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  1. greeneagle1

    Mason, Quinn, & Chandler Anthony in Cabo

    We can now say "World Famous"
  2. greeneagle1

    Marshall QB declares for NFL Draft

    Not to high on him.
  3. greeneagle1

    Do You Have Any Eligibility Left?

    Darn, just a couple years too short.
  4. greeneagle1

    Independence Bowl

    Who is coaching the game for FSU?
  5. greeneagle1

    Independence Bowl

    Anyone watching? I am at work and keeping track through ESPN's app. Really wish UNT was playing there.
  6. greeneagle1


    This game had the potential to be UNT vs Texas Tech. Both teams would have traveled well. I really want someone who makes decisions on these things to realize that.
  7. greeneagle1

    2018 Conference Schedule Predictions

    Thanksgiving weekend game?
  8. greeneagle1

    A look at what we have

    I thought Daniel Kahn was graduating? He was announced on Senior day.
  9. greeneagle1

    Frisco Bowl

    I’m excited for Sept 1st!!
  10. greeneagle1

    Seth Littrell on defense

    Ek got his players excited to play. To some degree, Mac did the same on D. No one on this staff has the energy that those two did. I would love to see SL add an element to his coaching tool box and light up on a referee for one of those pass interference calls or lack there of. I'd love to see SL be chest bumping players for a great series or stop. Hell get a position coach that will do it for the players. Refs need to be lit up time to time for blatant calls.
  11. greeneagle1


    How are parking passes included in this? $250 for a parking pass but the tickets are separate?
  12. greeneagle1

    Kiffin signs 10 year extension

    Nick Saban's retirement He's already 66 years old.
  13. greeneagle1

    Troy OC to South Alabama - Same Position

    Troy wasn't really known for their offense most of the year. Maybe they were looking to move him anyways for a high octane OC? What was his salary this year and what is it now?
  14. greeneagle1

    2017 team vs 2015 Schedule

    SMU would have been a win. They only won 2 games that year, one being us. Rice wasn't very good either and that's what started Bailiffs decent. We really should have beat Portland State. The only reason the score was so high was because the team quit on Mac by then. This years team would have done it. We would have beat UTSA and UTEP. Both were bad that year. At minimum 5-7 but definitely could have seen up to 7 wins. Iowa and Tennessee are obvious. WKU and La Tech were really good that year and I think our offense is what those teams had. D is what would have let us down in those games. This was also the start of Marshall's fall after Cato graduated. He was the reason they were so good for a while. Maybe a winnable game there, maybe not. MTSU went 7-5 that year before the bowl and just beat teams they should have. Possibly could have won this one too. So Miss went 8-4 before the bowl and that would have been a tough game. Maybe could have won at home but since it was on the road, I would have given it to them, especially with Jr Nick Mullens. So yeah 5-7 through 7-5 would have been reasonable.