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  1. Barf

  2. Home Opener Against SMU

    The kiddos don't want a Big Scrappy???!
  3. Prosper Dicks Sporting Goods

    Rally House at Park and Preston has probably the largest selection I've seen outside of Denton of UNT gear... Unfortunately the stock is still slim compared to their other sections. It's mostly screen printed T-Shirts, cheap screen printed pullovers, and the most generic of sweat shirts. I was admiring some of the nice stuff in the SMU section today when I was there. Their Arkansas section was 2 to 3 times as big too. :-( GMG
  4. Bad day for athletics fundraising

    I was about to reach out to UNT and see about picking up two club level tickets for 2018 and beyond. 😑
  5. In business I like to use the "Fast Fail" philosophy in regards to issues like Reffertt. He's bad, dump him and move on
  6. Drew Brees... Drew Brees... Drew Brees...
  7. This staff is ours until WE want them gone

    I thought this thread would be about boosters calling Wren on Monday and asking for Reffertt's head... 🙄
  8. The ESPN krewe seemed very disappointed that UNT came back.
  9. That's the most passion I've seen from Littrell all season.
  10. Does @NT91 have the thong clad rear end as his avatar that's constantly in my advertising? 😂
  11. Fire immediately... Someone go put a for sale sign in his front yard.
  12. Can RL Carriers ship us a team that wants to win?
  13. Hope there's more beer at Fuzzy's than the FAU stadium