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  1. Sun Belt Conference

    I like a Thursday night game 1X per year.... I always watch whatever Thursday game is on, regardless of who is playing....
  2. DRC breaking news -- UNT fee vote passes

    it is.... Just sayin" I am hoping, and can actually see the results, the WB and this administration are moving the needle to on-board a stronger fan base.... We just need to get the students to buy in long term.....
  3. DRC: Monday practice notes, observations

    Wyche may possibly be the best SPRING player we have ever had..... Would really like to see him translate that to the best FALL player we have ever had....
  4. Andre Ware from the University of Houston won it in 1989!!! So you say there is a chance?????
  5. Updated Roster for Spring Ball

    Can't possibly be so.....remember hearing all those yahoo players from elite schools that say they go to bed hungry and need to be paid so they can buy food, because they never have an opportunity to eat?!?!?!?
  6. Mean Green Open Spring Practice Wednesday

    The SOW is our direction....FINALLY!!!!
  7. Spring Game on a Friday Night

    This is GREATNESS in play here. Thanks WB and SL for making this happen. Does anybody know if they will make this an event?, food, drinks??? Draw people in like it is a bowl game....have some sort of student drawing for free tuition/ stuff!!! Bring alumni....maybe a bonfire after...... #NEWDENTON is rising
  8. Place your bets

    Can UNT just do what Dallas did several years ago on a vote to change the name of the old Industrial Blvd along the Trinity River. New development along that area wanted to change the name of the street to Riverfront Blvd. Dallas had a vote with a variety of names submitted. A certain group rallied hard, and the name that won was Cesar Chavez Blvd. Dallas city leaders, who wanted the name Riverfront Blvd, then just said, well, we are just going to go ahead and name it Riverfront Blvd despite the vote..... Problem solved..... Vote YES....Vote Early, Vote Often!!!
  9. UNT Hockey Needs Money to go to Regionals!

    that is a great fund raising idea...I would buy a UNT Hockey shirt....
  10. 2018 C-USA Preseason Power Rankings

    is Stockstill, still their QB??? That would explain a lot...
  11. not to be combative...I was at the FAU game... He threw that pass as he was being blown-up by the FAU DE...we was not fooled. It was a perfect call....except that. You cannot lay that over-thrown pass on QS....just to get it off was athletic.
  12. DRC: UNT students set to vote on fee for second time

    vote early, vote often....
  13. did you forget when he came in against Iowa. led the team down the field and threw a TD pass...a perfect TD pass. Kid got game for sure...