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  1. Down Goes The MUTS

    I am a huge Cuse fan, but they have no right getting in this year and sorry, no way the committee can justify a 15 loss team making it in as an at-large school. And they wonder why so many are sick of the NCAA. St. Mary's and MUTS got screwed by the Committee royalty
  2. Two courts are one too many for C-USA tournament

    hmm of all places they play the tournament at UNO out in the middle of no where. Not a good move especially being in NOLA.
  3. can not say I am surprised. Young man has lots of growing up to do, now that basketball is out of the equation
  4. The team is not bad, but weaker at #4-6 and get exposed against the Top Teams like FIU, Rice, probably ODU. Very good #1-2 but the recent recruits have not panned out to be as good as expected. Still not sure why you break-up your best team, understand trying to get the doubles point, but still not working out. Put them back together so they can at least try and get a berth into NCAA's.
  5. WKU AD faces $1.3M reduction in budget

    well I guess their tennis team loses the scholarships again
  6. Wow

    very nice looking and sharp.
  7. Thank that Jack@$$ Lee Jackson for this garbage and a weak BOR to scared to engage the chancellor at the time. Only school with this limitation.
  8. current rule is the current School must give the athlete a release to speak with other schools, otherwise it is a recruiting violation
  9. What I am saying is this has been the rule for years in the minor sports now it is uniform for all sports, care less about Major versus minor.
  10. basically they are making the transfer rule uniform across all sports, not sure why up in arms. It has not killed the other sports. Think will work out well for UNT in long run, but always remember there is a reason why a player transfers and it is not always about playing time, good and bad comes out of it.
  11. OG Matt Groeschel

    unless he wanted to be home, UTPB is a weird commitment.
  12. '18 T/G Thomas Preston III (Scottsdale CC)

    nice pick up, should make an immediate impact in area of concern, especially for Fine.
  13. yawn if you Libs would read context, he had just met with Norwegian PM, but don't let context get in the way. Why would we not want to bring in some 1st World Immigrants to balance out the asylum seekers from the 3rd World Banana Republics.
  14. UCF Commentary- Bob Ballou, CBS Austin

    insulting that an Ohio State team that got blasted by OU and an average Iowa team, a Clemson team that lost to a bad Syracuse team finish ahead of UCF who beat Auburn who beat both CFP Finals teams.
  15. Tyree Thompson De-commits per DRC

    don't have an issue if he is choosing Vandy due to education, but I do have an issue with his 2 day affair (commitment) with UNT. Guess good luck to him