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  1. Jeffery Wilson DMN Article

    I say the same thing. It hasn't been NTSU for 30 years.
  2. This is just flat out dumb.
  3. We all knew those guys were leaving. I don't think anyone is really surprised here. If you are surprised, then you were not really paying attention this year.
  4. DRC: UNT Women officially add JUCO guard

    Hopefully this will soften the blow of losing Holmes.
  5. It's a tough break, but you only have one family and you can play basketball anywhere. I would certainly have done the same thing.
  6. South Dakota (3/14/18)

    Temara had already graduated and he chose to leave as soon as CUSA tourney was over and try his hand at pro ball overseas. That is why he is not on this trip.
  7. Bryce English

    According to Brett Vito, he has to have a second surgery and will miss spring ball. They hope he will be ready by summer.
  8. Free Throws

    I believe AJ may be the wrist. Woolridge could be exhaustion. The guy plays nearly every minute, if not every minute, of every game.
  9. Good piece Brett.
  10. Being a track and field fan, I am glad we are starting to invest there.
  11. Scotty Conley gets new gig

    I never thought he did, but it is good that he is gone.
  12. Southern Mississippi (1/20/18)

    I talked to one of the assistant coaches and she is out for the season with an injury. This is going to be a tough season because almost half of the team is out for the season with injuries except Callie Owens and she has to sit out due to NCAA transfer rules.
  13. Talked to one of the assistants today and she is out for the season.
  14. Tyree Thompson De-commits per DRC

    According to his Twitter account, he is committed to Vandy now.
  15. They have been getting slow starts. If they can start a little faster, I think they win more games.