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  1. Nothing good has ever come from Iowa
  2. I would rather him commit today and then get a neck tattoo of the SOW to commemorate the decision before some other smooth talking recruiter tries to lure him away.
  3. Always like to hear of linemen that played hoops in HS. I think it helps with footwork and quickness. Good news that he has 3 to play 3. We definitely have some bodies, let's hope we actually have some depth on the dline.
  4. TreeFiddy

    Change to Redshirt Rules

    The old rule of 3 game involved injury situations and the game had to occur in the first part of the season. I haven’t seen any restriction associated with the new rule and now, hopefully, teams don’t have to fake an injury and request medical redshirt. I could see where this change might increase the number of players that graduate with eligibility remaining since fewer players may be burning their first year of eligibility. ETA: correcting the autocorrect, plus add clarification below. In the past, teams might play a freshman in a game or two, then they conveniently have a mysterious injury that keeps them out the remaining 10 games so they can apply for a redshirt. This rule should eliminate those theatrics.
  5. TreeFiddy

    Change to Redshirt Rules

    New redshirt rule will help scenarios where a kid has to come in and play at the end of the season when the starter gets hurt. It will also allow coaches to play freshmen in the bowl game without burning a year of eligibility (which has been something coaches have wanted for a long time). This should push a lot more kids to a redshirt year.
  6. I think ESPN decided that the only thing that is going to go on ESPN3 is a simulcast of what people have already paid for (ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, etc.). Everything else is going on ESPN+, so no more freeloading on ESPN3. The issue with ESPN3/ESPN+ is that the schools have to pay for the production costs, unlike what we are getting with most of our CBS, BEIN, Stadium broadcasts where the broadcaster picks up the cost of production.
  7. So, we basically dumped the rest of the stuff that we could not sell to CBS and other partners to ESPN, right? ESPN basically took all the leftovers so they could have content for their streaming services. I assume this deal will pretty much end the need for CUSA.TV except for maybe regular season games in the oly sports?
  8. TreeFiddy


    They should have left the old turf that was 30 degrees hotter on the visitor sideline.
  9. TreeFiddy

    Revisiting the 2014 Signing Class

    I could be wrong, but I think Kaydon Kirby was the player whose dad died and he ended up leaving with eligibility still remaining. He was a walkon from Flower Mound that wound up earning the starting center position, along with a scholarship.
  10. TreeFiddy

    Maybe I missed it... what Happened to Murray

    Film don't lie
  11. TreeFiddy

    Revisiting the 2014 Signing Class

    3 hall of famers plus 4 5 solid role players on teams that actually won a few games is not exactly a bad class. Maybe not the best, but far from our worst.
  12. If they really want to go nuclear, they could leave the bottom 4 teams at home and give #1 and #2 seeds double byes into the semi finals.
  13. I really feel like what was denied, or at least what they publicly said was denied, was the appeal to allow him to play immediately. We new the appeal was going to be denied because the NCAA had recently put in a new rule for Bryce's exact situation. There is also a process to apply for an extra year of eligibility. I may well be that they applied for this and were denied, but I feel like the stuff that came out publicly was regarding his attempt to play without sitting a year. On a separate note, it looks like Bryce might be able to apply for an additional year under the same rule change that might allow Riley Mayfield an extra year. English redshirted his freshman year, but then suffered a season ending injury last year during the pre season. In the past, a player could not get an extra year if they did not redshirt due to an injury. Now, it may be possible due to the rule change. One way or another, hoping he gets the opportunity to play at least 3 years.