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  1. CUSA breakout team?

    I don't view this as bold at all, they will blowout Southern and Texas State the next 2 weeks and I don't really see a game where they could trip up before La Tech..I'd actually be shocked if they lose more than 1 game. I think we will challenge them, but don't see anyone else doing so.
  2. Game thread for SMU

    Guess we're going to have another Carlos Henderson performance..
  3. Game thread for SMU

    7 receptions in 2 years, 5 touchdowns...I know we don't have the worst DB's SMU plays all year so this is about our defensive concept, we have to adjust to account for a player like him...
  4. Game thread for SMU

    Looks like we are struggling with the blitz. They are bringing pressure every play, if we run they are there waiting, if we pass it forces a short and/or bad throw.
  5. Game thread for SMU

    Man that announcer is terrible..."SMU guys on offense like Sutton and uhhh, uhhh everybody else out there"
  6. Game thread for SMU

    Dodged a bullet there, I think on offense we need to get back to those quick passes and letting our guys make plays.
  7. Game thread for SMU

    Noticed the double team on Sutton that first drive. Smart choice
  8. Game thread for SMU

    Looks like Henson at RG, and Mose at center, I also just saw Cannon Maki in an arm cast on the sideline. Love the momentum so far!
  9. Another new jersey?

    I am definitely a fan of grey with the black pants/helmet, I thought the white looked kind of weird.
  10. Another new jersey?

    Today we go grey? Is this another new jersey we didn't see in the big reveal? I thought I remembered only black, white, and green but I could be wrong. It even says in the tweet from earlier this week that we are wearing white, I'll be interested to hear from someone at the game what we have on.
  11. Hm you might be right, I know Keegan and this was the analogy I was given..regardless if I understood him correctly they expect him to be on the field this year.
  12. Created account to add some clarity to some of this, but I believe he will be eligible this year sort of similar to the Baker Mayfield situation as a walk on transfer.