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  1. untbowler


    hmm not impressed with this hire, guess Admins still afraid to chase National Level coaches that are not D1 Delong had one year at Austin Peay, at Cameron only made Regionals, not World Series like SAU and Angelo St or Tarleton St.
  2. untbowler

    A Mean Green First in Tennis

    under hour and out of the tournament 6-1, 6-1
  3. untbowler

    A Mean Green First in Tennis

    Going on Court Now: http://www.wakeforestsports.com/allaccess/?media=437707 Ct 5 Leighton Family Courts Unfortunately video quality on this court is poor
  4. untbowler

    A Mean Green First in Tennis

    http://grfx.cstv.com/photos/schools/wake/sports/w-tennis/auto_pdf/2017-18/misc_non_event/ncaa-womens-singles.pdfNCAA Women's Singles check out: http://www.wakeforestsports.com/ncaatennis/index.html Might be able to catch her match on one of the live feeds. Will update once I can see where she will be playing. Not scheduled until 1:30 EST
  5. untbowler

    A Mean Green First in Tennis

    Plays Maltby from TX Tech first round, good matchup then the #8 seed if she wins
  6. untbowler

    Lauren Holmes leaving UNT

    yes it is only 2 hrs from Fayetteville, but grand scheme 2 hrs or 5 hrs is not that siginificant.
  7. untbowler

    Lauren Holmes leaving UNT

    very little in the Fayetteville area unless looking to D2 UAFS, not sure she could get Scholarship at UA, but maybe possible. D1 UCA, but that is 2.5 hrs from home, so not to much different than UNT in grand scheme.
  8. untbowler

    ODU beats Tennis 4-0

    lost 4-0 to a good Memphis Team, probably would have ended up 4-3 if played out. Memphis has 2 very good Freshmen at #3/4, 2 Seniors at #1/2. Looks like the Freshmen for UNT not where they need to be yet. Middle of CUSA right now, will need to play well to get to the SF. Have 2 tough matches to close out with Tulsa and SMU
  9. untbowler

    ODU beats Tennis 4-0

    sure, you can have 1 or 2 players do well what there are 6 lines plus doubles, if you can not pick up 4 team points, individual rankings mean squat except to make individual tournament. Team is 7-10 this year, albeit playing a good schedule
  10. untbowler

    Scott Cross fired at UTA

    glad you still have your hard on for me, your right I was tough on JJ, because I wanted just a little more than get on a hot streak and win Conference Tournament. First NCAA appearance awesome, but then like many wanted more. JJ was very good and brought UNT to the brink but never finished and then LSU took him and now he is out of a job. Cross is the same, although I would hope UNT has bigger dreams and expectations than the Arlington Commuter School for Austin Rejects.
  11. untbowler

    ODU beats Tennis 4-0

    This match shows the difference in level from the Top 3-4 teams in CUSA and the rest of the teams. Unfortunately UNT is rest of the teams. http://www.meangreensports.com/sports/w-tennis/recaps/032518aaa.html Several matches not even close. Only 10 games won between lines #3-6 is not promising.
  12. untbowler

    Scott Cross fired at UTA

    wow, 72 wins in 3 seasons and he is fired for not reaching expectations??? WTF!!! Sounds like AD is on a power trip. So if these are expectations then why has the AD not fired out coaches? Their Tennis team has underachieved the past few years? What a joke.
  13. untbowler

    Down Goes The MUTS

    I am a huge Cuse fan, but they have no right getting in this year and sorry, no way the committee can justify a 15 loss team making it in as an at-large school. And they wonder why so many are sick of the NCAA. St. Mary's and MUTS got screwed by the Committee royalty
  14. untbowler

    Two courts are one too many for C-USA tournament

    hmm of all places they play the tournament at UNO out in the middle of no where. Not a good move especially being in NOLA.
  15. can not say I am surprised. Young man has lots of growing up to do, now that basketball is out of the equation