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  1. Guess we recruited this young man as a TE, but reading this in the 2017 DCTxF caused a flashback to a time when Cedrick Hardman made the transition from DB to DE. Hey, that worked out pretty well for everyone!
  2. Eagle71

    North Texas Lands BIG Commit

    LB with wheels! Lots of possibilities.
  3. Eagle71

    Bill Schmidt

    Should I assume that the following report is referring to a more "modern day record" in the javelin? Bill Schmidt won the 1969 North Texas Relays with a throw of 221-11; had a 1970 State of Texas best throw of 260-10 and went on to record a throw of 272-11 1/2 in a meet in February of that same year. March 17, 2018 Final Results FORT WORTH – Javier Lopez-Ibarra and Bailey Ashmore broke school records in javelin and pole vault to highlight track and field’s first outdoor meet of the season Saturday at the TCU Invitational at Lowdon Track and Field Complex. Lopez-Ibarra, on his first attempt, threw a school-record in javelin at 66.55 meters (218-04 feet), finishing in first place.
  4. Eagle71

    Bill Schmidt

    The Mean Green is in the House! Bronze medal winner in the javelin at the '72 Munich Olympics, North Texas alumni, Bill Schmidt (on the right) and his brother Bob (on the left), at The Finals NCAA Wrestling Championships in Cleveland. Great shirt!
  5. $4,176. Goin' for $5k. GMG
  6. Eagle71

    '18 WR Nikia Jones (Wagoner, OK)

    4.56 6'3" 200 lbs. Must be a lot of quality WR/S out there this year. Love our Oklahoma guys.
  7. Eagle71

    Big Time Commit for North Texas

    Love the numbers: 6'2" 210-220 WR/TE/FS and runs a 4.4. Fly Like An Eagle
  8. Eagle71

    '18 QB Cobe Craft (Fossil Ridge)

    Nice. Good wheels on this young man. Fly like an Eagle.
  9. Eagle71

    '18 Alex Morris ATH (ATASCOCITA)

    Gibbs runs a 4.4 so, yes, I would think that he would be a CB possibility.
  10. Eagle71

    '18 DT Darren Brown (Judson)

    Height & Weight: 6'3" 290lbs 40 Yard Dash: 4.83 Shuttle: 4.48 Nothing wrong with those numbers. Needs more upper body strength, but that can be quickly improved.
  11. OG/OT 6'5" 315lbs 3.7 GPA 1300 SAT 30ACT https://m.hudl.com/profile/3377833/Chris-Beckham
  12. Eagle71

    18' K/P Ethan Mooney (Timber Creek)

    4.45 40. Speed at every position allows for lots of possibilities.
  13. Eagle71

    What does "wire to wire" mean ?

    Wires strung above both the start and finish lines of a horse race.