, but from a pure listening perspective I much prefer Dave Barnett.
  14. This is a big misconception. Best I can tell UT Austin has less than 10,000 capacity for on-campus housing. Very few schools house all undergrads in campus housing. The difference between NT now and NT 20 years ago are the plethora of massive student apartment complexes surrounding campus and tied to the bus system. We simply are not a commuter school any longer. Unless NT changed its policy freshman are required to live on campus unless living at home. Most people I knew ( but it's been awhile... ) moved to student apartments after freshman year. I have to assume the vast majority of our annual undergrad freshmen are living on campus.
  15. Mean Green Matt

    Apogee Turf Project Underway

    This is good. The old field was incredibly boring. Houston has the downtown skyline in their end zone. It's about time we at least spice it up a little bit.