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  1. wardly

    2018 Schedule Thoughts

    This was a really bad break. I hope he makes it thru the season.
  2. wardly

    2018 Schedule Thoughts

    So you guys think that problem is "cured"? Just asking.
  3. wardly

    2018 Schedule Thoughts

    Defense suspect. I hope I am wrong, but where do you see major improvements in defense that gave up about 7 touchdowns per game [I don't remember exact number ]? Not talking about Iowa, but SMU,FAU,Troy?
  4. wardly

    2018 Schedule Thoughts

    Guys, what concerns me is that we won every close game last year, several on the last play. That takes a certain amount of just plain old luck.I think we caught lightning in a bottle last year , and cannot overstate the value of Moore. I still think we field a competitive team,but are looking at a 7 win season. Losses at home to SMU and FAU, on the road at Arkansas,UAB, and ODU.
  5. Did we do one in Ft. Worth?
  6. wardly

    North Texas to Host MEGA camp!!

    Before RV became AD, the only new dedicated building constructed for athletics since my freshman year of 1961 was the 3000 sq.ft. one story west of the Super Pitt built during Hayden Fry's tenure. We went over 40 years without putting a dime into bricks and sticks so its no wonder we are behind in the arms race. Whatever we do will just put us on a level playing field, much like the new stadium, not give us any advantage.
  7. wardly

    North Texas to Host MEGA camp!!

    I think we are ahead of most Sun Belt,CUSA, and MAC schools, and behind most of those in the MWC and AAC. Overall, we may have work to do, but for every So. Miss. there is a SJSU.
  8. wardly

    North Texas to Host MEGA camp!!

    I guess I am one of the people who don't realize how far behind facilities wise with most G5 programs. Please elaborate, as that's a broad brush.
  9. What they say now to get state funding and what happens down the road after they get it are two different fish.But if it does become a stand a lone it will probably be a long time coming.
  10. At some point the Frisco campus will be a stand-a-lone campus. If memory serves, UTD was intended to offer classes only for juniors and seniors to supplement local community colleges and then evolved into a 4 year university.
  11. wardly

    North Texas to Host MEGA camp!!

    Any event that gives us exposure to DFW high school players is a positive. Besides, there may be a pony or two under the haystack. We just have to look.
  12. UNT is going where the growth and money is. This campus will have the same effect on UNT Denton that UNT Dallas, UNT Dallas Law School, and UNT Health Center in Ft Worth does, which is nothing.I am just surprised that University of Texas at Dallas didn't beat us to it.
  13. wardly

    Antonio Johnson update

    Housing is very expensive in Canada, so $50,000 U.S. really won't go very far.
  14. I attended UNT in early 60's, and if memory serves we had an opportunity to join the University of Texas System but declined.
  15. Both UTA and TCU have very good nursing schools, so I don't see the need for another one in Tarrant County. Money may also be an issue, as we have a lot sunk into an unneeded law school in Dallas. We need more nurses. We don't need more lawyers.