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  1. Barf

    I threw Emmitt a plus one for that as well (following your lead) but am thinking of a book I'm reading that uses the term "haute bourgeioisie", that I think may be more precise for the P5 crowd.
  2. Wow, it's amazing how fast we got over the contempt of familiarity we had for the HOD. But hey, I'm in. If barely losing to them at the old Fouts can bring back fond memories, the potential for winning against them at the old Cotton Bowl brings fonder anticipation.

    Yeah, "moving all extremities" is what I heard from our radio crew towards the end of the game.
  4. Around CUSA

    I understand. But both of them wouldn't lose.
  5. Classless

    I'm glad that I served in the Army, mainly because it worked out for me, and I was never in harm's way. But, like many things in mine and America's history, I have complicated feelings about it.
  6. Finally Got Our Guy

    Strangely, that season may have led to this season, although there was some skepticism about hiring Littrell, with the emphasis on a high scoring offense. I think we just saw that what we need sometimes is just to outscore people.
  7. Finally Got Our Guy

    Yup, greatness, Littrell and Fine. And a Fine bromance.
  8. Nic Smith

    It's hard to remember that much about him since that once he missed one game, Dunbar exploded on the scene.
  9. Don't Want To Spill The Beans, But Look Here

    It's not so bad, once you realize that you could die doing it, and that eventually, you'll die no matter what.
  10. Scrappy’s dance with the dancers

    Yeah, it was awesome to watch, and the crowd noise when it started got immediate attention. My thought was, whoever this is really has the moves! But, sorry, no video from me.
  11. Do we do UTEP dirty like they did us?

    Uh, yeah, can we just focus on playing well (which we didn't do in any of those losses) and winning. It sucks when you can't stop the run, but it's hard to blame a team that keeps running the ball when that's what they do best.
  12. Feeling spektical

    Army travels well, because they're already here.
  13. Redemption???

    Well, Marshall, because of what they said, the match up (I don't know anything about Marshall, just don't like what we experienced against FAU). Our only hope against FAU is a perfect offensive game and an adequate special teams game.
  14. If Dodge could have won the one score games, he would probably still be coaching in college. Clutch > non clutch.