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  1. FAU's new OC - 24 year old, Charlie Weiss Jr.

    Coming from Alanta Falcons???? Was he a offensive analyst there too? Bet he's on a short leash!
  2. Dennis Parker retires

    He came here because of NTSU administration and there lack of support for athletics...their the dumb ones. Some have great success at the HS level and some at college. Unfortunately, he couldn't make the transition. Did we learn from our mistake????Nope..had to go thru this again didn't we.
  3. Harrell and Mainord

    This would be another bad decision by Tech's AD. He can be replaced and SL knows it.......
  4. National championship games

    MONEY....whether it comes from alums, television, or state legislatures we ain't got enough.......and most universities don't. Therefore, like everyone else except for the big boys, we feast off the crumbs.
  5. Tyree Thompson De-commits per DRC

    I understand that...just hate your tweet or verbal commitment does mean crap....so why go thru this and pat each other on the back over something that means absolutely nothing??
  6. Hummmmm...know I'll get slammed but why sign anything if it doesn't commit you.
  7. Riddle Me This: North Dakota State

    Only game in town and the university " Supports" that team. Unt is playing catch-up because of years of apathy in our administration toward athletics. We just have to hope with all the new hires by this university that things are changing and moving in the right direction. It took years for us to get to this point and this ship won't turn very fast.
  8. DRC: UNT announces Choice as RBs coach

    Like the move!
  9. UCF Commentary- Bob Ballou, CBS Austin

    He's an arrogant ass..afraid some school will upset the status quo of big money college football and The Big 12 will fall from grace. Hey...FYI the kingdom the power 5 built has slowly begun to fall. Money and greed that's what the power 5 represent....IMHO!
  10. GH is still in the middle of learning to be a OC. If it weren't for Fine we would of been 7-5 at best. You give Harrell way to much credit for for Fine's development.
  11. Are we rooting for UCF?

    UCF.....but next year will probably be different for them since pretty much their coaching staff is headed to Nebraska. In the long run it want mean to much for.the AAC movin up.
  12. Armed Forces Bowl Fun fact

    Army brought a lot of folks. I know there were many tickets given away but it looked pretty good seeing that many people in the seats and was one of the better bowl games so far.
  13. Not good and very little maneuver room.....One thing for certain if NT was in the situation that UTSA is in, no bowl and eligible, the tar buckets would be simmering while the chickens are getting plucked!
  14. Kiffin signs 10 year extension

    1. Recruiting 2. Buyout FAU is like UNT in that both HC's want be at there respective Universities in 2--3 years if all goes well. They're hoping his recruiting will set them up for several years after he leaves.
  15. FAU - Boca Raton Bowl

    That's FAU football! I hate having to want them to win.