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  1. I have 2 floor seats for Monday's game , going solo, so I have one FREE ticket to give. First email to wardly1943@gmail.com gets it. The "will call" for floor seats is at a table at the bottom of loading ramp, and I will leave it there.
  2. UTEP moving to Mountain West?

    It's all about increasing their basketball profile. Football doesn't enter into it at this point. Also,FYI, Hawaii plays football in MWC, has all other sports in Big west.
  3. UTEP moving to Mountain West?

    Google "MWC expansion".
  4. UTEP moving to Mountain West?

    It appears that the MWC has invited the ZAGS to join, and that an announcement will come in April. I don't know who else they have targeted for basketball, but will grow the conference by 2 or 4 schools. They are not seeking additional football programs.
  5. Albuquerque is closest MWC program.Our fans don't even travel to La. Tech,UTSA, or Rice, let alone to New Mexico. The difference in time zones is also an issue. Who watched TCU when the won the WAC and MWC? In fact, were many of their games televised? With the TV golden goose dead for G5 programs such as North Texas, reducing expenses should be a priority. In my opinion real realignment will happen in about 2025 when NCAA national contracts expire. I would expect the Big 12 to dissolve , and those left behind to cherry pick the AAC. We then would replace SMU, and find ourselves in same position we are now, as the new AAC would be made up primarily of leftovers and CUSA/SBC members. At present the CUSA has two original members,UAB and So. Miss.The other dozen are former WAC and SBC schools plus a start up. I just don't see much difference between the conference we left and the one we joined, except we are strung out from El Paso to Virginia.
  6. UTEP moving to Mountain West?

    From what I have read the MWC wants to beef up its basketball programs, and they are not interested in increasing the number of football teams.This would work great for BYU as they could move all sports except football to MWC, play football as an independent ,and keep their television contract much like UT except on a smaller scale.It also would be a life saver for NMSU, but the Lobos would probably nix that idea.
  7. Mercer (3/19/18)

    The DMN has no scores of Monday's CBI games in today's newspaper.Sad.
  8. Heart of Dallas Bowl Under Fire

    The HOD is in a catch 22. If they get a local team like UNT attendance is up but hotel reservations are down. If they get two P5 teams that no one really cares about attendance is down but they get a few hotel reservations. It would appear that the driving force behind HOD is more about getting out of town fans that spend the weekend in Dallas. Bottom line is the HOD is probably DOA.
  9. Its probably good for the program. Otherwise, why would a 15-17 team that has lost 7 of last 8 play post season.Actually, the biggest question is how we got invited? I guess the CBI was down to the "U's" in the directory, as in UNT.
  10. Two courts are one too many for C-USA tournament

    Well, it sure looked like W.K. did Friday night, but what the hey. They travel, we don't.
  11. ODU looking to bail C-USA?

    I talked with a few administrative people from ODU at the basketball tournament regarding CUSA. They are not happy with the conference as it now, and would like to move to AAC. I told them that the AAC wasn't hiring, and did they have a plan "B". My takeaway was that they are doing their do diligence , there is a more involved that just realigning CUSA and the Belt,and than a number of conferences would be involved in any changes. Basically they want to better themselves, which I took as moving away from CUSA.
  12. Two courts are one too many for C-USA tournament

    W.K. and Marshall had more fans than North Texas, which is embarrassing but unfortunately to be expected. Regarding noise from an adjoining courts, I never heard a sound. Of course I am 75 years old and half deaf.My only complaint about the venue is that it was a real hike to the head.
  13. Two courts are one too many for C-USA tournament

    The set up was OK except for the scoreboards, which were high school. Great location, good parking,good dinning , and nearby hotels.My disappointment was lack of decent coverage from the DMN. It was as if the tournament didn't exist.
  14. Star Telegram Sh*ts All Over UNT

    You can't compare UNT with private schools. TCU students know what they signed up for and don't get a vote.Texas and Texas A&M charge a high amount for student tickets. At least UNT students had an opportunity to vote on an increase. The fact that so many chose not to is more disturbing to me than a newspaper article. It reinforces that,in my opinion, our student body doesn't care one way or the other. I have been following the Eagles football since my freshman year of 1961 and the only thing that has not changed over the decades is student apathy towards sports, which raises the question; are athletics for the students or the alumni?
  15. ODU looking to bail C-USA?

    All you need to do is shuffle the CUSA/SBC deck, realign , and you keep existing automatic bids as you are not adding another conference, just rearranging the furniture.