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  1. I agree. Who did he think he was talking to? AJ Lawson? Even if he thought that, AJ is gone. LOL.
  2. I have no idea where it is and still don't. I have never looked it up.
  3. Venson

    How Many Yards for Mason Fine?

    4500 plus if the offensive line holds up and the backs can protect at least as good as Wilson. That being said, it could be a lot less now that Wilson is not around to take some of the pressure off by running the football.
  4. Venson

    Underdog Dynasty Releases Preseason Predictions

    Jordan Murray over Elex Woodworth? I guess size really does matter.😃
  5. Venson


    I am pretty sure it will. I know they are doing the Born and Bred series again because they were just in Mason Fine's hometown filming for that. So, I am sure Beyond the Green will return as well.
  6. Exactly. Now Boca Raton should be an easier sell than Waco, but your point is well taken. All those P5 retreads want to go to a school that barely puts 8000 in the seats on game day is questionable. If they are on the up and up, then more power to them.
  7. That would be the best. Hollywood wouldn't be able to write a script that good. What would be super amazing is if he kicked it from 50 yards out.
  8. Well, he is back home. Dad is a great soccer coach. I know that has nothing to do with it that his dad is a great soccer coach, but maybe dad can work on some kicking with him. A lot of soccer players are great kickers. However, I think him being close to friends and family can give him the confidence he needs. When he failed on kicks at Arkansas, there was no family around. Sure he had other players. Sure he could have called home. However, nothing beats face to face and having family around face to face to pick you up when things don't go so well. It goes a long way to build you up.
  9. Venson

    Recruiting Ratings for Offensive Line

    They may not be rated highly, but I trust this staff will get it right and get what we need regardless of how many stars they have. Murray was recruited by Mac and he has more stars than Woodworth, but he is not hardly as good as Elex is. Long story short, trust the SL process. We are seeing results on the field and in a short time. As long as they continue to win, I wouldn't give a damn if they were rated zero stars.
  10. They are going to be tough. I just wonder if Kiffin is on the up and up when it comes to recruiting. He sure grabbed a lot of P5 retreads that had problems resulting in them leaving their respective programs.
  11. That would be ideal. If we can bring both basketball programs up because Soccer is already there, then maybe the Big 12 makes us an offer and cans that mess down in Waco.
  12. I certainly hope that you are right. My only concern with the Solich analogy is that Solich did coach at Nebraska when they were in the Big 12 right after Tom Osborne retired so he has tried his hand in the P5. Littrell has yet to be a HFC at the P5 level, I just often think that maybe in the back of his mind, he wants to prove he can win at the highest level of college football. You are right when you say it is not all about money, but most of these guys have big egos and that is what drives them to prove that they can win at the highest level. Otherwise, college coaches would not jump ship to the NFL when they are making just as much or more money at the collegiate level. They go to the NFL to prove they can win at the elite level. If they fail, they run back to college. Nick Saban, Chip Kelly, Steve Spurrier, and Bobby Petrino come to mind.
  13. Yeah that Portland State game was so embarrassing. My wife grew up in Kansas and is a K-State football fan. This was the first UNT game I ever took her to. How embarrassed I was for her to sit there and watch my Alma Mater take a beat down from an FCS program on homecoming.
  14. Here is the link to Rivals ranking. They have us ranked at 51. Too bad SMUt is still ranked one ahead of us in a three way tie at 48. They also have 9 out of our 14 ranked as 3 stars.
  15. He is definitely high. I do not agree with quite a few of his rankings.