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  1. I wonder if he is any kin to UNT football of fame member Paul Draper?
  2. Looks like game footage was shot with my dad's old 16mm Bell and Howell camera. Congratulations to Mr. Smart for a great performance.
  3. women win

    Pretty rough play under the basket.
  4. Dennis Parker retires

    A very decent man who was at the wrong place at the wrong time. He also had some really decent assistant coaches.
  5. National championship games

    Yes, as I mentioned before, this was a spirited game for second and third place. UCF won the national championship by going undefeated in FBS.
  6. Todd Dodge to UT

    It will be a pretty big jump for him--going from high school to pro football.
  7. Thanks for the compliment, Rick. No, this old body just wouldn't get the job done now. I would welcome some advisory position, but that it highly doubtful. To be honest, it's a young person's game.
  8. Just someone who is plugged in and a workaholic.
  9. KEEP WREN BAKER should be the number one priority.
  10. Barf

    Kiffin plugs Kiffin...that's all he does. I've never met the guy, but I really don't like the guy from his sideline presence and interviews. That FAU house of cards will fall in the immediate future.
  11. Home Opener Against SMU

    TV, the television God, will dictate the kickoff time of this game.
  12. NMSU

    Really happy for NMSU. They said that they had not been to a bowl since 1960.
  13. The number is 9 now

    I'm amazed that some of you have such in depth knowledge of the bowl selection process. Your insider knowledge is imprressive.
  14. HOD BOWL

    I thought these P5 teams always traveled with about 20,000 fans in their back pocket.