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  1. RBP79


    All I see ,seems everyday, in the DMN is who SMU recruited the day before for their 2019 class....no mention of UNT or TCU. Guess we're saving it all for a BIG announcement later................................
  2. If cleared to play, I would think it couldn't hurt NT only help.....regardless of sitting out two years.
  3. "It was all SWC in Texas during that period, but NT would have destroyed most of those teams in a fair game.".............................................. Yep, I agree 100%.....key point in that statement, "in a fair game". Texas has proven it will never play fair when it comes to North Texas!
  4. Why Tech would hire someone who hasn't won their conference and maybe they won one bowl out of three...Hummm. And " ifffy" on recruiting. That's a hard sell if ur a Tech fan....they got this scenario now...
  5. RBP79

    lean green

    If any of the above mentioned schools were in DFW they also would be experiencing the same problems NT does. But the student body not supporting athletics any more than it does is perplexing. Me and future wife went to nearly all FB and BB games because it was free entertainment....course mid to late seventies teams seemed to win a little more.
  6. RBP79

    How about this historical BB nugget

    Worked with Crest many times..was a super Fire Lt.. He never brought up his BB career at NT with me. Very humble individual.
  7. RBP79

    Littrell and Wilson both applied for Tennessee

    Still say SL is going to have to win a conference championship and win whatever following bowl they go. Same with Wilson. They gotta win to move on to the big time!
  8. Ok....perhaps not the best all time but for the last 40 or 50 years????
  9. RBP79

    Local Media Coverage

    DMN had a paragraph on CBI and at least mentioned UNT had won. In Friday's paper no mention of CBI. For DFW, UNT doesn't exist except for filler if they need it. Guess they would rather give the two small private schools all the attention.
  10. RBP79

    Thank Goodness We Built Apogee &

    Golf course has been there forever till Appogee. 9 holder wasn't too bad. Know I played it in the seventies. And why on earth would a UH fan troll us. Guess no one pays any attention to UH's board so he has to come over to our board....and for him to be claiming the greatness of UoH..man its got to be the water down there. Y'all are on the same rung of the ladder we are guy.....accept it!
  11. Try and keep'um as long as we can...
  12. RBP79

    UTEP moving to Mountain West?

    What financial benefits do NMSU and UTEP bring to the the table...not much. I would think that if the MWC are going to add schools that they would want them somewhat financially sound (the athletic departments) and extend their recruiting territory.
  13. Perhaps if he starts walking on water???
  14. RBP79

    ODU looking to bail C-USA?

    I figure don't let the door hit'um in the ass....same story we've read before..different scenario.
  15. RBP79

    Bryce English

    This ain't good...will he ever suit up for a NT game????? This was a worse break than we were led to believe. That defensive line continues to be questionable.