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  1. I would feel a lot better about our chances of pulling off the upset if Jeffrey Wilson was back. The new RB's may give us a big boost. But, I was not really impressed with the running game after Wilson was hurt last year. Its not that the running game was bad. It was just not the running game with Wilson.
  2. akriesman

    Scott Cross fired at UTA

    Welcome to mediocrity UTA, or worse. If this is all just about winning more titles, then this is one of the dumbest firings I have ever seen at any level of sports.
  3. akriesman

    Wren Baker on Money Games

    I love that both our AD and coaching staff really take advantage of social media. That is critical if you really want to reach out to students and potential recruits these days.
  4. Coaching in BB really matters. Much more than I have ever realized.
  5. akriesman

    Frog WR Isaiah Graham transfers to La. Tech

    Guys, Graham is from Bastrop, LA. I remember hearing last week that he wanted to play closer to home. We have landed a few pretty good players that way ourselves over the years. Sometimes, they just want to play football in front of their famliy.
  6. Wilson is pretty special and it was evident those last 2 games without him. He was always a threat to take it to the house. This is probably why our passing game struggled a bit more without Wilson, especially Guyton who I bet received more attention than normal. We always seem to do a good job of replacing really good backs. Hopefully, that will continue next year.
  7. akriesman

    DRC late night hoops rewind: UNT 63, UTEP 62

    I am completely amazed at how much a difference coaching can make. On paper, this team does not seem as talented as those during the Benford years. Yet, all they do is compete and win. Thank you Coach McCasland.
  8. We really miss Jeffrey Wilson.
  9. Or maybe Guyton is getting double teamed and the other WR's are not stepping up.
  10. Jeffrey Wilson would take a little bit of the sting off this game if he were here. Nick Smith could end up being a fine RB. But, Wilson is pretty special.
  11. FAU should have just left their punter at home. They have no need for him against our D.
  12. It's only better on the scoreboard. And, they are 3 yards from making it 17-0.
  13. IMO great call by the coaches on that fake FG. Shambour just missed the throw.