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  1. Desperation. For both teams.
  2. Student tickets

    Hah, that was happening up until early 2000's. Then, they used bar code scanners on ids to make sure you were at least enrolled in a class.
  3. Georgio bowing up

    Agreed. George should have researched to make sure Austin was out of college and not a "kid" before responding.
  4. Georgio bowing up

    Who is proliferating loser mentality? You've said it so much, you actually believe that nothing and no one good has ever happened or been here, even when all it takes is a stupid simple google search. New Denton is a marketing slogan to sell young people an ideology that what they are doing is new and fresh and has never been done before, and it is working on you, specifically.
  5. Georgio bowing up

    I think Gordon has found a new character to torment George. Picture Austin yanking the mic from from George Monday morning to let the P1s know the mean green are doing, then calling George an old timer.
  6. DodgeBall 2.0? No.

    Dodge's teams found a way to lose one score games. Littrell's teams find a way to win them. UTSA fans were complaining about losing a bunch of one score games. Dodge had more of them than anyone. It indicates bad culture, but I don't want to tell UTSA that. Losing, even one score games, is the result of not winning them. It's the difference between being winners and having a winning culture and not getting down (Littrell), and a losing culture (Dodge). This is definitely not Dodgeball 2.0. This is New Denton.
  7. Attendance

    I have been to one game this year. UTSA. I would have been sad to have missed that one. If the family and I were not getting over a cold, I would have tried to have made it tonight, but cannot say that I would have stayed the whole time. Our fans are no different than any other school. There are just less of them and we play Old Dominion. My wife asked where they were from, and that's the truth about most of our fans. The teams UNT draws well against are teams that people know.
  8. I’m Gonna Say It

    Keep up the screaming Austin. You do what you want. Others will do what they want.
  9. The Jeffery Wilson Block

    I loved Guyton's block on that last play. Honestly if Guyton doesn't make that block, its a different story. Gotta give love to the O-Line too. UTSA has a good defense, and they had their work cut out for them with as many blitzes as UTSA was bringing. Pushing and Pulling all night. Great effort.
  10. UNT Team Stats Ranking

    I feel like they are not as liable as they have been in years' past. They are in correct positions to go and make plays. Which I do not know has been the case in years past. We need to win more of those competitive plays.
  11. Band Talk (from UTSA game)

    They sounded good at half. looked good at half. i enjoyed the fly like an eagle remix session. i liked their energy with the North Texas chant
  12. Frank Wilson UNT post game interview

    As a UNT fan, I want to hear more of that. StreetRunner tears taste salty and delicious. If I were a UTSA player, that ish would get old. Guess their coach didn't make any mistakes all week or tonight. He sounds like a real dick.
  13. Texas Northern Band College

    Something tells me he also knows about bad fungus not going away...
  14. Texas Northern Band College

    Who knew they had fans that dedicated. If I went to school there I would be embarrassed to say so. I'd probably even leave it off my resume or conveniently forget the South Austin part of the school name. Consider me dumbfounded that someone would go out of their way to be proud to have gone there.
  15. UTSA Fans discuss UNT game

    I know absolutely nothing about what UTSA is. Do they have any nationally ranked programs? Are they good at anything besides having obnoxious fans? I have not met 1 UTSA alumn in my daily interactions, which makes me wonder what they do. Is there even that many of them? Obviously UTSA is not the reason our fans wanted to be in CUSA, unlike USM, La Tech, UTEP, Tulsa, Marshall, East Carolina and Tulane. It should, then, come as no surprise that our fans are not excited to see UNT play UTSA, and are especially not interested in traveling to San Antonio. Personally, I'd rather go to a game in El Paso, Houston or Ruston. I'd even be willing to go to San Marcos.