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  1. Disappointed at Attendance

    Greenjoe, you've lived in Denton long enough to know that Denton doesn't give a damn...only want jobs from the universities with very little given back to the universities.
  2. What they really ought to do is find a sponsor for the flag. Put a light on it and have the corporate logo. Then, it could be flown year round with no expense to the athletic department.
  3. How about this historical BB nugget

    I was there. Drake was nationally ranked and the Men's Gym was packed. I got there early for warmups...when Drake came out for shoot around the crowd stood and booed. I believe we beat them that night. It was not uncommon for North Texas to host at least two nationally ranked teams each year, as the Missouri Valley Conference was very strong back then.
  4. Mercer (3/19/18)

    I respectfully question the attendance announced.....seemed like more to me.
  5. Mercer (3/19/18)

    After looking at Mercer's schedule with w's and l's, they will be a handful.

    Believe me, it has happened.
  7. Yep, a chance (be it infinitesimal) to end the season with a splash. More power to the Mean Green...hope they can regain momentum.

    I think we always overlook the power of SMU to keep us out of the news. Now, ole Jerry Jones might get something done in the future, since the tournament is a his place.
  9. Basketball and football are over

    Yep..lack of baseball leaves a huge void.
  10. The Dallas Morning News is all about SMU. No surprise to me that they did not cover the tournament. By the way, the tournament did not exist for thousands of North Texas alumni and students who did not bother to attend. They wonder why we make such slow progress in athletics, but NT turnout is a big reason.
  11. women win again

    i phone would have done the trick. In the old days you just called the police and they took it from there. I have no idea about the current procedure.
  12. Update on the game feed

    Stadium, where you can watch SOME of the action.
  13. women win again

    It has come to my attention that the tower is not lighted to celebrate the women's victory. Anyone know how to get the thing to turn green? The women deserve it.
  14. I agree, but will be there with bells on...the tournament is really exciting and the neutral court makes it almost anyone's game.