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  1. UNT Spends Least in the State on Recruiting

    At the end of the day, we don't know if the coaches are spending everything they want/need to or if they are not getting to do some stuff because of a lack of funds. Sounds like a good coaches caravan question. Until we know the answer to that question, it's all arbitrary. Arbitrarily increasing a recruiting budget because "we need to be higher" is certainly a waste of money.
  2. UNT Spends Least in the State on Recruiting

    You can literally make this argument in every sport, every year... In any given year, wins are wins and losses are losses. That being said, I agree with this. I would bet Littrell and Co. do too.
  3. Regal Eagle is For Sale - $350k

    They used to use that to take the coaches to caravan stops. I remember seeing it multiple times. Not sure if that was just before Baker or if they used it last year. The problem with things like this is you never use them as much as you think you might and they always end up costing more to maintain than they seem like they should.
  4. Heart of Dallas Bowl

    At the end of the day, the Cotton Bowl Stadium is a dump. The City of Dallas messed up years ago by not spending enough money to upgrade it over time. They're going to lose the Red River Rivalry soon too. The HOD tried to replace the "Cotton Bowl" that moved to AT&T and it just isn't the same anymore. Time to move on.
  5. Who do I call for club seat renewal?

    I would think John Nitardy, Mike Smith, or Reggie Johnson would be able to help you out. I've had good dealings with all 3 of them over the years. The staff directory has phone numbers HERE.
  6. More on the Mean Green Athletics Fee

    UMS..... Lemme guess
  7. Anybody Have Seats in 204/209?

    You can CLICK HERE and click a section to see a view from that section. The pricing/colors don't appear to be updated, but the view wouldn't have changed.
  8. Receiver Transfer?

    If he came in and was better than White/Shorter, why would you worry about eating into their playing time? Shouldn't you put the best players you have on the field?
  9. Receiver Transfer?

    Yes. Bring him on. You can never have too many receivers in this offense. He had an offer from North Carolina coming out of HS. I wonder if Littrell already has a connection with him?
  10. "Annual scholarship and program support for our student-athletes remains a critical component in our mission of building champions and preparing leaders," Vice President and Director of Athletics Wren Baker said.
  11. Until the money raised actually exceeds the scholarship bill, what difference does it even make where the money goes? State budgets do not work like a bank account. The revenue budget is pretty much exclusive of the expense budget. The only caveat is that total revenue has to match total expenses.
  12. 10th On Field Assistant

    I would bet they fill that spot with either G5 assistants or quality control staffers they already have around their program.
  13. For me, I don't know how it could possibly be enforced via Twitter. There are so many ways to hide who you really are on Twitter. How would they ever prove that a particular person tweeting a recruit is really even a booster and not some opponent fan trying to get that school in trouble? I feel like Twitter would have to cooperate by sharing who the accounts are registered to and I can't imagine that's a precedent that Twitter would want to set. I would agree with Crebus that it is probably very clearly a violation. I just am not sure there would ever really be a way to enforce that via social media platforms like Twitter.
  14. Players opinion on D coordinator

    I feel like this will get addressed very quickly. If SL is the up-and-comer many of us think he is and he has lost faith in Ref, he will make a change. If he hasn’t and he feels there are things that contributed to the failures besides just coaching, he won’t make a change. If SL really is going somewhere, I don’t see him blindly sticking with Ref at risk of causing other programs to question his ability to lead a program like what might happen with a coach who is at the end of his career. Just my 2 cents.