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  1. MeanGreen22

    Updated Roster for Spring Ball

    Mike Law going with #7 this year. I kinda liked the 32
  2. MeanGreen22

    FAU loses starting QB to... retirement?

    Robison will be starting as long as he takes care of business.
  3. MeanGreen22

    Players opinion on D coordinator

    So many factors can come into play when only evaluating one season. You have to take into consideration the effect of changing coordinators from last year to this year (I know they were “co-coordinators” but still). And who do you bring in? Is he gonna be able to turn it around in 1 year, and if he doesn’t, do you send him packing too? Id love to see how Reff responds. Let him try to work this out over an offseason. I get it was a rough defensive year, but I don’t want a coaching carousal of defense coaches. Continuity seems more important in college with the constant player turnover.
  4. MeanGreen22

    Players opinion on D coordinator

    Was just coming to make a thread about that. The players have to stick up for their coach. Maybe it really is a matter of execution of the scheme.. but the fact of the matter is the sign of a good coach is taking what you got and making it work. Seth took what he had and put together a terrific offense with a below average oline. **For the record, I want Reff to return. I’m never a fan of canning a coach after 1 poor year. But he’d be on thin ice if I was making the decision (but of course I’m just a fan and shouldn’t talk out of turn.)**
  5. Just to be clear, I think Mason is without a doubt your QB. But at a point, it’s time to get him out. The game is over. How bout we not leave him in there to get killed.
  6. Fine has been so bad. And the line hasn’t been any better. Why isn’t Quinn in yet?
  7. Torn between giving Reffett another chance next year and firing him immediately. Ask me again at halftime.
  8. MeanGreen22

    Nice Pub on 105.3!

    Blame orientation leaders. They teach the claw hand signal and a loud “CAWWW” scream. One of my buddies could actually do an eagle screech sound and it was awesome/ear piercing haha
  9. MeanGreen22

    Student Travel Package Extended

    I love Wren and I know it’s not exactly the schools choice where to go, but they should have made a more conscience decision when considering the fan base and attendance expectations. Far drive and not worth an expensive flight. Had a good group of 8-10 folks lined up if it was Shreveport against a P5, but so it goes. Again, I know ESPN and the bowls have the ultimate say in the matter and an awesome game against Troy might mean more but it still sucks.
  10. MeanGreen22

    Will Kiffin Be Gone After 1 Year?

    Slight topic bump. It is 12/8/17, FAU has gone 10-3 and 247 is still reporting 1 commit. Either the Lane Train is going super secret stealth recruiting mode or he doesn’t give a _____ bc he’s gone.
  11. MeanGreen22

    Bowl Game shirts

    Go to Voertmans Doesnt have opposing team but it’s clean and they actually have the current helmet
  12. MeanGreen22

    NT Schedules Home/Home with Cal & Wyoming!

    Don’t need to schedule SMU ooc if you’re in the same conference that year
  13. IF the student pays for college by means of loans, it comes out to less than $1,000 after being compounded over 15 years and assuming 4 years of enrollment. Well worth it in the long run in order to improve your (future) alma mater.
  14. I don’t get the whole “it’s what the players want” logic. I highly doubt the players are salivating at the chance to take on mighty Troy University.
  15. MeanGreen22

    UT's Warren Transferring

    Anytime there’s a damn near 5 star recruit on the market that nearly ran for 300 in a game as a freshman, you take a stab at getting him on campus. He’d the be the thunder to our lightning (Nic Smith).