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  1. UTEP hires new AD

    If that is true, hiring a new AD is like putting a new coat of paint on a Lemon.
  2. DRC: Five things UNT fans should know about Rice

    Sounds like if they “let it fly” and run up the score Rice’s run game won’t be able to keep up. They are a good rushing team but they aren’t the Army Black Knights. I hope they get a big lead and give both backup QBs some run.
  3. Jim Mora out at UCLA

    Agree but I believe Arkansas, UCLA, and Texas A&M are just a little unreasonable in their expectations. All of them are closer to being Oklahoma State than Ohio State. If there is good chance that most of the parents of players you are recruiting can’t remember the last time your program appeared in a title game you should have a little more patience with your coaches. You should not be firing them for not achieving things your program have never done before within 3 years.
  4. Jim Mora out at UCLA

    It depends on the program regardless of level and what they consider a “down” year. Consistently unranked P5 programs always have down years. However you don’t hire big name like “Jim Mora” and accept more than 2 down years.
  5. Helmets

    I agree they look bad from a distance. I had good seats and they looked atrocious. I wonder how they looked on TV? Flag inspired accents to the uniforms or helmets of other teams look better. Not everything that would look good in a collection case should be worn even annually. Perfect example some of those autographed helmets offered auction at Apogee looked awesome but I don’t think the Cowboys, 49ers or etc will be wearing some of those alternate helmets anytime soon. I would prefer a regular flag patch somewhere else on the helmets or uniform.
  6. College Football Final

    I saw that and with the coverage we receive that is an improvement. I halfway expected Army to get a helmet sticker for over 500 yards rushing in a loss.
  7. Independence Bowl reps walking around...

    I agree but that is only I think we end up in the Armed Forces Bowl. Neither program interested in another rematch. It might be interesting fans who don’t follow either program “marketed” a contentious rivalry. Might generate decent TV numbers but attendance would be bad.
  8. Independence Bowl reps walking around...

    Yes, I think Army would trade bowl games with Navy for us to end up in the Armed Forces Bowl.
  9. Alumni Pavilion Expansion Fund

    That is not an alumni hangout is for. Now discounted club seats for registered alumni beyond the 20 yard line would be cool. Not a huge discount something like $50 Off for the whole package or 10% off. I expect the elements inside the stadium but they need more space in the Pavilion another TV and more protection for the elements.
  10. The flag looks awesome with the wind today. However the wind doesn’t feel good on the Alumni Pavilion patio. That reminds me that Pavilion is need of expansion. I would love to make a donation dedicated to expand it. Has anyone heard of something like that getting going?
  11. Texas A&M prepared to pursue Jimbo Fisher

    Great college atmosphere at A&M no doubt but they need more patience when it comes to building their program into a national powerhouse. These huge buyouts are not good for FBS as a whole. Hard to justify not paying P5 students athletes when you are paying millions to coaches no longer coaching them. The individual colleges and conferences are too cut throat and it detrimental to the game as a whole. It could be fixed with some simple mandates. But NCAA is toothless when it comes to decisions that would impact the bottom line. That is why we have conferences that don’t make sense for the athletes trying to get a quality education.
  12. In Game Music - Idea!!!

    If you want Denton roots: Sly and the Family’s Thank You (for letting be myself). Especially fitting for a blowout going into the 4th Quarter. (FYI he is 74 so if you want get a remixed Mean Green version of it people need to act soon)
  13. Texas A&M prepared to pursue Jimbo Fisher

    FSU is a better program than A&M and it isn’t even close. But since you want to go there 3 national titles since 1993. Probably a couple more without Miami beating them (A&M hasn’t been regularly discussed in the national Championship chase for 2 decades). FSU is 12th in all time wining percentage and A&M is 26th. Texas A&M. A&M last national title came in the 1930s. A&M is has been UT’s pesky little brother for most of the last 30 years with no title game appearances and rarely finish the season ranked in the top 10. They had 2 good years in the sun with Johnny Manziel otherwise their best moments were as spoilers for KSU and Texas when they were in the Big 12. Yet you want to make a comparison? Your comment demonstrates the distorted view A&M has of itself that I would want to avoid in my next stop as a head football coach if I were Seth or Jimbo. I would rather worry about a resurgent Miami in my division than Alabama, Auburn, and LSU (if they get their act together). In the ACC I don’t play any of the teams every year you mentioned excepted Clemson. FSU should dominate the rest of the teams in the Atlantic division.
  14. IF......

    With those facts posted it we should have to beg for coverage. UTSA got more coverage for beating that scandal ridden dumpster fire Baylor. I have seen it for years. Knocked off Texas Tech 1997 little coverage. We should not have to beg for coverage from local media full of North Texas graduates.
  15. Texas A&M prepared to pursue Jimbo Fisher

    This would be a bad move for Jimbo. Texas A&M has yet to show it can compete in the SEC without a transformative player like Johnny Manziel. For national prominence recent accomplishments are all that matter to recruits. If most of the hardware you can show recruits is not from this decade you are a little behind the 8 ball recruiting against teams that have newer hardware. Also I don’t even think they have winning head to head records with the better programs in the SEC West. Move my family and lose the advantage of being a consistent top dog in your division to take on Saban in the regular season every year, no thank you. Texas A&M should try to steal Saban. Instantly takes you out of UT’s shadow. Removes the biggest obstacle between your program and national prominence. For Saban wonderful way to cement your legacy as the greatest college football coach ever. Take 3 different SEC programs to the national Championship on being a SEC newbie. Who could challenge that resume?