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  1. Rashawn Fredericks commits to UNT

    Has de-committed
  2. Charlotte Beats UAB

  3. It's a good problem to have. Some conferences may not have enough eligible teams. We could then move - trade bowls with others so teams could possibly play closer to their campus * left out FIU who is 4-2 & should be favored vs ODU & UMass
  4. My Sports App shows FAU as 3 point favorites.

    Line opened at -6 & is already down to -3. This will also be FAU's homecoming FWIW
  5. The Jeffery Wilson Block

  6. What happened to Booger?

    He was at the Lamar game
  7. Key Stats Going Into the Bye

    Kind of lost in the offensive outburst is the performance of Trevor Moore. Currently tied for 10th in country with 9 FG's made.. has been nothing but clutch so far
  8. Bright spots

    I thought the line as whole played their asses off , especially Moore.. Can't wait till English is healthy & we can rotate guys even more
  9. '18 QB Jason Bean (Mansfield Lake Ridge)

    From DMN: Backup quarterback Jason Bean completed five of 13 passing attempts for 148 yards, four touchdowns, one interception while adding 22 yards rushing on six carrie
  10. Basketball (men's) non conference

    Considering Mccasland & Arkansas St beat G'Town last year , I'm surprised we got this game
  11. UAB Attendance

    Just think , they've had 2 years to gameplan for their 1st conference opponent.. this game will be a struggle
  12. Game thread for SMU

    But against a soft zone doesn't really help IMO
  13. Game thread for SMU

    Why are all of our starters still in ??
  14. SMU Opens As A 12 Point Favorite

    Or UNT$portsfan would work too 🤷🏼‍♂️