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  1. Gave Jeff a little love:
  2. I think he can crack 4.6. I may cap him at 4.57 just so I can take the under.
  3. DRC: Monday practice notes, observations

    LBs is the most glaring need. We send LBs like sidewinders at the QB often. If we can't make the QB uncomfortable, or hit the right gap and stop a runningback, then all-conference DBs and a D-Line don't matter.
  4. ODU looking to bail C-USA?

    Did y'all not read the article? He just wants to realign to something local. What I got is that for ODU, the better schools around them boosts their own position, I guess, and travel is better. I mean, yeah, it's kind of small time thinking, but whatever. Article's just talking about what would be best for ODU, which is to go regional. Nothing scandalous. One thing we can agree on is that CUSA could do better with deals.
  5. Spring Game on a Friday Night

    New thing called global warming daylight savings. Spring forward. Set your calendar forward a month. We are officially now in spring.
  6. Wren Baker on Money Games

  7. ArkSt Sues Miami

    Get em
  8. Now that the Athletic Fee has been set....

    I'd rather look at the windmills than the athletic complex iwbh /s If it's to expand the south endzone, but we still get a nice jumbotron in the corner (or higher in the endzone, whatever) I am game.
  9. As has been said: Because schools are funded by the state. As has also been said: Research shows tackle football is not good for young kids. I totally understand, why shouldn't we let parents make educated decisions? Obviously they're not making educated decisions, otherwise there wouldn't be tackle football. I mean, it's such a slippery slope argument where we are either statists or not.
  10. DRC: UNT wide receivers outlook for 2018

    Hopefully there aren't any lingering effects from Guyton's concussion coming into the spring.
  11. DRC: UNT running back outlook

    Wilson created his own holes by manipulating defenders during the handoff, and before he even crossed the line of scrimmage. Feet placement, body fakes, hiding behind his lineman, etc. Dude quietly did so much for us.
  12. DRC: UNT running back outlook

    I think there will definitely be an increase of RB usage in the pass game. Nic Smith looked much more capable as a receiver than Wilson, and Torrey looks explosive in open space. In 2017, RBs accounted for 17% of receptions at North Texas. In air raids, you can see that number around 25-30%, depending on your talent makeup. So I expect potentially receptions to increase and yardage to double for RBs.
  13. Only a millenial would want facts. Typical.
  14. 2018 C-USA Preseason Power Rankings

    Jeremy Cox is no slouch (if healthy). I mean I don't see us as the underdog in this one, but as a road game I'm less concerned about UTSA. Fewer than 8 wins is a step back.