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  1. breaker110

    Tobe Nwigwe is now a famous rapper

    Man this is great. I dig it! so fresh
  2. breaker110

    Sun Belt Conference

    Isn't ESPN dying? Shouldn't we sign a contract with Facebook or Amazon?
  3. breaker110

    DRC breaking news -- UNT fee vote passes

    Yayyyyy Now we need to get a budget together to get some of our teams to play overseas here in Germany. I can never make a game back in Denton. . .
  4. Don't forget to blame a part of it on the personal vehicle traffic. Just so many cars on the roads these days makes it hard to justify the suffering vs. watching on TV. Plus beers are cheaper at bars.
  5. breaker110

    UNT Hockey Needs Money to go to Regionals!

    Isn't one of the primary ideas of collegiate sports to "bring awareness" to the university? Seems like a good investment if all they need is kUSD 5 to compete at a national level. Good price value for publicity. . . why does the Uni not provide the funds?
  6. The program needs our $$$
  7. breaker110


    Is this really what it looks like back in Denton? Haven't seen the new facility in person
  8. I donated $400. Cool website. sucks we are at the bottom in CUSA. Maybe we go up from here.
  9. breaker110

    Reality of this season?

    The wins were great. big one on Army. But shit SLittrel is gotta turn up the creative genius, gotta be one of those to top the best programs. Or have a solid history of recruiting and an alumni base of parents that push P5 kids to UNT
  10. breaker110

    FAU - Boca Raton Bowl

    Singletary just a sophomore. Wooooo Hey I think it’s cool LKiffy goes for 2pointers and doesn’t punt on fourth. I mean what’s the point in playing it safe when your in G5! Put some faith in those kids and let them run up the score! Helps on draft day baby.
  11. breaker110

    18' JUCO DT Duane Tuitasi

    Do the coaches really check this board for our HS / JUCO suggestions? We provide a valuable grass-roots research effort eh? Or is there some formal way to submit certain players for the coaches to review?
  12. breaker110

    So, Second Place in CUSA

    got blasted. At least we got some extra reps in. Winning wasn"t the goal right? Good news is we will have a lot of energy for the bowl game since we didn"t play our hearts out for the conference champ. Littrel"s bonus must be based on the bowl game and not the conf. championship. . . or?
  13. breaker110

    MGN: on Beat Writers and SL's time

    Yea this is the way I see it. Never trade freedom for security. If Seth leaves we are free to hire another.