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  1. WSJ had Dallas as its #1 pick for awhile. I'm still convinced its DC. 3 of the top 20 sites are Washington DC area. UNT can benefit only as much as they choose to foster a partnership with Amazon for internships and new grad jobs. I've always felt that U of North Texas' worst skill was leveraging the huge business community immediately south on I-35. We should be the hometown public university for DFW, pumping out good middle of the road graduates that aren't pompous little shits like some of the new grads from UT, A&M, SMU, Baylor, etc. Instead in my experience UNT rarely has made good connections with the business community and instead lets hearsay reputation and published graduation rates tell the story instead. #olddenton just isn't a sports problem, its a campus wide problem.
  2. Lost me a Dallas Baptist ranking better than North Texas...
  3. Why no one goes to SMU games

    I'm going to send the Missionaries to your house with that sort of talk. They have a book they'd like to tell you about... Did my graduate work at U of Utah. Sports in Utah is a weird thing, but BYU and Utah always seemed to pack their respective stadiums. I wish we had their energy at Apogee. If you want a good laugh, wait for the pencil whipping of the Jazz by the local Mormon newspaper when they play a Sunday home game. Only apostates dare show their face at the arena.
  4. Wow

    Love seeing that Mean Green in the NFL wall!
  5. Never too early for 2018 rankings

    Hope we can bring alot of fans, it's only a 5ish hour drive from the Metroplex. I can't wait!
  6. Athletic fee referendum to be put to a re-vote

    Isn't this why UTD exists?
  7. Hope Y'all are ready to open up your wallets!

    It's the 5 year seat license you're working towards buying out... as it was explained to me. $1250 a year for 5 years then you just have to pay for the MGC and Ticket cost on those seats once that amount is fully paid. Does that not sound right? It sounds like $2600 due for 2018 season. But UNT is assuming I'll be doing this for at least 5 seasons. I assume if I didn't continue to pay towards my 5 year buyout that I would forfeit the progress made towards the seat lease payoff. I suppose I'll get the full terms next week. Hope there's no suprises.
  8. 2018 Football schedule

    Hampton Inn is $103 through for Saturday night. Hopefully the game is late enough I can just drive up Sat morning.
  9. Hope Y'all are ready to open up your wallets!

    Don't you get a parking pass with a $500 MGC donation?
  10. The Democratic party still had a large blue collar voter base back then... Since they've alienated that group they need a new one, thus the pivot.
  11. 2018 Football schedule

    Its already impossible to find a hotel room in Fayetteville for the Arkansas game. Closest rooms are 17 miles away in Bentonville.
  12. Hope Y'all are ready to open up your wallets!

    I was quoted $880 for two "Scholarship Premium Seats" aka #olddenton Priority 1 seats. Tickets were $200*2, MGC was $200*2, and seat-backs were $40*2. I was also quoted $2600 for two Silver Zone Club Level seats. Stadium Fund Lease $625*2, Tickets $375*2, MGC $300*2. White zone jumped up quickly to $4100 for two tickets. I think parking came with CL but not Scholarship Premium. I am legitimately am considering the Silver Zone Club level seats but will be going to see them first. I have a feeling I will be disappointed with being that far towards the end zone (the best Silver CL seats are 15 yd line). Not sure if I care that much about dinner before and access to private bars when the seats aren't close to the 50. Alumni Association usually has a decent pregame meal for free. I'd feel a lot better if there was still tax benefit to the "donation" portion.
  13. White House Counsel advised POTUS that his use of the term "Banana Republic" could lead to legal action by The Gap. They were just avoiding another the inevitable CNN hit piece: "Trump disparaged beloved brand run by America's largest specialty retailer. Tune in tonight for expected death toll."
  14. Barf