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  1. I have been using Direct TV Now since the beginning of the year. They we're giving free Apple TV's if you prepaid 3 months at $35 a month. I personally love it. I have it on an Apple TV, a Roku Stick, and a Roku 4k box on three different TV's. It was a great day dropping off those giant Spectrum boxes at their office. During football season I'll up my package. Can be done from the website without speaking to anyone. And it can be lowered from the website without speaking to anyone after football season.
  2. Pavlovs Eagle

    Houston Mean Green- Coaches Caravan June 12th

    An opportunist would see that as a low bar to overcome. 😁
  3. Pavlovs Eagle

    Mean Green gear at Target in Houston

    Going to swing by Frisco Lakes Super Target after I leave the office... Anything to avoid paying $39.99 for a $10 UNT t-shirt at Dick's.
  4. Pavlovs Eagle

    The Top G-5 programs who have a Playoff shot

    Not before they build a statue out front to commemorate their idol Joey Freshwater Kiffin.
  5. Pavlovs Eagle

    Alumni Pavillion Expansion Update

    Amazing what $85k will get you these days... At least they're moving the stage to the new side so you can sit outside on the original patio and not have the band in your ear the entire time. Are they allowing people to buy bricks for this patio?
  6. Pavlovs Eagle

    Meanwhile, in San Antonio...

    Vegas odds have UTSA at 5 wins and North Texas at 8. I'm going to assume that's mostly correct.
  7. I've learned my troll level 💯 from @FAU Connoisseur and look forward to making friends in each of these opposing team forums.
  8. Pavlovs Eagle

    Meet the Best QB in Texas!

    Great read! Very cool goal to be President of the Cherokee Nation too. 👍
  9. Pavlovs Eagle

    College Gameday at Apogee for FAU?

  10. Pavlovs Eagle

    College Gameday at Apogee for FAU?

    Is it? Both schools still show the 17th on their respective websites. Not sure where the rumor started, but I've heard it.
  11. Since we're slowly whittling away at the off-season with big dreams and high hopes... how about this: College Gameday at Apogee for FAU at UNT? They usually pick one or two G5 games a year and if both of us are having an excellent season up to this point it could be an interesting G5 game for them to show up at in November. Things working for us: ESPN loves Kiffin Its a major market game ESPN would probably have no problem getting people to show up for festivities even if they aren't UNT/FAU fans Apogee has lots of room for Gameday to setup I think UCF won't have similar performance this season turning over their whole coaching staff. They will no longer be the G5 darling. Things counting against: We may get smoked FAU doesn't travel well UNT has a questionable history filling the stands It may be a Thursday game? (did this get confirmed?) G5 Thoughts? Feelings? Disputes? 🦅🦅🦅
  12. Pavlovs Eagle

    UNT Baseball Renders Appear Out of Thin Air

    It was asked of Wren at the Collin County Coaches Caravan last night. He gave a non committal "we're looking at it carefully" type of answer.
  13. Pavlovs Eagle

    Why Not

    Exciting game for both fan bases... Feels much better than New Orleans vs a Sunbelt team. Also uncomfortable with Tech getting that close to Littrell. 😓
  14. Pavlovs Eagle

    Coaches Caravan

    See y'all at the Collin County event tonight. I'll be the guy in the green shirt. 😎
  15. So you're saying its not worth the $450 + 2 hotel nights to fly there for the football game? I would get to mark LYH off my airports I've flown to list... On travel games I expect to win, I think I may go to El Paso for that game vs Lynchburg.