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  1. Favorite Mean Green Game

    1) 1977 beating SMU 24-13 while they were cheating like crazy, then watching their Saturday morning highlight show. They wouldn't even show any highlights of the game. 2) 1975 beating Houston 28-0 and then they win the SWC the next year. 3) 1978 listening to us beat New Mexico State on the radio and then going to the Mean Green Club the following Monday to watch the game film. That was the game were Jordan Case stuck the ball over the goal line and we went for two to come from behind and win 22-21.
  2. Recruiting vs regional peers

    The kid from Rowlett was offered by North Texas and SMU. He didn't want to stay that close to home. They didn't do anything special. It came down to location.
  3. In 2025, don't we also play at SMU and at Wisconsin? If correct, that would leave us with 5 home games.
  4. Tech Needs an OC

    And here, doesn't he actually call the plays. I Lubbock, he would only make the practice schedule. Kliff calls the plays. Smart move is to stay here a couple more years, win a bowl, then move. Lubbock is just a good way to make your realtor wealthy.
  5. CFP Payout

    So, about 1.5 million per school?
  6. NT Women vs. OPSU (12/30/17)

    Panhandle wasn't missing anything the first half. In the second half, they went 4 trips and did not get a shot to the rim in 30 seconds. Still think we can play much better.
  7. I'm listening to Jimbo Fisher talk about how he doesn't like the timing of the early signing period. Over and over I hear P5 coaches talk about how they don't like it. However, I have yet to hear a G5 coach say they don't like it. Every time I hear a P5 coach complain, it just makes me like it more and more.
  8. English may not be the Savior!

    I agree that our LB's were a much bigger problem and our secondary never proved to be the strength that it was supposed to be. To add, we tackle very poorly. We could solve a lot of our issues if we would tackle better at the safety positions.
  9. I think a lot of it has to do with team discipline. That has been missing for several years. When you won't/don't take care of your team cancers, it spreads to other players. Be willing to sit your best players or the rest of the team will lose respect for you as a coach. When that happens, it's all over.
  10. No problem with the girls taking #1. I too would have flipped SA and Army.
  11. Independence Bowl

    If Florida State was coming to Indy Bowl, we were never an option...and neither was FAU. No name recognition, yet.
  12. Post season award predictions

    I get it, but sometimes the reason for that is not good. It's like having a corner that leads in INT's. He's probably being thrown at a lot.
  13. HOD BOWL

    Sooner or later "The Mouse" will own us all.
  14. Post season award predictions

    I thought Ejiya was more of a problem than an outstanding player this year. When he lined up inside, teams tended to run right at him . 37 Garner was light years ahead of 22 Ejiya or 41 McDonald. Did you notice that 3 players played that LB spot (including #5 Davis)? Your probably not worthy of a postseason award when they keep taking you out.
  15. HOD BOWL

    I believe the commercials are sold well before the game starts. Since people don't generally record live games to watch later and stay tuned for the commercials, the money is in the bank before the game starts. ESPN could probably could not care less about how many people are in the stadium. The only one's that still care about attendance are the bowls still owned by local corporations.... and how many of those are there any more?