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  1. UT's Warren Transferring

    Wouldn’t risk Hambone, but would really like to see the staff go all in on a kid like Garrison Johnson, the 3/4* RB from Manvel that has said he is interested in UNT..
  2. DRC: UNT wide receivers outlook for 2018

    You’re expecting the dude to be a #1 his first year playing as a RS Sophomore...
  3. Now that the Athletic Fee has been set....

    True but the deck is far from the field and likely wouldn’t be as attractive as the Tent location on the field
  4. We keep hearing that they are 700k short, this figure was given back during the season.. Have they tapped out everyone they can? Heck get 700k from the new budget and start that baby!
  5. Spring Game on a Friday Night

    Tweet or email at WB, I’m not sure what they have planned but if people are interested I’m sure something can be worked out!
  6. Now that the Athletic Fee has been set....

    Honestly, would love to see the deck expanded some how and connect with Apogee/scoreboard area. And turn the deck into a party deck similar to the tents they had in the endzone. Or if anything, turn that deck into a larger weight room since the weight room is above the locker room/first floor of the AD Center
  7. Spring Practice Event

    Would be a great way to try and pitch the idea of fans buying into the club level
  8. Now that the Athletic Fee has been set....

    Before the upgrades to Apogee, I would like to see that the money is used to fill out the staffs that need it (or use donor money for needed positions with Fee money refilling where donor money was originally). Just looking at the link in another thread about an open AD job, it had multiple jobs open within the AD office. I would also, like to see the AD office invest heavily into recruiting using different services, and bringing in people,etc and fix the locker-room. The locker-room isn’t a huge thing (nor will it have an impact) but it will show to recruits/players/donors we are looking to fix things and fix them fast, and with the approval of this increase we are doing things other schools can’t do.
  9. Now that the Athletic Fee has been set....

    Believe it was said in the master plan to do away with the big scoreboard and do one in each corner of the stadium similar to the NorthEast scoreboard
  10. DRC: UNT wide receivers outlook for 2018

    Isn’t Duhon a slot guy? I would assume the emergence of Darden likely cut into his playing time.
  11. DRC: UNT wide receivers outlook for 2018

    Lawrence was solid but way more looks than Guyton did.. Rico had solid production for a part time Starter.. the question about Rico is can he stay healthy. Guyton didn’t find ways to have an impact? Dude was a top 2/3 WR for us playing 2 less games than Lawrence.. Guyton was having coverage rolled to him allowing Lawrence to be open underneath. Guyton also was drawing teams top CBs so yes Recruiting matters.. Wilson going down removed a major threat in running game and allowed for Smith, Johnson, Tucker who are average as a group (and that is being super generous) as pass blockers. If you look Guyton had success when Wilson did. USM, UAB, Iowa then he had success in games we still kept using Wilson like SMU and UTSA. The OL was terrible and allowed to much pressure forcing Fine to check it down instead of him throwing it up for Guyton. You may not think Guyton is a #1 because the stats don’t show it. But watching on the field he does a lot of that isn’t noticed, blocking slotting in Rico, Smiley, Rutherford, etc.. The WR group took a major step forward in year 2 compared to Year 1 and this entire offense did as well but it hit multiple snags and GH is still developing as a play caller and Fine as a passer. The idea that Guyton is going to come in put up 100 catch season is not likely, because I don’t recall that ever happening in any offense that SL has coached and because of the supporting cast of WRs.
  12. DRC: UNT wide receivers outlook for 2018

    You have to take into account, he missed the UTEP and didn't play much at all/if any in the Rice game.. You can also take into account that playing LT, FAU x2, and Troy have recruited well for years were solid match ups. Add in the fact that Mason was getting blitzed like crazy and the OL was not giving Mason time to set up and throw it deep as well factored in. That alone is 6 games right there that he face solid talent or missed the game. Army he also go injured in as well.. Teams also did not respect the run when Wilson went down as well, which lead to Guyton being doubled as well. Guyton I assume will be the first to say he needed to improve, but hopefully with Rico starting opposite Guyton next year, it should force teams to not roll a safety his way because of the deep ability of Rico. Rico needs to stay healthy as well.
  13. DRC breaking news -- UNT fee vote passes

    So here is a question.. how many Student Athletes do we have? I would hope to god all of them voted.
  14. DRC: UNT wide receivers outlook for 2018

    You have to remember the staff did not move much Guyton around much, he would usually line up on 1 side and stayed there. It’s easy for teams to double that or roll cover. Also, we have to remember while he was a major addition, but he RSed at ND then went to TVCC, then came in here with a solid but no other true outside WR threat (Yes Lawerence did great and Rico at times but no one made it so teams didn’t double Guyton).. He did a lot for the WRs by allowing the guys below him to slot in allowing someone like Greg White to RS. Also, I do think it helped Masons development having a WR like Guyton who can catch the ball instead of like Goree as the #1 who didn’t have a reliable set of hands.Guyton did have some big games as well, SMU with 2 TDs on 3 catches, USM when he had 14 catches, etc. Guyton could and will improve from this year to next, his major improvement needs to in beating press coverage. It’s on the staff to help with that by getting him in motion, or stacking him behind a TE like Smith or Chumley allowing him to get going before a DB can get hands on him, along with him getting into the weight room. I also think he needs to get a few more looks and chances, Mason seemed at times to be conservative. Guyton made some great catches showing he could go get the ball.