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  1. UTEP hires new AD

    Is he going to be better than the one UTSA hired?
  2. DRC: Littrell presser notes

    Someone should ask George Dunham to show up :)
  3. Now we are talking!

    The Famous Potatoes Bowl that’s played at Boise St. has had Boise St. several times and the tie in is a MAC team but again, it would be a MAC team with a similar record as whoever respresents from the MWC.
  4. Now we are talking!

    Let’s say the Idaho Bowl was up for grabs and Boise finished 10-3 with a conference title and Idaho finished 6-6 but qualified. No way they would swap for that matchup, even thought it will probably sell out the stadium and then some. Confence standings and record does matter.
  5. Now we are talking!

    But look who we have played in those. Army was a 7-5 team that people were wondering if they would make a bowl. We were the 5-7 team who shouldn’t have been in. Both of those teams last year were some of the last to be placed. Good conference teams get good conference bowls against a team with a good record In their perspective conference, assuming that both are G5 or P5. You won’t see a 10-2 CUSA team play a 6-6 AAC team just because that matchup will bring fans. You will see 6-6 vs a similar record like 7-5 from two G5 schools. If you bring in a P5, then a lower P5 vs high G5 is what you get in that rare instance. 2013 is a bad example because we got our bowl bid we wanted but there wasn’t a Big 10 or Big 12 team available to play us so we got stuck with UNLV. No way that they should have played us but that’s who we got stuck with.
  6. Bowl projections post Army win

    @Harry can we get the two hands amen/hallelujah icon added to the up-vote?
  7. Team Discipline

    I've seen a lot of our guys jawing up to the other team and not doing anything. Especially so with Corners and Receivers. Seems like we are getting in their heads in that regard.
  8. Rice Game Question

    They can look at the scoreboards from when we beat them.... Sucks to suck for them.
  9. Now we are talking!

    Conference standings and record. Fan turnout and distance are secondary measures.
  10. G5 To P5 Coaches - Track Record

    I wish I could put 100 trophies on this one!
  11. Now we are talking!

    Is he another Taulefa? Wanted to go to UNT and didnt offer? Or did we shut him down one year and he wanted revenge? Either way, I'm glad he is going to the NFL so we dont have to see him again.
  12. Now we are talking! USA Today with some nice new 1-130 rankings today 31 FAU 43 Iowa 45 NORTH TEXAS 50 Army 52 SMU 60 So. Miss 69 UTSA Most accurate rating I've seen all year. Now if we can get revenge on FAU...
  13. Were those C-USA refs last night or what?

    Isn’t that our equipment? Just asking, I don’t know for sure.
  14. We need a new PA announcer

    Get on your feet for the second half Kick OoOoOoOoOoOofff
  15. Rice Game Question

    They can have army! Hope that triple option gives them hell!!