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  1. UNT18Grad

    Now that the Athletic Fee has been set....

    The #1 thing that should be upgraded is the locker room in my opinion..I know it just went through renovations, but ours is still very much behind what is becoming the status quo in D1.
  2. UNT18Grad

    DRC: UNT wide receivers outlook for 2018

    Our receiving core is stacked next year! I think Brewer/White will be huge additions to an already really talented group. Should allow us to redshirt both freshman, but if one of them is good enough to see the field that would be a really positive sign too.
  3. UNT18Grad

    Place your bets

    Nope, I give it a very, very slim chance of passing.
  4. UNT18Grad

    Receiver Transfer?

    https://247sports.com/Player/Reggie-Hemphill-Mapps-23451/high-school-37408 I'm sure he will have plenty of opportunities, but given the Manvel connection maybe we could have Martin give him a call at least. What do you guys think? Worth it for 2 years of playing?
  5. "A UNT spokesman confirmed on Monday that the school is hoping Mayfield will be able to return for an additional year. The NCAA is considering a measure that would change the rules regarding player eligibility. That change would potentially allow Mayfield to return for a second season with the Mean Green, the spokesman said." What rule change are they referring to? He has used 5 years of eligibility and I don't remember reading about any potential rule change that could help him..anyone know?
  6. UNT18Grad

    FAU loses starting QB to... retirement?

    They had that kid from OU transfer in last year, he will be a RS Fr, I imagine he will be one of the leading candidates for the job. https://247sports.com/Player/Chris-Robison-58861/high-school-102433
  7. Are these guys mid-year transfers? One possibility could be that grades are an issue and those bigger schools backed off and FIU was willing to take the risk, just a guess though.
  8. UNT18Grad

    FAU - Boca Raton Bowl

    OU will have Baker Mayfield Jr aka Kyler Murray ready to roll by their first game next year, should be a good game to start things off!
  9. UNT18Grad

    '18 LB Kieth Brown (NW Miss Juco)

    Committed to Memphis
  10. UNT18Grad

    18' QB Clayton Tune (Hebron) - 3 star

    Maybe I'm just overlooking it, but it seems he has deleted his tweet about visiting this weekend, whatever that means.
  11. UNT18Grad

    CB Josh Jackson- Iowa

    Not sure if anyone has noticed this guy, but he is likely a 1st or 2nd round draft pick in the upcoming draft and has a great chance to be the Thorpe award winner (best DB) this year. He had 3 picks against Ohio State and opened the game today against Wisconsin with a pick-six. Some of you might remember him against us this year as well, but my question is why didn't we recruit him? I know it was that pesky old staff that wasn't great at/didn't care about recruiting locally, but come on.. He is from down the road in Lake Dallas (just like Tauaefa) and only had offers from Iowa, Central OK, Colorado State, Nevada, and NM State according to 24/7. Obviously things have worked out very well for him with his choice, but I'd like to think we might have had a decent chance being the only school even remotely close to home to offer him. Just my random thought for the day...almost time to destroy UTEP!
  12. UNT18Grad

    CUSA breakout team?

    I don't view this as bold at all, they will blowout Southern and Texas State the next 2 weeks and I don't really see a game where they could trip up before La Tech..I'd actually be shocked if they lose more than 1 game. I think we will challenge them, but don't see anyone else doing so.
  13. UNT18Grad

    Game thread for SMU

    Guess we're going to have another Carlos Henderson performance..
  14. UNT18Grad

    Game thread for SMU

    7 receptions in 2 years, 5 touchdowns...I know we don't have the worst DB's SMU plays all year so this is about our defensive concept, we have to adjust to account for a player like him...