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  1. Dickey to SMU rumor

    Amazing some of the stuff that is posted on here ..
  2. Brett McMurphy says North Texas Lock for NOLA

    Thoughts on NO Bowl : reading between the lines it seems WB has already agreeded in principle IF we were to lose to accept invite.. I’m fine with that.. altough some could argue that’s a loser mentality, I feel it’s more about security.. We are guaranteed a bowl , but if we sat on hopes on just winning today & having our choice we could be stuck in some awful sounding bowl like the Gasparilla in Florida .. the further we have to travel , the less fans that would be about to make it ..now IF we are to win today , we deserve something better.. a C-USA champion deserves a better bowl , better opponent I really don’t mind NO Bowl.. we could do a lot of pros & cons & I could understand both sides with both arguments having valid points.. I personally like it because it’s a winnable game , comes on a weekend & is very doable trip for a lot of fans. We would have a good crowd for TV. My 1st preference has always been Independence Bowl , but I’ll be cool with another trip to New Orleans
  3. DRC: Nic Smith ready to step into spotlight

    I don't think he ever signed with anyone , at least not that I could find
  4. Don't Want To Spill The Beans, But Look Here

    @KRAM1 @Venson is there a certain wind mph that they will absolutely not jump at ? Or is it more of a feel by those whom are on board / jumping ? Just curious & thank you both for your service 🇺🇸
  5. I received a call yesrterday asking if I would be attending the Rice game. Went last year , but passing this year. Saving hotel points for Bowl game
  6. 2 things

  7. Don't Want To Spill The Beans, But Look Here

    Not a secret https://twitter.com/untalumniassoc/status/930920264141103104
  8. Attendance Prediction vs Army?

  9. Basketball (men's) non conference

    Our marquee home OOC opponent dominated IU yesterday. Should be a great game
  10. Poll- What Bowl Game would you prefer?

    Independence Bowl - great history - short drive - possible p5 opponent
  11. Reviews of the Facebook broadcast?

    I had zero issues. Streamed it from an iPad. Very impressed
  12. Traveling to Ruston for the first time.

    The hours are pretty limited , 10-4 M-F
  13. Injuries

    Trevor Moore was in tremendous pain vs ODU. Looked like maybe hamstring.. main reason he missed the FG.. hopefully it gets fully healed ASAP