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  1. ttunt1970

    Loaded FAU will be aiming for a repeat

    I don't know if Kiffin's recruiting is on up & up, but it probably uses the "THE PALM'S" theory of recruiting.
  2. ttunt1970

    Honest Recruiting >>>> Used Car Sales pitch

    Who is this player and where was he from?
  3. ttunt1970

    Amid less C-USA revenue, UAB forced to make tough cuts

    This is what happens when your school is under the umbrella of one Board of Regents. We are fortunate we have our own Board and I believe the Med school in Bnhm is under UAB, but still controlled by Bama Board.
  4. Jerry was a good guy, but took a finesse team and tried to run Nebraska power running attack and wasted that Jordan Case senior class. To his credit after left NT and Tech learned to adapt scheme to talent. Happy for him.
  5. Emmitt If we lose to FaU they would need to 2 losses for us to host CUSA Title game so just spin them all
  6. ttunt1970

    Track and Field/ Soccer Complex Video

    If y’all would look at UT’s soccer field it has a track around
  7. ttunt1970


    To anyone on the what players have we had from Moore, Ok(Cobbs?) Thanks
  8. ttunt1970

    Future OOC Games

    If they brought 100 that’s more than smut, but for you newbies after Army & Navy, Tx Tech. ATM,Baylor & K-State- ACU & SFA sold more tickets than anyone(SFA at Fouts sold 5,200 tickets because the Mayor of Mesquite was a friend(DFW Alumni president) almost sellout 19,400 before expansion.
  9. ttunt1970


    ForeverE you are correct
  10. ttunt1970


    I think one will go to Draper
  11. Andrew, Yes Gibson and Simmons were Benford recruits, but Coach Mc got them to stay (re-recruited). Triili and Benford were good recruiters, but couldn't coach a lick!!!!! I watched two Benford games and never went back. Saw more coaching in one half last yeae than in 4 years under Benford.
  12. ttunt1970

    CBI championship shirts

    are they going to be at spirit at Apogee
  13. ttunt1970

    CBI championship shirts

    Is the athletic dept. going to market a championship t-shirt and/or polo