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  1. Aldo

    Single game ticket prices

    They released these prices last August for the 2017 season:
  2. Aldo

    FAU offers new concession prices -- $4 beer

    But we have to keep the lines clean, man. THINK OF THE LINES.
  3. Aldo

    '19 QB Will Kuehne (Owasso)

    If we only ever had Juniors and Seniors starting at QB I would be oh so happy. A freshman starting is only a REALLY bad situation or a REALLY good situation.
  4. Aldo

    Garbage Stadium Rankings from the DMN

    Ford Stadium smells like piss at concessions. Change my mind.
  5. lol y'all are ridiculous. We already do the whole "committed elsewhere" thing here. These are just facts he's tweeting out. If you don't like it when folks commit elsewhere, well...good. Let the hate flow through you and donate for a better recruiting budget.
  6. Aldo


    Without looking, we probably have a near identical W-L record in that span. Since our move back up to D1, it's probably still near identical. But you make a good point about how/why SMU can beat UNT in recruiting year after year when not having much to show for it. It's about that cash money. You spend it on coaches. You spend it on recruiting. We don't have near the recruiting budget nor the close proximity to that fine Dallas lifestyle. SWC has got nothing to do with it. None of these recruits (or anyone really under the age of 35) care about the SWC. SMU has money to spend, and they spend it. Chad Morris was a mediocre coach at SMU, but coming from Clemson had the chops and connections to sell a rebuild to recruits. Sonny Dykes has the chops and connections as well (most recently at Cal, LT, and TCU). The AAC is a quality conference in the eyes of many. They've got some good programs on there that are well regarded and ranked. Not to mention the National Champions. SMU has got money, location, and conference, and they use it. Even though they still suck.
  7. Aldo

    Recruiting Prediction

    Can't take you anywhere
  8. This is not the same situation. And I think you meant Tony Benford, not Mitchell.
  9. Aldo

    Texas at El Paso lands big time fullback

    Best lead blocker north, south, east, AAAAAND west of the Rio Grande. Chico's offense will explode from a 3.75 yards per play average to a whopping 3.9!
  10. Aldo

    Who will be our first signature win?

    I'm surprised Liberty didn't make the list.
  11. Aldo

    AD is posting real donor numbers

    I'm so glad we're not playing Monmouth tbh