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  1. Scotty Conley gets new gig

    Good for Mr. Conley. The free market at work. Gets pension, then Oh, another employer invests in Mr. Conley's skills, talents, and ability. Another source of income for an older individual (and family) with wisdom and plenty of contacts in the HS coaching world in TX.. I'm sure Mr. Conley has a few idea's about how to implement and improve football operations at Ark. St.. You'd have to believe the AD at Ark. St. discussed Mr. Conley's thoughts surrounding football operations at Ark. St. interview process along with Mr. Conley's developed relationships with TX high school coaches. Of course it will take several years to see how/if Ark. St. recruiting improves within TX.. There's not one of us especially older individual's who just fade away in the night just because they lost there job, or separated from an employer. Mr. Conley must have a good/great reputation in some circles since his time between jobs was so brief.
  2. Really, That's what you focus on in my post. Point is folks on this board have been critical of UNT recruiting and there thoughts on players talent based on offers and many other subjective criteria. Take a look. This is one of the last players UNT had that went to NFL. Wow...3A Powerhouse. Source: Wikipedia "Brad Kassell attended Llano High School in Llano, Texas and was a letterman in football as a quarterback. In football, as a senior, he rushed for 1431 yards and 20 touchdowns and passed for 839 yards and eight touchdowns, and was named the Class 3A All-West MVP, and won All-State second team honors. Brad Kassell graduated from Llano High School in 1998." Look at this. Mr. Kassell wasn't a QB in the NFL. Imagine that.
  3. Come on now. I remember in the Coach Dickey days his staff would look at a lot HS players from 2,3, and 4A in the sticks or on main hwy's. When DD told recruits not to mention they were being recruited by UNT, or committed to UNT many on this board were tremendously critical of Coach Dickey for this (Stealth Recruiting) approach. When SL's staff does the same now everyone is WOW...very smart!! This goes to show there is a ton of talent in the State of TX. Can you imagine if the NCAA hadn't bused up the SWC. It's a shame all the HS talent in the state is so willing to play football outside the state of TX!!! It's no surprise Coach Dickey in going to A&M as offensive coordinator. I'm confident DD will be a head coach in the near future. Go Mean Green!!!
  4. Jordan Redfearn Aubrey (Aubrey, TX)

    MGNation92...Thanks. I hope Jordan recovers from knee surgery soon.
  5. Jordan Redfearn Aubrey (Aubrey, TX)

    Thanks...I didn't see that update. Can you please define Blueshirt. I'm familiar with Grayshirt. Blueshirt, not so much.
  6. Anyone have an update on Jordan Redfearn signing with UNT? I know he had knee injury and surgery. Did our coaches pull Jordan's offer? If not, when is Jordan going to sign? Go Mean Green!!
  7. Chad Morris headed to Arkansas

