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  1. @GMG24 is there any concern that they are a package deal so if we lose 1 we lose both? Loving this class though. If we beat Arkansas this thing will somehow get better.
  2. GMG_Dallas

    Best 2018 CFB Receiving Corps (Bleacher Report)

    I don't think Tony Mitchell was half as productive as this offense was last year if you can compare basketball to football. Mitchell may have been more talented though and the impact on the team was about the same. Considering there's no coaching change either, I wouldn't be nervous.
  3. No but I've heard of UTSA and they went 11-0 once.
  4. GMG_Dallas

    FAU at North Texas Game Moved up to Thursday

    Torn. I won't be able to watch the end of the game since I have to leave for work at about 11 pm. Hopefully it's a blow out (in our favor).
  5. Honest question, what do the kids you work with say about it?
  6. GMG_Dallas

    18' OT Offer: David Swaby: Navarro JC

    I think the #MGM at the end of the tweet definitely confirms your suspicions. #MeanGreenMean
  7. GMG_Dallas

    2 C-USA QBs drafted in 2018

    1) I know Wilson didn't have the accolades but as an RB, I think his stats compared yet he wasn't heavily recruited and played 2A ball in Texas. Size was not an issue. Oklahoma teams knew about Fine but were deterred by size and where he played. 2) the problem with speed or an arm is, it still depends on opposition. It isn't always hard to look good as a QB when you're playing opposing secondaries that look like some Texas middle school secondaries. Overall the talent levels aren't as spread out throughout the roster which is what creates concerns. Doesn't matter if it's the trenches or skill positions, you need to be flat out dominant and have the size if you want to be taken seriously from a smaller state/classification.
  8. GMG_Dallas

    2 C-USA QBs drafted in 2018

    Agreed. I only brought up Murray to show that Fine's recruitment would have been different if he played for a Texas power regardless of size. There are two things that players can't control that greatly impact recruitment and Fine lost in those two areas: size and high school state/classification. People have been downplaying his pro chances due to his size and using his high school recruitment as an example when really UNT will likely play the same role as Locust Grove: small program in a weaker conference that will end up being used against him. If he played for a P5 his size wouldn't matter. Hopefully I'm proven wrong! GMG!
  9. GMG_Dallas

    2 C-USA QBs drafted in 2018

    Probably. Kid above was 6'3" 200 pounds, went 13-0 his senior year 6A New Mexico with 49/6 TD/Int. If Fine or the kid above played for 5A or 6A in Texas with those stats, they would have probably gotten into any P5. That's the difference between Kyler Murray of Allen and Fine. Same goes for smaller guys in other football rich states such as Florida and California. The examples are out there. If you play in a less football rich state it seems like you need better measurements and even that isn't always enough.
  10. GMG_Dallas

    2 C-USA QBs drafted in 2018

    There's also a bunch of stories of high school players from small programs with huge stats and good size who get zero college attention because they play in small ball New Mexico or wherever else. Mason's size didn't help but I have no doubt if he put up those numbers in 5A or 6A Texas ball, he would have gotten many offers. Kyler Murray, former nunber 1 Dual Threat Qb, is listed at 5'11" and 190 lbs on OU's page and was about the same size as Mason out of high school. Difference is he played at Allen.
  11. GMG_Dallas

    San Francisco (3/30/18)

    ESPN not showing UNT any respect. Switched over to college baseball without showing the trophy ceremony.
  12. GMG_Dallas

    San Francisco (3/30/18)

    15000 Will say they were there.
  13. GMG_Dallas

    Friday Boasts Best Student Incentive Yet...

    I'll say this as a recent graduate (December 2014). First year I went to almost every game baring any prior commitments. Sometimes I even went alone. The student side was usually pretty well attended... By freshmen and the same uperclassmen. The majority of students who showed up were always the same faces. Rewind to freshmen orientation: my very attractive orientation leader hyped up basketball big time as did others. These were students who had witnessed 20 win seasons, conference tournament runs, and an NCAA birth (veteran students might have seen 2). They also spoke highly about our hopeful one and done, Tony Mitchell. They had experienced excitement in the Pit and were passing it a along. We also had a brand new business leadership center right across from Kerr. Fast forward to now. Students have seen nothing but decline at the Pit. There's been no Pit excitement, no tourney runs, no 20 win seasons. The students haven't changed. The generation is the same, I'm only 24, those who are on campus daily are mostly 18-24. The students are still mostly artsy but I wouldn't be surprised to see more business majors due to the Business building. Business majors have a tendancy to care more about sports in my student experience. So, if anything, we should have a student body who cares more about sports. Why don't they? Production. When you have late classes, early classes, studying, and a million other free things to attend, students are not bored. This CBI run will help next year's attendance. Guaranteed. But this year's attendance and having to "bribe" students to show up is on the previous admin. Due to us being mostly an artsy school, it'll take longer to get back to where we were. We'll get there though. The students do care though. We just need the games to keep being entertaining.
  14. GMG_Dallas

    2018 JUCO - Wendell Mitchell - 6'3" CG
  15. GMG_Dallas

    2018 JUCO - Wendell Mitchell - 6'3" CG

    Grand Canyon is up and coming. NBA quality practice gym, massive university support, former NBA player as a coach. I'll post an article from ESPN I read a few weeks ago...