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  1. Ok let's review. RV schedule = bad. We have somewhere to start. Yes he scheduled out till my 40s, giving little wiggle room in *any* scheduling whatsoever. Baker shows up, unschedules things here and there to get Houston, Tech, and Cal at home. In one year Baker has rescheduled better than what RV handled at Apogee (2011 Indiana and Houston were scheduled before Apogee). So you blow off Houston (it's a good mid-major, and a better football program than many, so stop it), Tech (you'll be on medicaid by then), and Cal (it's unusual so it doesn't count?). Considering we were pretty much scheduled until the apocalypse, Baker's done fine rescheduling and shuffling things about. Could we get more higher tier programs at Apogee? Probably. Will we? We'll see, but obviously let's not wait long. Not showing evidence of being a scheduling genius doesn't make you a bad scheduler either, which is I guess the approach you're taking. I ask you this: Are these 2017 scheduling moves better than scheduling moves the 5 years before Baker?
  2. ‘18 WR Andrew Nwachukwu (Wylie)

    Big receiver, good hands. Me like.
  3. iirc there is no parking on campus, but there are several remote parking garages and the bus system is good. Don't know if the UNT bus system has improved from when I was there, but on paper it looks like it has. I was on campus yesterday, and it looks like Fouts parking lot is kind of a terminal across the Super Pit.
  4. Why no one goes to SMU games

    @MrAlien The link below shows you where and the approach needed to park. 9 times out of 10, come up Bonnie Brae and read the signs at each driveway. @oldguystudent according to the link below, you can use North Texas (on southbound frontage road) if you have a red pass.
  5. After their original QB decommitted and flippled to the powerhouse of Syracuse. Sucks being a G5, huh.
  6. Top 25 Consideration - 4 teams UNT faced

    We're pretty much saying the same. Even after all these accomplishments, votes and no ranking for someone like Troy, FAU, or Army. P5 owns it. Also the paradox of the SOS among G5 doesn't allow the G5 to have better SOS. But there is parity among G5, so this is just an excuse to keep G5 down. Of course G5 SOS will be lower, their schedule isn't full of P5s, and many G5 are weak.
  7. Top 25 Consideration - 4 teams UNT faced

    North Texas got 2 AP votes in 2013. SOS doesn't really play a factor as long as you're winning. We had a stronger SOS than FAU but they did squat against Navy and Wisconsin and lost to Buffalo. But even then... FAU received votes. Conference winner. Army and Troy (who beat LSU) received votes. 10 or 11 win seasons. Not top 25. Of G5 or Ind, only the AAC and Notre Dame got in the top 25. It's going to take a lot for CUSA or the Sun Belt to get in. Troy had two 10+ win seasons in a row, made national champs Clemson sweat a little and beat LSU in that span.
  8. Hard to choose. Reggie, KD, Gibbs, Austin. But who's gonna give me saturday night fever? ...sorrynotsorry
  9. Part of Our Problem

    Kiffin inherited a better team than Littrell. FAU's previous staff was just not getting the most of the roster. The North Texas roster was mismanaged. Littrell is getting the most out of the current roster. Kiffin is also a better recruiter and a quality coach.
  10. Part of Our Problem

    I mean who wants to go to an SEC school anyway, ACC is where it's at now. (also ftr, since it's being tossed around, Vandy + ULL + Toldedo = 30 draft picks since Cody Spencer) It's ok to say Vanderbilt > North Texas. Really is. What do we take away from it? Win = Better recruits Better recruits = NFL draft NFL = Even better recruits While we've been in a black hole of suck, we're still in the middle of working our way out from those depths. We are Daniel Plainview, broken leg and all, dragging ourselves out of that ditch.
  11. Fine is a self-developer, y'all. He don't need no stinkin QB coach! He has Shanbour!
  12. Arizona looking for a new coach

    after he signed a recruiting class?
  13. Barf

    gotdamn sesquipedalians and their prolixity get off my lawn

    Merry Christmas you handsome sumbishes xoxo
  15. FAU - Boca Raton Bowl

    Right I thought we only repeated our cross divisional games last year because of the UAB situation?