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    I would think that it the students votes to tax themselves for athletics that it might indicate a willingness to support the programs. On the other hand if it is pushed down throat it might have the opposite effect. Just guessing....

    So are you saying that athletics is about the alumni and not the student body?
  3. Todd Dodge to UT

    Dodge was a "high risk high reward" hire that blew up in our face. The biggest problem I saw was that he brought most of his high school staff with him, and they were over their heads. As far as money, we paid him more than Dickey, which shows you how little we had to work with.This was the 1st nail in R.V.'s coffin, from which he never recovered.This hiring mistake was compounded by replacing Dodge with Coach Mac, who ran an offense that probably looked good in the 80's. The success he had during our HOD victory was with Dodge's recruits except for Thompson, who I believe was signed by Dickey.
  4. So what should we expect from a "director of high school relations?"
  5. I really hate to put the success or failure of 2018 on Fine's back. I remember when we were coming off an SBC championship and New Orleans Bowl appearance looking forward to Andrew Smith leading us going forward. We lost Smith to a tragic automobile accident and we never recovered.And you are correct. Replacing Moore with a kicker of the same talent level will be almost impossible. He was clutch, and had he been Alabama's kicker there would of been no overtime with Georgia.
  6. Football Banquet?

    I assume banquets with alumni participation went the way of letter jackets.
  7. Regardless of whether we deserved an A- or flat B, we certainly over achieved and are being recognized for our accomplishments. Sweet!
  8. Football Banquet?

    When Darrell was coaching I reached out to Hank to see what I could to support the program. The result was the football banquet which I sponsored thru my company, Zimmer-White. It quickly out grew our humble beginnings and The Outback became its sponsor. The banquet was very popular with alumni, and well attended. However, for some reason coach Mac decided to eliminate alumni participation, and I don't know if it continued for "players only" or not. We also had a basketball banquet during J.J.'s tenure, but it bit the bisque as well.
  9. DRC: UNT football notes -- Army series note

    Most OOC football games are scheduled 10+ years out.
  10. Top 25 Consideration - 4 teams UNT faced

    Sargin had us ranked 100th at end of bowl games. We got pounded every loss, and won 3 games on last play of game. We had a great season, and in my opinion overachieved, but unless we beat P5 programs on the road we are not ever going to be ranked in top 50. Troy beat LSU at tigers homecoming, which is the type of wins that we need.
  11. Giovanni Vizza - UTSA

    Gio had a continuing "off field" problem that forced Dodges hand.
  12. NMSU

    Note "I have seen".I don't know about the 2010 game, as I have a hard time remembering this season's.
  13. NMSU

    It was an interesting game.After kicking a field goal,NMSU gave up a 98 yard td return. Utah State then kicked off to NMSU and they scored on a 100 yard td return.I had never seen back to back td returns before.Utah State's kicker had only missed 2 field goals all season but missed 4 against NMSU. The stars aligned .
  14. The number is 9 now

    WE won all 4 close games, [plus Lamar]which got us to 9 wins.I suggest that we smell the roses on this season, and just enjoy.Sometimes the underdog wins.
  15. The number is 9 now

    No.Troy has a much better team than UNT and So. Miss., and would have played FSU closer that the Golden Eagles. So. Miss. was picked because they travel well compared to the CUSA choices available to the Indy. Bowl.