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  1. Helmets

    I thought alternating red-white-red-white on the “feathers” would have looked cleaner
  2. Rhyan England #8

    I’ve come to learn that military members can be pieces of $h!t too. Obviously, I don’t know the guy. Just speaking generally.
  3. New LB Committment Vada King

    Having your stats in your de-commitment post SCREAMS I love the recruiting process more than the destination. Of course, good luck to the young man. I genuinely hope he finds the home for him.
  4. Get Off the Hill and Into the Game

    I talked to some students today and they absolutely HATE the new digital student tickets. Would much rather go by the booths on campus. Part of the reason being it’s kind of a reminder and that having a physical ticket makes you more likely to got to the game
  5. Georgio bowing up

    This is pretty much my thoughts. I only hope in 30 years when a young fan shows passion for the Mean Green, Austin doesn’t take the example set by some here and immediately drag him.
  6. Georgio bowing up

    The biggest “GET OFF MY LAWN!” move is when older people start quoting all they things they’ve done while you weren’t alive. As if any of that is your fault.
  7. Georgio bowing up

    Although, I’ll admit the direction Austin took was misguided, I don’t think the appropriate response is “look at all I’ve done and you’re just a kid” when both want the same thing: #PackApogee
  8. Sean Bass giving his Mean Green Love

    Wait a minute. Did that dude really say DeShaun Watson, 2-time heisman trophy finalist and national champion, should have went to SMU? Lol
  9. Interesting Poll from ESPN I thought this “fan happiness” poll was kind of interesting/fun to look at. I can guarantee that UTSA fans are not as happy as ESPN thinks they are lol
  10. Attendance

    The Hill used to be a huge deal. Fraternities would camp out just to get the perfect spot. Now? Just a hill.
  11. I’m Gonna Say It

    Pretty shitty of y’all to talk down to the kid bc he hasn’t been around the program as long as y’all. Keep pushing, Austin. Keep challenging your alumni and fellow students.
  12. ***UNT ODU OFFICIAL game thread•••

    4-1 is 4-1. Watch the tape, learn, go beat down LaTech
  13. ***UNT ODU OFFICIAL game thread•••

    Then, as I say that, stone wall on 4th down.
  14. ***UNT ODU OFFICIAL game thread•••

    I’m starting to think the lack of depth has really weighed on the defense as the season has gone on. They used to lay the WOOD. Maybe the opponent gained 8 yards but someone was going to make you feel it. Now? They just don’t look fresh coming off the ball.
  15. ***UNT ODU OFFICIAL game thread•••

    Absolutely love Eric Jenkins. I like his play. I like his attitude. Give me 3 more of him.