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  1. Washington State QB Tyler Hilinski dead at 21

    So tragic. The torture some people must go through to do something like this. So sad.
  2. Why do you continue to bore us with your constant bitching?
  3. Mike Linehan LB Idaho

    So a QB or LB?

    Then go to a school that has not made a commitment to being Tier One in athletics.

    "The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few."
  6. I say, proceed with Twitter and if anyone gets "caught" and punished by the ncaa, then sue the $hite out of them, site other examples and expose them for the hypocrites they are. Twitter is an entity that can't be controlled by anyone, so carry on.
  7. DRC: Source -- UNT expecting assistants to return

    While we could still lose someone, this tells me that the coaches are expecting a really good year next year which could lead to even better jobs.
  8. Who is your favorite 2018 signee?

    Same here. And I like his name!
  9. DRC: Three reasons UNT could be worse in 2018

    Why do I always feel so dejected after reading Vito's articles?
  10. DRC: Three reasons UNT could be worse in 2018

    Trevor Moore will be biggest reason were not as good. That kid was automatic.
  11. Wilson Signs with Leigh Steinberg

    Would love to see him playing on Sundays.
  12. ‘18 Tyree Thompson LB (LA Valley CC)

    Whiskey tango foxtrot!
  13. Old Dominion (1/6/18)

    "That's when people like us need to forge ahead, right Helen?"
  14. UCF Commentary- Bob Ballou, CBS Austin

    Duly noted!