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  1. OG Matt Groeschel

    unless he wanted to be home, UTPB is a weird commitment.
  2. '18 T/G Thomas Preston III (Scottsdale CC)

    nice pick up, should make an immediate impact in area of concern, especially for Fine.
  3. yawn if you Libs would read context, he had just met with Norwegian PM, but don't let context get in the way. Why would we not want to bring in some 1st World Immigrants to balance out the asylum seekers from the 3rd World Banana Republics.
  4. UCF Commentary- Bob Ballou, CBS Austin

    insulting that an Ohio State team that got blasted by OU and an average Iowa team, a Clemson team that lost to a bad Syracuse team finish ahead of UCF who beat Auburn who beat both CFP Finals teams.
  5. Tyree Thompson De-commits per DRC

    don't have an issue if he is choosing Vandy due to education, but I do have an issue with his 2 day affair (commitment) with UNT. Guess good luck to him
  6. DRC: Three reasons UNT could be better in 2018

    Need to find a solid replacement for Moore. GH continue to work with Fine mechanics, needs to step into throws, far to many he is hopping off back foot ==> under thrown balls. Shore up the O-Line and D-Line Work on coverage Could be better; instead it "SHOULD" be better in 2018
  7. ‘18 Tyree Thompson LB (LA Valley CC)

    very nice late grab. Even better that is coming in this spring, sounds like Academics are not an issue as well, if Vandy was recruiting him.
  8. Arizona looking for a new coach

    So basically Richie Rich could not keep it in his paints and decided to dip into the company ink. Great job coach costing your family millions because you are an ingrate. ** on radio program someone mentioned the harassment part is coming from his players texting and harassing the other woman. Pretty bad if true, no wonder lawsuit was ready for filing.
  9. Are we rooting for UCF?

    I did like that Scott Frost, even though he is headed to Nebraska, stood up and called out the sham of the BCS Committee. UCF should of at least been given a chance, they were not even considered and purposely held back by the committee.
  10. The number is 9 now

    We got blown in 4 of 5 games we played good competition. Iowa sleepwalked by us, an below average SMU team put up 50+, FAU easily could have put 70+ in both games but tapped the brakes, Troy bullied on both sides of ball putting up 50 with out 3 of their better players, only good team team beat was Army and that was a shoot-out. The naysayers would be fine if we were competitive in games against good competition, but the team was not competitive and FAU and SMU games score was closer because of garbage time TD's.
  11. A Thank You From The Mean Green Club

    very classy and nice move by the AD and Staff. Well done
  12. good news, interesting to redshirt, was hoping to have big man on the floor, but he is gets all squared and ready for 2018/19 that is fine
  13. Do Martin and Bean get a legitimate shot at competing for the QB job? Believe Martin enrolls in January. Nice looking class right now.
  14. 2018 Early NSD official thread

    Think the Early Signing for Football, helps try to level the field somewhat by allowing the G5's to lock up recruits before the P5 vultures come in last second to try and pick off. Yes the P5's will still get their 5* players at least now G5's can lock up players and relax.
  15. Offensive Line Play

    so what happened last 2 games played teams on par or better, then they gave up 13 in 2 games.