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  1. Online access to Bein Sports

    confirmed....and I have it.....who knew?!?!?!?
  2. Are the weekday games worth it?

    I like Thursday night College Football. No Tues, Weds, or Fri....just Thursday.....
  3. CUSA Championship at 11am CST, 12/2

    That would look so nice on my mantel....
  4. Rico Bussey Jr.

  5. Army Game Score Prediction Thread

    42 - 21 UNT Army will run for over 250 yds, but will have a hard time punching it in. Fine throws for 3 TD's, Nick Smith get's 2 TD We have 450+ yds total offense
  6. The Conference USA Championship Game

    How does Kiffen not sell seats???
  7. In Game Music - Idea!!!

    I am not talking about the band playing, I am talking playing the song over the PA....maybe between 3rd and 4th quarter to ramp up the fans....singing, dancing.... Pretty Women would work, Dirty Laundry....we have a lot to choose from. Make a poll!!!!
  8. In Game Music - Idea!!!

    You know how the BIG TIME programs always have some sort of signature song they play during the game..... Why don't we??? I would suggest using some home grown "Star" music Don Henley: "All She Wants To Do Is Dance" "Dirty Laundry" "The End of Innocence" OR.... Meat Loaf "I'd Do Anything For Love" "Bat Our Of Hell" "Paradise By The Dashboard Lights" "2 Out Of 3 Ain't Bad" Who do we get in touch with???? Get The Whole Stadium Singing!!!
  9. Attendance

    I like an 11am kick-off. Breakfast tailgating with the appropriate beverage.......That is good living
  10. IF......

    We win out and finish 11-3, do we get Top 25 consideration?? What about lose C-USA Championship, but beat a t Top 25 Army, Rice, and a Bowl Game?? 10-4 When do we get some LOVE???
  11. When is the CUSA Champ game?

    that would be cool for FIU to have to play UMass in the morning, and the C-USA Championship game in the evening. We can even host the first game FOC....