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  1. eulessismore


    Y'all need to start loving the look of concrete. It's an amazing building material, and one we do well in Texas and have a long history of doing so. Emil Remond, one of the early members of the La Reunion Utopian Socialist colony west of the (then) town of Dallas, starting promoting the concrete industry after buying up many of the other colony members land in the 1880's. Link:
  2. eulessismore

    DRC: Littrell -- English on course to make return

    It's safe to say, this is the news we've been waiting to hear.
  3. eulessismore

    Does UTEP start factoring in C-USA West?

    The only thing that occurred to me when I heard they hired Dana Dimel was "why?".
  4. eulessismore

    Mean Green - Cinderella - Bleacher Report

    Yeah, my brother-in-law, the Boise State Fan, after watching us play against SMU (and lose, but with interesting offensive play to begin the SL era) mentioned the Boise State strategy of just putting up a lot of points. I really do think that's the realistic answer to the FAU's of the world.
  5. eulessismore

    In honor of Cinco de Mayo

    I've already had breakfast from the taco stand, so this only makes the celebration more complete.
  6. eulessismore

    Jeffery Wilson

    Well, different family members would laugh or cry to read this, but I am now looking forward to being a niners fan.
  7. eulessismore

    Big Question

    Well, it does seem worth mentioning that McCarney and Chico could not find a quarterback to even remotely come close to replacing Derek Thompson (a holdover from Dodge) in the next two years. And maybe, an offensive system similar to what most quarterbacks were playing in high school could have either attracted or been teachable to more recruits. One thing that stuck out to me, however, is that McCasland seems to possess and project a positive attitude. I was constantly surprised at how McCarney, Benford, and RV were throwing players under the bus to the media.
  8. eulessismore

    UNT Basketball Stat Watch

    I knew this had some feel of the Bill Blakeley days. I think that 1 year turnaround is the stat that really matters.
  9. Ok, just hypothetical: He leaves, gets no offer, we still need a DT. Do we swallow our pride, take him after all this, hoping to see him play with a chip on his shoulder, especially against SMOO?
  10. eulessismore

    DRC: Thomas Preston III high on UNT after visit

    So, I just noticed that his last school, Scottsdale CC, is the "Fighting Artichokes". I think I read of this before in a list someone made of strange athletic mascots, but am surprised that we will be seeing an ex Artichoke on our sideline. And Fighting Artichoke to Mean Green Eagle. Hey, these are names that I find hard to forget.
  11. I manage the street naming process for a large city, and I can tell you that most proponents of street name changes do not realize how much of a burden it is to property owners and those residing and living along a street to have to notify all those sending them bills, issuing them licenses, etc. On the other hand, I don't know how many of those "alphabet streets" go beyond the boundaries of the UNT Denton campus, or how many address changes would be involved. I think that, in a way, the manner in which street names continue through the campus is part of the character of North Texas in Denton, in that it somewhat "fits in" with the surrounding neighborhoods rather than being set apart, the way that my first college, Midwestern State in Wichita Falls was Bottom line, when renaming a street, it's best to have all principals vested in it on board with said name change.
  12. eulessismore


    I threw Emmitt a plus one for that as well (following your lead) but am thinking of a book I'm reading that uses the term "haute bourgeioisie", that I think may be more precise for the P5 crowd.
  13. Wow, it's amazing how fast we got over the contempt of familiarity we had for the HOD. But hey, I'm in. If barely losing to them at the old Fouts can bring back fond memories, the potential for winning against them at the old Cotton Bowl brings fonder anticipation.
  14. eulessismore


    Yeah, "moving all extremities" is what I heard from our radio crew towards the end of the game.
  15. eulessismore

    Around CUSA

    I understand. But both of them wouldn't lose.