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  1. Nobody is losing sleep over your armchair band directing. I have my own program to run and my own kids to teach. You need to address your butthurt with someone else.
  2. @Cerebus these are the specific posts aimed at kids that I was referring to in my initial response. As I said earlier, constructive criticism focused at adults is fine. These posts crossed the line.
  3. I was more than a little pissed when I wrote my response yesterday. My bad for crossing the line. I appreciate civil discourse as much as the next person, but I cannot defend what I interpreted as several posters involving kids in their criticisms. To say that the annual GB bashing threads are frustrating is an understatement. Anyone who has worked tirelessly to support the university should not be berated online. While there is always room for constructive criticism, there are better outlets to influence effective change. At the same time, the director's discretion as a longtime music educator and tenured professor needs to be trusted. Many people have brought up great points about the structure of the GB and how it yields the current results. Many other school's athletics programs offer their marching members significant scholarships (GB kids pay to be there), and are comprised mostly of volunteers. The Green Brigade is a marching band, and it is apparent that several steps need to be taken by athletics to move it in the direction that you want. My general longtime perception is that the GB is unappreciated and that leaves me torn as an alum and an athletics supporter. Some of the kids read these posts, and I know for a fact that they don't generally feel supported by the Mean Green faithful. Seriously, please thank a kid when you see them on Saturday. Knowing that you appreciate what they do, even though you may not care for it, will do more for them than you might expect.