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  1. greenminer

    Recruiting Update

    I'll never not be amazed by what LaTech does. There has to be something in the Ruston water, because - last I checked - it wasn't much of a looker.
  2. The average high/low temp in Ames in January is 29/12. Sounds fun. #ReasonsToStayLocal
  3. Come to #NewDenton, Mr. White! #NewAmes just doesn't seem to work for me, personally.
  4. greenminer

    DRC: UNT recruiting status report

    Wanting to escape this Texas heat? Wanting to see places around the states during May/June/July? Crazy talk. That client I have that takes his family to Wyoming for 2 months every summer? They're lying to me and hiding in their house.
  5. 247 says 2 star. Not sure if that is the rating system used in the thread title.
  6. I'd rather see a kid take his time, explore all options, then follow through on his original verbal. Rather than, say, a kid verbal, explore options, verbal differently, change his mind, get some ice cream, lie to a coach, confuse his friends and fam, tell us "After lots of prayer and talking with my friends and fam, this is where my heart truly is set on playing!!!", and then sign with a new school
  7. greenminer

    3 Years Ago: A QB Race

    I'm not convinced he knew it.
  8. greenminer

    Garbage Stadium Rankings from the DMN

    I mean, he isn't wrong; any game will be better with more fans. Vito showing some strong trolololololl game lately.
  9. 247 isn't 100% correct, apparently.
  10. greenminer

    WKU Stikes Again

    @CMJ that's him! It's his soph year that resonates with me. I had not heard of his alcohol struggles when the game fell away from him
  11. greenminer

    Recruiting Prediction

    This is like a game of Clue. It was Dan McCarney, done in with a national title ring while in an Iowa library.
  12. greenminer


    I've been having this thought, but didn't want to piss people off by posting it. You're a braver man than I, sir.
  13. Kind of a weird response, like you're suggesting either 1) GreenMiner wants low character guys or, 2) All those 3 star guys we want are low character. I don't think either of us mean either of those things. My final thought on this is, if we are content with being top 3 in the west and probably getting blown out by conference and bowl opponents 4 out of 5 years, and maybe winning 10+ games once every decade, then we can be okay with what we're getting. If we want to be the team that can win the CUSA title AND bowl game 4 out of 5 years, and thus getting T25 votes, I think this is a position we need to improve upon. Thanks for all of your recruiting insight, @TheReal_jayD GMG