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  1. Who do I call for club seat renewal?

    I would think John Nitardy, Mike Smith, or Reggie Johnson would be able to help you out. I've had good dealings with all 3 of them over the years. The staff directory has phone numbers HERE.
  2. More on the Mean Green Athletics Fee

    UMS..... Lemme guess
  3. Anybody Have Seats in 204/209?

    You can CLICK HERE and click a section to see a view from that section. The pricing/colors don't appear to be updated, but the view wouldn't have changed.
  4. Receiver Transfer?

    If he came in and was better than White/Shorter, why would you worry about eating into their playing time? Shouldn't you put the best players you have on the field?
  5. Receiver Transfer?

    Yes. Bring him on. You can never have too many receivers in this offense. He had an offer from North Carolina coming out of HS. I wonder if Littrell already has a connection with him?
  6. "Annual scholarship and program support for our student-athletes remains a critical component in our mission of building champions and preparing leaders," Vice President and Director of Athletics Wren Baker said.
  7. Until the money raised actually exceeds the scholarship bill, what difference does it even make where the money goes? State budgets do not work like a bank account. The revenue budget is pretty much exclusive of the expense budget. The only caveat is that total revenue has to match total expenses.
  8. 10th On Field Assistant

    I would bet they fill that spot with either G5 assistants or quality control staffers they already have around their program.
  9. For me, I don't know how it could possibly be enforced via Twitter. There are so many ways to hide who you really are on Twitter. How would they ever prove that a particular person tweeting a recruit is really even a booster and not some opponent fan trying to get that school in trouble? I feel like Twitter would have to cooperate by sharing who the accounts are registered to and I can't imagine that's a precedent that Twitter would want to set. I would agree with Crebus that it is probably very clearly a violation. I just am not sure there would ever really be a way to enforce that via social media platforms like Twitter.
  10. Players opinion on D coordinator

    I feel like this will get addressed very quickly. If SL is the up-and-comer many of us think he is and he has lost faith in Ref, he will make a change. If he hasn’t and he feels there are things that contributed to the failures besides just coaching, he won’t make a change. If SL really is going somewhere, I don’t see him blindly sticking with Ref at risk of causing other programs to question his ability to lead a program like what might happen with a coach who is at the end of his career. Just my 2 cents.
  11. City of Denton Attendance

    I could see playing a non-conference, "neutral site" game in Frisco. I just wouldn't want to lose a home game at Apogee to do it. I went to the FCS champ game in Frisco a few years ago and it's actually a decent venue for a football game. 6 home games, 1 game in Frisco, and 5 road games... I could support that. As far as getting Denton, non-UNT alums involved, I've always thought it would be cool to have an "All But One" Club for alums of other schools who want to support the local school in all games except the ones against their schools. Have it roll up into the MGC increasing membership, give them access to a sports bar type area outside the stadium to watch the games of their schools, etc. Find ways to embrace their schools while encouraging them to support the Mean Green the rest of the time. Expand it to sports other than football. Etc.
  12. Student tickets

    I agree with @UNT Five&Dime .Allow students who care enough to reserve tickets early an opportunity to get better seats and switch to scanning ID's on game day to fill any seats that are left. If they run out of student seats, you are just out of luck and should have reserved your seats sooner. I feel like UNT has done their very best to make something so simple complicated. You're bound to be able to run some analytics to see that based on X student tickets reserved early, we expect Y students to walk up on game day. Once you start building that data, you should be able to make an educated guess each week on how many students will be there.
  13. UTEP Opening Line...

    My goal for the team in this game is to get Quinn in there. They need to put UTEP away early enough that Quinn is behind center sooner than later.
  14. I think part of what makes the Dickey situation complicated is that he is still coaching. I could be wrong, but for the most part, I feel like coaches get honored after they retire. I think the Dickey era already holds its place in UNT history. I just think that honoring the man takes time and will be a lot less awkward once he is no longer coaching. Just my 2 cents.