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  1. Who is your favorite 2018 signee?

    I'm intrigued by Torrey & Sa'afi
  2. Krasniqi and Fulp to help defense
  3. looks like UTEP found a QB

    They also got a good OL coach and man with Coach Simmonds
  4. Bobby Bowden on playing NTSU in the snow 1976

    This game was scheduled as homecoming and was going to be a sellout and we played them in Tallahassee I believe 2 tears later. They had a running back named Keys and every time he touched the ball the crowd would rattle their keys. I was at snow game with my best friend went to Gibson's(now alumni center) bought clear plastic drop sheets to sit on and pull over our legs. Hayden went for 2 at end of the game we lost 21-20. When the game was over all the FSU players rolling in snow and having snowball fights. Good memories
  5. NMSU

    The last bowl game they were in was against us winning the 1960 Sun Bowl
  6. 2018 UNT Athletics New Years Wish List

    Sold out Apogee & Super Pit
  7. Home Opener Against SMU

    Hell most pony fans wouldn't go to Frisco for a bowl game
  8. NTSU and the SWC

    Silver Eagle is correct Hayden would played a little loose with the facts sometimes and academic problem was the way some felt about Cougar High
  9. Ken Washington

    Also Kenny would in the top 5
  10. '18 JUCO RB Deandre Torrey (MGCCC)

    I would like to us use Chumley like. Texas did Swoopes in the wildcat being an old qb
  11. CUSA 2018 Schedules

    Everything just swaps this year's schedule ODO-away FAU-home
  12. Student Travel Package Extended

    Agree with the above post
  13. Darrell Dickey to Texas A&M

    Hope he doesn't talk about those aggie mfers
  14. NT Schedules Home/Home with Cal & Wyoming!

    To those of you complaining about SFA check the records before Fouts was expanded they over 3,000 and made it almost a sellout 19,800 + hell of a lot better than any other visitor (ACU nearly 2,000