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  1. Official UAB Game Score Prediction Thread

    Gave up 238 yds rushing to Iowa Iowa Rushing CAR YDS AVG TD LONG Toren Young 19 78 4.1 0 15 Ivory Kelly-Martin 11 74 6.7 2 23 James Butler 16 74 4.6 0 12 Akrum Wadley 8 24 3.0 0 14 Ihmir Smith-Marsette 1 0 0.0 0 0 Nathan Stanley 2 -5 -2.5 0 5 Team 2 -7 -3.5 0 0 TEAM 59 238 4.0 2 23 ***Per ESPN Box Score
  2. Official UAB Game Score Prediction Thread

    28-24 UNT but if Special teams continue to suck, then could turn other way. Which Mason Fine shows up? 1st Half or 2nd Half. Wilson will need a big game to keep offense on the field.
  3. 10 penalties for 99 yds not even end of 3rd Quarter, start calling us the Raiders of FBS
  4. how in the world is our punter on scholarship, with an under 30 yd average?? WTF!!!
  5. How about a big jumbo set where the QB goes under Center and we use a blocking FB, I know it is not cool in today's spread system, but it is better than a crappy 23 yd punt
  6. How are they wrong, the first TD got lucky on, we were lucky their QB does not see wide open receivers. 14 pts is pretty generous
  7. can our DC tell the defense that they do need to stop a team on 3rd down in order to force a punt, good grief
  8. penalties killing momentum. How about showing some discipline.
  9. Special Teams needs such an overhaul, pathetic punt giving Iowa great field position, after running down the field previous possessions
  10. good grief, 2nd and 25 and we throw a pass to lose 6 yds, great play call there
  11. D gives up a 4 AND 1, then gives up TD on 3rd and Goal
  12. Women's Soccer Receives 7 Top 25 Votes

    nice this is good news, hope they can build on this and get them into at-large range, if needed as well as a better position in the tournament.
  13. Nice to see some National Love, hope they can live upto their rankings. http://www.meangreensports.com/sports/w-tennis/spec-rel/091317aaa.html
  14. Official Iowa Game Score Prediction Thread

    Iowa 63 UNT 17 not going to be pretty, but hope I am wrong.
  15. who really cares, he wasted a scholarship with all of his injury and did little to help.