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  1. Green92

    Recruiting Update 6/19

    Glad to see Mike Fisher reference. I haven’t listened to sports talk radio in 15+ years but did enjoy his shows.
  2. Makes me sad that kids can’t even meet the minimum. It’s a failure at some level.
  3. We’ll need about 3 years to correct all the issues from the prior regime.
  4. Green92

    Ladies Hammer LaSalle

    Over 20 at one point, I think. Shots just wouldn’t fall but they refused to mail it in. Love this team.
  5. Green92

    Texas has a new AD

    I guess Texas plans to bring back their men’s varsity programs?
  6. Green92

    UNT Holiday Message

    The albino squirrel!! Lol That was greatness.
  7. Green92

    Grambling State (11/27/17)

    And the melt down... :-(
  8. Green92

    '18 ATH Antonio Gage (Dallas Madison)

    This guy gave me bad vibes for a long time. I wish him well but grow up and go to class.
  9. Poor taste and shows poor character.
  10. Green92


    Wasn’t a pick 6.
  11. Green92

    Eureka, I found it!

    No idea.
  12. Green92

    Georgio bowing up

    Never been a fan of George for things like this. He has no problems trying to big time you.