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  1. CUSA Championship at 11am CST, 12/2

    What are the time slots for the other games?
  2. English Status

    Getting Wheeler back would be huge. He has seen this offense several times.
  3. Rico Bussey Jr.

    TomAto - tomato
  4. Everyone enjoys healthy debate. But it often goes beyond that with him as if no one is entitled to their own opinion. It gets personal. There is no need to debate RV or Benford any longer. They're gone, but it's never enough for him. It has to get personal and frankly, I'm sick of reading it. It's a new era now. Time to move forward and stop dwelling on the past. He's made his point ad nausium.
  5. In Game Music - Idea!!!

    Or The Yellow Rose of Texas
  6. Good. Let's move on and make basketball great again!
  7. In Game Music - Idea!!!

    Anything to "spice up" the bands presentation is OK by me. Great ideas, all.
  8. In Game Music - Idea!!!

    Great song, just not sure how it would sound with the band doing it. That great guitar rift opening would be had to duplicate. "All She Wants to do is Dance." Now, we may have something there. Lots of brass to that song.
  9. In Game Music - Idea!!!

    Something that is upbeat.
  10. I know it would be asking too much for our band, but could you imaging doing something like this instead of the Munsters theme?
  11. About our next opponent: Army

    I seem to remember years ago when Notre Dame beat Texas in the Cotton Bowl, their game plan to stop Texas' wishbone was to take away the pitch man and make the QB run with the ball as much as possible and to hit him hard and with several people. The thinking was that the QB is probably the least likely to take the beating that the running backs do and by the third quarter or so, he's worn down and may force a pitch in order to not take a hit. Don't know if that would work today or with Army, but I might take that chance. That said, I'm not a professional coach. just a spectator who's watched football since 1969.
  12. So next week....8-2 Army on the way

    This will be the third time in about a year that we've played them. Hopefully, Reffett has figured out a way to slow them down. We'll just need to out score them.
  13. Oh God, please don't give that leach, UNT90 another forum to spew his vile $hite. Benford and RV are gone. Let sleeping dogs lie...with UNT90.
  14. Two Years Ago Today: Fire Rick Villarreal Banner

    Oh, lord. Are you still here? Just go away and take your miserable attitude with you. We've been over this a thousand times. RV is gone. Let it go and go to TCU games where I'm sure you are much happier.
  15. North Texas Chant

    Perhaps we can alternate a chant of NORTH!...TEXAS!... with MEAN!... GREEN!...separately of course, with Joe Greene leading the MEAN...GREEN...on the video board.