    I don't know why you'd be looking forward to the game with Arkansas. Arkansas SEC and even though they are a less than stellar team in the SEC there offensive and defensive lines are HUGH compared to UNT. Until UNT can recruit and develop our OL & DL with better and more talented linemen it's going to be a long day for Mason F. our offense, and defense. I sure hope our staff has a good/great recruiting year with lot of big, productive OL & DL talent. UNT sure does need it.
  8. Then explain to me how it's even reasonable to pick the New Orleans Bowl before we have played in the c-usa championship game? If we win that game we are 10 and 3. With the possibility of going 11 and 3. And you want to tell me somehow that we can't get a match up in a bowl that has more Prestige than the New Orleans Bowl. The first bowl of the bowl season. As I stated before last year we were 5 and 7 and played Army and the HoD Bowl. So now you want me to believe that the HoD doesn't want us back, where I know they can put Texas or Texas Tech or K State in their bowl game, and hopefully sell out the freaking Cotton Bowl. And I'm the stupid uneducated one. And I can't question the motives of our prestigious ad department or UNT Administration. Evidence by the last 50 years of how they've handled UNT Sports. Really. And I'm the stupid uneducated one. Go figure. I guess y'all do math everyday that two plus two equals freaking five. And yes I did this post on voice recognition so it's not going to be perfect.
  9. Oh, So I'm supposed to believe that the HoD, or Independence bowl doesn't want a possible 10-3 team that's 1-1 against FAU, beat Army, was ahead of Iowa at the half and beat every other C-USA school. Then has probably 200,000 to 300,000 plus alumni in the state of Texas to buy tickets to there bowl game. But in there bowl committee's infatuate wisdom has pasted on UNT as a bowl invitee. Really, that's what I'm supposed to believe!! OMG, I'm not that freaking stupid. Independence Bowl may want La Tech, but UNT would put just as many fans in the stands as La Tech. and be much more profitable for the business owners in Shreveport.
  10. Rudy & untjim1995, Glad y'all think what I wrote of the "Stupidest thing you've ever read". It's been stated now by 2 journalist that UNT Bowl destination has already been determined and UNT hasn't even played C-USA championship game yet. Then, not matter the outcome a 10-3 UNT football team is destined for the "NO Bowl", so players and fans can look forward to partying instead of playing a P5. team. When this is all said and done you're going to see another team from the C-USA play a P5 team with good conference or national name recognition other than FAU. As it stands now that other C-USA team won't be UNT no matter if we're 9-4, or 10-3. UNT beat every other C-USA team but FAU. That's going to be a real kick in the pants to UNT players, and should be to Seth Littrell, our AD, the UNT administration, and anyone else with a brain. I wish I could be a fly on the wall to hear Seth Littrell's speech to the football team players tomorrow before the C-USA championship game knowing that it's already been predetermined that UNT will be playing in the NO Bowl, no matter the opponent. I would say more but both of you think my posts on this matter are "ridiculous"!! Shazam!!!
  11. Shazam, there's a bunch of people in the UNT athletic department, and in the administration that think the UNT fans must be pretty stupid. If we go to the New Orleans Bowl after season like this, because we've been forced to, so be it. But someone's going to have to come out and tell us the truth after the dust settles. The UNT faithful aren't this dumb and stupid. Oh, maybe some are but you can't count me in that group of people.
  12. Go figure, the president of UNT, isn't an alumni of UNT, our athletic director didn't go to UNT, nothing against our current coach because he's done a great job, didn't go to UNT. So how hard are these guys really going to fight for the right to play a P5 team from Texas. They don't really understand what it means to beat UT, Texas Tech, or K State for that matter. Or bust their rear end giving it a shot. All of the current Administration and folks in the athletic department all have bigger and better dreams for themselves. And again it's just little old UNT. Will Pawn those guys off on the Sunbelt with a 9 and 4 10 in 3 record. And by God they'll like it. And will say it's where the players want to go. The players don't have a darn choice in this matter. If we go to the New Orleans bowl with this kind of record. The administration in the athletic department at UNT will have sold us out. I did this post with my voice recognition on my phone. So nobody needs to tell me about grammar errors and stuff like that. Sickening, the first game of the freaking bowl season. That didn't even happen when we were 5 and 7 last year. Will go to the New Orleans Bowl I guess, but it's a slap in the face. And everybody's trying to give it some glossy window dressing, but it's like lipstick on a pig. Oh, if we go to the New Orleans Bowl it's a sure-fire way to depress turn out at apogee for next year. You can bet on that. Just like you can bet on Seth leaving at the first chance he gets. Because he'll know in his heart when he has a great season, it won't matter we'll get stuck in the New Orleans Bowl!! How the heck do you keep a good coach with logic like that. If we keep this good run going with a good team no wonder P5 schools pick off 4 of our assistant coach's a year and then when our head coach puts several great seasons together that could be special for our program. Our coach has to leave because of the lack of respect UNT, gets from an athletic department perspective, and the UNT Administration. The new AD and our new coach were supposed to be different, than the old ones they replaced. Send us to the New Orleans bowl and tell me why I should believe that.
  13. Brett McMurphy says North Texas Lock for NOLA

    Here we go. I have nothing against Troy. UNT is 9-3 and could be 10-3 and someone has posted tweet like our bowl fate is already determined like UAB, what a crock!!! If this is the case UNT athletics and our UNT administration have already rolled over and accepted that FAU will beat us. That's hog wash. This team has preformed outstanding and we're being pigeon holed out of the gate. Seth Littrell always speaks about team and goals and then I see NO bowl and the administrator of forum all like Terrific, then banner ad's for NO Bowl on site. Then I'm thinking this is a roll over even before the end of our regular season. Then I'm sold this as "The players want to go to NO Bowl", and I'm like "Really"? This is me like bidding an RFP that I have no chance of winning. I'd be crazy not to ask myself why do through the trouble, time, and effort of bidding if I don't have a chance to win. Then everyone with the let's go to NO Bowl seem to give up before the end of the quarter mile. Like my dragster or funny car has some mechanical failure. I worked really hard on my dragster/funny car and I know there's no mechanical failure. Looks like my driver is losing his nerve. That's a BIG PROBLEM!!!
  14. Brett McMurphy says North Texas Lock for NOLA

    Based on Tweet and Harry, you'll have to go to NO Bowl and find SMU/Trump money to attend. Not a dig at President Trump. I'm a big fan of his. SMU not so much. I don't have SMU/Trump money either. Maybe as another poster posted if my grammar was better having attended UNT then I might have SMU/Trump money. Who knows. Someone please save us from NO Bowl Hell. Go Mean Green!!
  15. Brett McMurphy says North Texas Lock for NOLA

    If we beat Texas the HoD I know that press coverage would be fantastic no matter what. Reporters might even reference the 88 game when UNT/NTSU at the time should have won against Texas, but the officials on the UT payroll prevented that!! I don't care how much rebuilding Tom Herman has to do at UT. If we beat UT the prospect for Seth Littrell recruiting along with our entire coaching staff would be much easier. Then maybe many on the forum would see UNT winning recruiting battles with players that have respectable offers from other TX, and national schools. What a change of pace that would be.