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  1. UTEP moving to Mountain West?

    What financial benefits do NMSU and UTEP bring to the the table...not much. I would think that if the MWC are going to add schools that they would want them somewhat financially sound (the athletic departments) and extend their recruiting territory.
  2. Perhaps if he starts walking on water???
  3. ODU looking to bail C-USA?

    I figure don't let the door hit'um in the ass....same story we've read before..different scenario.
  4. Bryce English

    This ain't good...will he ever suit up for a NT game????? This was a worse break than we were led to believe. That defensive line continues to be questionable.
  5. Glad something happened......sure was quiet the last week. Course lets see who signs now.
  6. Big Time Commit for North Texas

    I'll get excited on signing day...still has time to change his mind. Don't see how you call these recruits committed until they sign. How many have committed to whatever school then change their mind ,de-comitted (I love that term), then signed with another school?
  7. #44. Army vs North Texas.....at least one game made the list!
  8. FAU's new OC - 24 year old, Charlie Weiss Jr.

    Coming from Alanta Falcons???? Was he a offensive analyst there too? Bet he's on a short leash!
  9. Dennis Parker retires

    He came here because of NTSU administration and there lack of support for athletics...their the dumb ones. Some have great success at the HS level and some at college. Unfortunately, he couldn't make the transition. Did we learn from our mistake????Nope..had to go thru this again didn't we.
  10. Harrell and Mainord

    This would be another bad decision by Tech's AD. He can be replaced and SL knows it.......
  11. National championship games

    MONEY....whether it comes from alums, television, or state legislatures we ain't got enough.......and most universities don't. Therefore, like everyone else except for the big boys, we feast off the crumbs.
  12. Tyree Thompson De-commits per DRC

    I understand that...just hate your tweet or verbal commitment does mean crap....so why go thru this and pat each other on the back over something that means absolutely nothing??
  13. Hummmmm...know I'll get slammed but why sign anything if it doesn't commit you.