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  1. Which game would you rather win?

    This time 100
  2. I think the biggest difference I saw between today & the other scrimmages , is that our Run game blocking has greatly improved
  3. I thought Quinn had the much better day today
  4. Prized 5 star recruit leaves Western Kentucky

    I Believe he'll wind up at Kansas
  5. ESPN Wrong Date/Time

  6. ESPN Wrong Date/Time

    Under schedule they have it correct
  7. DRC: Saturday scrimmage notes

    is Jenkins nursing an injury or is Kemon Hall just out performing him so far ?
  8. Men's OOC schedule

    vs Bethune-Cookman Nov 16th
  9. Give me your prediction

    Trying to keep this realistic so I didn't add 0'fer or undeafted
  10. Comparing Recruiting Across The Years

    Played in 1 game for the Dallas Vikings last year in the minor professional football league. Not sure what happened there
  11. Men's OOC schedule

    @ Nebraska Nov 13th
  12. Next Recruit Speculation

    In a way, yes. First thing to remember is that all these recruiting sites are highly inaccurate with offers ( either listing or not listing ) , ranking , stars , etc... they are pretty lazy with kids who aren't 4 or 5 star recruits.. take rivals for example, we for a very brief time had a team page with a paid person who would report with inside info on the program... that didn't last because no one subscribed.. Long story short, they will focus more attention on those recruits who are being recruited with programs who have the most paid subscribers.
  13. Next Recruit Speculation

    Dantzler at one time had offers from Memphis , Southern Miss, La Tech & more recently picked up offers from Tulane , Troy , FAU & Colorado
  14. CBS Pre-Season Rankings 1-130