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  1. Jalie Mitchell needs to be next on the new contract list.
  2. South Dakota Game MVP

    Interesting pick.
  3. South Dakota (3/14/18)

    So to finish the season with a winning record we have to win the tournament, right? Let's do this.
  4. South Dakota (3/14/18)

    Yeah I'm definitely no architect either. I think that's tougher to do with an enclosed arena though.
  5. South Dakota (3/14/18)

    Totally get that argument. But given our size we need to build something under the belief that things turn around and our fan base IS engaged.
  6. South Dakota (3/14/18)

    It's a nice arena. But we are an almost 40,000 student state university in a major metropolitan area. Any new arena should be no less than 10,000. I am personally a big fan of the Northern Kentucky arena.
  7. South Dakota (3/14/18)

    SD -13. Wow.
  8. We sent Hank to do radio.
  9. womens nit and cusa womens post season

    WBI bracket came out without us in it. Which is fine. I never even would have thought about that being a possibility other than it being mentioned as such in the postgame after the WKU loss. This womens team is going to be good next year.
  10. NT Women vs. WKU (CUSA Semifinal)

    FWIW, WKU ended up as an 11-seed in the NCAA tournament.
  11. South Dakota (3/14/18)

    In the postgame after the WKU loss John Liddle mentioned the WBI as a possibility. We will know tonight.
  12. What really stinks is that's probably how SD is feeling about playing us.
  13. Investment in postseason experience. Hopefully the team treats it just that way.
  14. CBI. North Texas @ South Dakota on 3/14.
  15. It looks terrible right now. Needs to be replaced ASAP.