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  1. Salsa_Verde

    New Turf at Apogee Stadium

    Here’s a link to the video of the turf being installed from start to finish. -GMG!
  2. “Again, back to my friend at Amazon. “We’re still seven or eight years away,” he said, “but if we had to restructure the landscape today, we would not start by negotiating with a conference. We don’t care about the SEC, Big 12 of Big 10 as a whole. In our opinion, those entities are not our focus.“Instead, we would want to identify 30 or 40 teams that command the biggest audience. That may be by reputation or location, but generally we all know that there are members in every one of these conferences that frankly don’t move the needle.” This is the part of the article that intrigues me. That tech firms could care less about the Vanderbilt’s and SMU’s of the world. They’re looking for programs that can bring volume in the the form of viewers. I think this is how North Texas can be in a better position in the future. I’m sure LSU will be ok.
  3. Salsa_Verde


    I think softball is already the leading women’s sport. The WCWS brings in more viewers than baseball. It has way more parity than women’s basketball and the money being spent on facilities Is impressive. Texas A&M just opened a new 40 million dollar stadium I believe.
  4. I thought that too. The SMU fan base simply isn’t there, across all sports. North Texas has a great opportunity to leap ahead. The amount of alumni and hopefully continued winning will put North Texas in a great position. These firms are going to be looking for content and have the money to do so. Thursday night football is going to be streamed on Amazon and Hulu streamed the NBA Finals. It’s a very exciting and interesting time.
  5. A different perspective on college football media rights. The article predicts power moving away from traditional providers and athletic conferences. “When conference TV rights begin to expire in six or seven years, my Amazon source says that Amazon and Netflix could easily be prepared to spend ten times what the networks are projected to have available.”
  6. Salsa_Verde

    Meanwhile, in San Antonio...

    They’re looking to dump Wilson after season three? Is he on the hot seat?
  7. Salsa_Verde


    He’s a younger guy and will bring in new energy and excitement into the program. After Kee it’s exactly what the players need.
  8. Salsa_Verde

    Texas at El Paso lands big time fullback

    What’s a fullback?
  9. So as I understand it C-USA football will be featured on ESPN, ESPN3, ESPN+, CBS-SportsNetwork, BeIN, Staduim, and Facebook this upcoming season. Obviously the games are going to be on a lot of different platforms but I think the more exposure the better. Plus the quality of production is really important.
  10. I don’t know if this is a generational thing but why are some against streaming? Cable is dead except for sports and even then I stream everything through my phone or tablet and pretty much everyone I know does the same. I obviously don’t know the specifics about the deal but it appears we are sacrificing revenue for exposure on an emerging new media platform? Although the schools are seeing an increase in revenue and lowering production costs? This seems like a great deal IMHO. -GMG
  11. Salsa_Verde

    Soccer Schedule released

    Yes it’s right next to the tennis complex. I got 1,500 from this article I have no clue if they changed the number of seats but I wouldn’t be surprised.
  12. Salsa_Verde

    Soccer Schedule released

    From what I’ve read the new complex is capable of holding 1,500 fans, with cover from the sun. Which should increase the number of people willing to attend games. If people are standing that first game it will be a good thing.
  13. Salsa_Verde

    Soccer Schedule released

    The ability to host a conference championship for the first time in I don’t know how long has to be great advantage in my opinion.
  14. Salsa_Verde

    Soccer Schedule released

    North Texas will face Oklahoma, Alabama and SMU at the new soccer complex this upcoming season.
  15. Salsa_Verde


    Turf looks good. I was afraid the state outline would make it look too busy but it’s not that noticeable and the SOW looks great!