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  1. drex

    Garbage Stadium Rankings from the DMN

    The whole thrust of the athletic department is New Denton....might be time for old Denton to take a hike, and I'm not just talking about Brett.
  2. drex

    Garbage Stadium Rankings from the DMN

    UTSA has a potential disaster on its hands, and it is dirty. SMU is pretty, but it is a sweatbox with no air circulation.
  3. drex

    The Great Bill Blakeley

    The master showman and he won a lot of games...only time we were ever nationally ranked was during his time at NT. Also, we led the nation in scoring a couple of times, too.
  4. Kansas is the most experienced in losing.
  5. drex

    Newest Hall of Famer

    I'll always remember how he could throw the ball down court like it was a baseball. So many fast breaks it was unreal.
  6. No real pressure to coach at KU...they gave up football a few years ago.
  7. drex

    Upgrading the home schedule

    I think we have a respectable RPI now, which should allow us more flexibility in scheduling home games....plus, the AD has shown he will spend the money as an investment.
  8. Trilli got us green seats? I don't think so. Joe Holland and others got us green seats.
  9. drex

    The Top G-5 programs who have a Playoff shot

    Cannot wait for that FAU thing to implode, and it will.
  10. drex

    Who will be our first signature win?

    We sometimes embrace futility...it is summer, after all.
  11. As I read the myriad of posts about UNT athletic future success/failure/perception, I cannot help but ask myself what percentage of the people who post on gomeangreen.com are donors to the MGSF. I hope it is higher than I visualize...maybe Harry can give us a 'guestimate' of actual dollar participation from the members of GMG.com.
  12. drex

    Lauren Holmes leaving UNT

    Good luck to her at Drury, or as the locals call it Dreary.
  13. Good memory, Greenjoe. Good crowd that night. We should have a good crowd for Jalie's game with Texas.
  14. drex


    The flag is expensive and I'm sure that the decision was made to use a smaller one over the summer and come back with the big one in August...just a guess. Smaller flags don't get as much abuse from the wind and they are cheaper....once again, just a guess.
  15. So, did you see anyone from the athletic staff. Going to funerals probably falls to Hank, since he is tasked with cultivating Denton.