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  1. Heart of Dallas Bowl Under Fire

    If some of these "low end" bowl games want to stick around, they need to stop giving a crap what the conferences want. The schools will take whatever bowl games helps them sell tickets and hopefully get a win and more often than not will pick a bowl game over no bowl game. You bring in two nearby programs such as Arkansas, Texas Tech, Baylor, Houston, UNT, Oklahoma state, Texas a&m, LaTech, LSU etc..., and the bowl/city won't have problems making money. All of those programs have built in fan bases in DFW as well as fan bases who are willing to make the short drive to Dallas even to play a UNT, LaTech, Houston. I don't care how well a fan base travels, your only chance of getting good showings for a "low end" P5 bowl game is to pick programs close enough to where the fans won't have to unreasonably inconvenience themselves to attend a game that doesn't matter at the end of an 8-4 campaign. Hotels will suffer but that's what the City of Dallas gets for letting Arlington get Cowboys Stadium.
  2. Heart of Dallas Bowl Under Fire

    Worst because our fans didn't need hotels. Attendance is much better with UNT in the game though so concession and ticket sales are much better. I'm assuming that also translates to other things such as tailgating costs that do go to the local stores and post game celebrations (restaurants and bars) pumping some money in as well. While I'm not sure you can quantify all of that, I would like to see all the numbers indicating it was "worst." Certainly the only area it was worst in was in regards to housing. I would think the solution is a local team (g5 or p5) against a regional P5. A combo of teams like UNT, Texas Tech, Arkansas would probably garner great returns. It's not bringing in UNT that hurts, its UNLV on the other side that does.
  3. CUSA Looking good in NIT so far.

    Didn't get to watch them but watched 2nd half of WKU. They were in complete control getting blocks, offensive rebounds, couple alley-oops, etc... Good to watch. Boston College got within 9-10 points a few times but you knew WKU wasn't really ever in trouble. WKU wins 79-62 and MTSU wins 91-64. I'm rooting for both to dominate. Hopefully the championship game sees both face each other.
  4. W Kentucky up 59-44 over Boston College after 3 quarters. Middle Tennessee up 69-37 over Vermont with 2 minutes left in the 3rd quarter.
  5. Down Goes The MUTS

    OU at 18-13 mind you. St Mary's also snubbed at 28-5. I hope Bama and OU lose by 20+.
  6. Down Goes The MUTS

    Ridiculous. MTSU left out while Alabama in as the first 15 loss at large team to get in and Oklahama get in. Oklahoma state, who beat Kansas twice and OU also not in. Seems like the bigger names are getting favors.
  7. NT Women vs. WKU (CUSA Semifinal)

    Gotcha. I think I have heard of that now that you mention dunks. I guess, I blanked on dunks because it was a male commentator making that comment during a women's game. #MeToo is getting to my head.
  8. NT Women vs. WKU (CUSA Semifinal)

    Important question... When Holmes hit that deep 3 with about 3 minutes left in the 2nd quarter, the male commentator said "that's a facial, there." Ummm... I've heard that, ummm phrase, but never in a basketball sense. What does that mean in basketball terms? 😳
  9. 19' TE Offer: Baylor Cupp (Brock) - 3 star

    It worked with WKU basketball getting Hollingsworth so you truly never know.
  10. 19' TE Offer: Baylor Cupp (Brock) - 3 star

    Bama, LSU, Texas, USCal, Florida, Ole Miss, Notre Dame, A&M, Nebraska, and a few more have all offered. Kid has blown up.
  11. Down Goes The MUTS

    My beef is this: CUSA has had upsets in 3 or 4 straight ncaa tournaments. THAT is what should garner your conference more bids. When some major conferences consistently get 4 or 5 bids and only 1 team advances past the second round, that's when you know the system is flawed. In the fifa world cup, confederation allocation is determined by strength of each confederations (generally continents or continent groupings) teams. Perform well, get more spots.
  12. Lost by 3 to ODU and 1 to LaTech this season. Even though we've lost many close games, I feel like we can hang with anybody in the conference. Let's make a run!
  13. Wilson's Combine

    He reminds of Cordarrelle Patterson out of Tennessee a few years ago. Average receiver in his one season at the FBS level but was an all-purpose yards beast. Regardless, drafted in the first round due to measurables and athleticism. Result is an average NFL career.
  14. Sun Belt Conference

    Our last 2 weekday games at apogee had decent attendance. Per espn, in the 17000s against ULL in 2012 on a Tuesday. In the 22000s against Rice on Halloween on a Thursday in 2013. I was at both games and attendance iseemed good in both.