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  1. HoustonEagle

    Big day ahead!!!!

    tell us more
  2. HoustonEagle

    Garbage Stadium Rankings from the DMN

    The article does not just judge the stadium but also the atmosphere. Considering that I think they have it about right. I would put Tech over TCU and move SMU to 10. The outside of SMU’s stadium is beautiful but it is all lipstick on a pig and they have a worse game day atmosphere than we do.
  3. HoustonEagle

    Mean Green gear at Target in Houston

    Been here close to 22 years and that would be the first sighting I’ve heard.
  4. HoustonEagle

    Houston Mean Green- Coaches Caravan June 12th

    Thanks! I love the Karbach beer garden but prefer Saint Arnolds beers.
  5. HoustonEagle

    Houston Mean Green- Coaches Caravan June 12th

    side question. Has Saint Arnolds finished their outdoor beer garden and restaurant yet? Everything else sounds great!
  6. HoustonEagle

    Who will be our first signature win?

    Too much time is wasted talking about signature wins. Sure they are great but not even remotely as important as consistent winning and always competing for championships. La_Monroe beat a Nick Saban led Alabama team only ten years ago! Since then the Warhawks built a 60k seat stadium, moved to the SEC and is a regular on ESPN game day. Oh wait. Win all the ones you should, win some of the ones you shouldn’t and go to bowl games every year.
  7. HoustonEagle

    UNT's Justify Wins Triple Crown

    I saw the other tweet as well and I truly hope they have donated millions. That said, I can not find one article that mentions them involved with UNT but I did find this. "The Troutts are longtime supporters of the DSO and the Dallas community. Lisa is a graduate of the University of North Texas with a major in Fashion Design and a minor in business. She worked in the apparel business in sales, marketing and design. She also is a founding member of the Council for Life as well as One Hundred Shares and serves on the boards of New Friends New Life, The Salvation Army, SMU Meadows School of the Arts, UT Southwestern Medical Foundation, and the Baylor Foundation. She is also affiliated with the Laura W. Bush Women’s Initiative Advisory Council, Park Cities Republican Women, and The Race Track Chaplaincy of America."
  8. Listen, since my freshman year 25 years ago I have extolled the virtues of UNT. With that said lets be honest about a few things. The majority (not all) of UNT’s top programs do not have much competition around the US. For instance UNT loves to toss out my major EADP as one of their top nationally ranked programs. I think when I was in school there was only one other like program in the nation and now I think there a few more but it's a small crowd. There are many other examples of this across the University. Also, UNT is not selective. It is more selective than 25 years ago but it is still a pretty easy school to get in to. Lastly, UNT still does not get a true ranking in that god forsaken disservice to higher education that is the US News and World Report. Regardless of its overweighting of things like endowment it is still the the bible when people want to preach and praise about their schools. A person can get a wonderful education at the University of North Texas. Just don’t expect that degree on the wall to come with prestige.
  9. HoustonEagle

    UNT's Justify Wins Triple Crown

    Kenny Trout’s wife Lisa went to UNT. But, one of their kids went to SMU. Just a guess here but I am going to say SMU has more influence with the Troutt family than we do. Which is of course, sad.
  10. I would say lets stop focusing on the inevitability of losing good coaches. Instead lets focus on the fact that we have the leadership and structural organization in place now to continue our success no matter who is hired away. Lets convince the local alumni that winning is the new culture of North Texas Athletics and that there is something to be proud of going on in Denton Texas. Lets convince those same alumni that no matter how long it takes the program will never be happy until we reach the highest levels of college athletics. People inherently want to be associated with winners and upward trajectory. It's time to convince alumni that UNT is doing all the things that need to be done to make their degrees more valuable via academics and athletics. Lets sell this story to the Alumni and get them on board as this whole thing goes nowhere from here without more fans and more donors.
  11. HoustonEagle

    Two New Regents Appointed and One Reappointed

    I can say that Mary Denny’s son, Bryan, is mister Denton and a long time owner and operator of various Denton bars. I think currently he is running the reboot of the Armadillo Ale Works.
  12. As much as we all love Littrell. His inability to raise recruiting significantly is worrisome.
  13. HoustonEagle

    Hitler is upset about the UTSA bowl situation

    I want to brighten everyones Sunday and kick this back to the top. This to me is the best “Hitler” video of them all. Cracks me up.
  14. HoustonEagle


    So help me with this as I am naive to the process. What stops a school from finding academic scholarships for all walk-ons? Would that not improve the quality of your walk-on program but at the same time be circumventing NCAA regulations? I will hang up and listen.
  15. HoustonEagle

    Future OOC Games

    I see what you are doing. I'm not going to fall for the banana in the tailpipe trick again.