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  2. brooks91

    Jeffery Wilson Draft Profile

    Wilson signed to the 49ers
  3. brooks91

    San Francisco (3/30/18)

    Trophy Presentation.
  4. brooks91

    Something I HATE

    Jake Butt from Michigan is a good example of why they’re skipping. He was a projected 1st round TE last year but tore his ACL in the orange bowl. He ended up being drafted in the 5th round which meant less money and he’s been on IR this whole season due to his injury.
  5. No, I am disappointed. Just a reality check that we're not that much higher up on the totem pole than them. A couple more seasons like this one should fix that.
  6. brooks91

    DRC: UNT headed to New Orleans Bowl

    It kind actually is. They were 9-3, 3rd in the WAC and didn’t go bowling because they didn’t want to play a sun belt team.
  7. brooks91

    DRC: UNT headed to New Orleans Bowl

    Would you have been happier if we turned down the NO invite and then didn't get a bowl at all? Like La Tech a couple years ago? That could have been a real possibility as these chips fall pretty fast.
  8. Was just about to say this. We're throwing stones from a glass house.
  9. brooks91

    DRC: UNT headed to New Orleans Bowl

    Brett posting this like...
  10. brooks91

    What did Mason say about FAU?

    Brett reported that , "Fine said he expected a different outcome if UNT played its best against the Owls in their second meeting." Somehow they took that as being disrespectful but I think it was more about just believing in his team.
  11. brooks91

    Brett McMurphy says North Texas Lock for NOLA

    I keep seeing this comment and I think it's just a bs excuse. Can you please provide an example of dirty recruiting or is it just hearsay? The main player that comes to mind is Deandre Johnson, the QB from Last Chance U. He's had very little playing time this year due to medical issues so he's all but a non-factor. I think they also have a DE from there but don't think he is starting either. Taking problematic players or "Second-chance" players is common in college football. Our team has had run ins with the law as well and I don't believe it's indicative of the staff's integrity. Guyton is a player that was dismissed from Notre Dame but how come he hasn't been persecuted? Everything that I've seen of him shows he's a great guy, great player, but probably made some mistakes as most young adults do. We got our butt whooped by a better team and that's just that. We did the same thing last year with Frank Wilson. This team had a great year but making all these accusations that any team that beats us is "cheating" is just lame.
  12. Starting lineback for UGA arrested last night for possession of marijuana. Didn't waste anytime to start celebrating.
  13. brooks91

    2017 College Football Playoff Decided

    They set the precedence last year when they placed OSU over Penn State. This year is just another reason for expanding to 6 or 8 teams.
  14. Alabama-Clemson Oklahoma-Georgia