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  1. DRC: Five things UNT fans should know about Rice

    Should Mason Fine play the whole game if North Texas is ahead? I know he’s sort of chasing some records.
  2. UTEP hires new AD

    Is it? The Citidal isn’t exactly a powerhouse at any level.
  3. Kevin Sumlin

    After Sherman left, I always felt like they were just looking for a reason to fire Sumlin. As stated above he has a solid record, any word on who A&M is looking at to hire? In all honesty I hope the program takes a nose dive 😅
  4. Kiffin says he is sticking at FAU

    Lane Kiffin to Texas Tech, problem solved.
  5. Championship T-shirts Good idea or Bad Idea?

    Well, we are undefeated in football against TWU
  6. Championship T-shirts Good idea or Bad Idea?

    I had to give an email address and it said I would be receiving emails about athletics. Maybe it’s an undercover way of getting data from the student population. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  7. Free championship t-shirt registration for students. I apologize in advance to all the OGs on the board
  8. Vball match up

    I don’t really know how the selection process works for volleyball. Is it similar to what they do in the basketball tournament? If so North Texas should get an at-large bid I would think.
  9. How great is our Stadium!

    I would like them to use one of those empty concession booths to sell merchandise....the team store was packed and it took too long to ring up items.
  10. We shouldn’t abandon the Army series

    It would be great if there was a way to add Army to CUSA.
  11. Student tickets

    That would be awesome! How soon would that happen?
  12. Perhaps keeping the coliseum and adding a modern basketball arena would maybe give the university an opportunity to hold tournaments in the future for multiple sports like basketball and volleyball?
  13. North Texas Volleyball path toward NCAA Tournament

    They have a regular season conference championship...which if won leads to the number #1 seed in the conference tournament. I don’t know which holds more weight but North Texas has never won either until this year. I still think our ranking is a little off. Especially since North Texas has defeated Western Kentucky and Oregon St. both of which are ranked ahead of North Texas.
  14. Get Off the Hill and Into the Game

    For members of this board that are students, like myself, we don’t care how to get tickets because we will always figure out a way to attend. The students that are casual fans are not going to sit there and check an email that looks like spam or an advertisement. A casual student fan is more likely to pick up a ticket on campus then go through the “perceived inconvenience” of getting a digital ticket. In summary, some students are very lazy. I don’t know what else to say about it other than I have heard this a lot this year.