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  1. Mike Jackson

    Sentinel C-USA non conference schedule ratings 2018

    Regional schools are fine but not FCS schools. And I especially don't like basically 2 FCS schools on the schedule regardless of where they are from. My list included better known G5 programs and programs with a Big 12 connection. I did not mention Houston because I believe that when they are making their OOC opponent list we are near the bottom. Also I believe Tulane doesn't particularly like playing us either.
  2. Mike Jackson

    Sentinel C-USA non conference schedule ratings 2018

    There is a pretty big gap between OOC world beaters and the likes of Liberty or Incarnate word. I would rather see teams like Iowa State, San Diego State, Colorado, CSU, or even Texas State. Yes you are guaranteed a bowl as conference champion but with this schedule we shouldn't get upset if one of our more competitive conference rivals end up in a better bowl than us. Also if we get in a bowl and get blasted cause we haven't face a team with solid P5 level athletes that isn't a good look either. One cupcake per year please.
  3. Mike Jackson


    I saw some mentions on the local news. It does not help when the UNT men get bounced in the first round.
  4. Mike Jackson

    More on the Mean Green Athletics Fee

    If the students can’t get on board with still being below Texas State and UTSA in athletic fees..... Never mind I will stay positive.
  5. Mike Jackson

    Receiver Transfer?

    Not quite that simple but very close. Don’t get me wrong it would be great to have another weapon for Mason’s senior year. If he comes on as a walk-on great. But you need to think about scholarships slots if he isn’t a walk-on. The Mean Green defense needs front 7 help. Needing score 38+ a game against G5 opponents to have enough wins to be bowl eligible is not a good posture to be in. If your defense rarely gets off the field without giving up points that is exactly the position your team will be in. WR is worthless standing on the sideline while the opponents offense is marching down the field eating clock on the way to 7 points.
  6. Mike Jackson

    Why no one goes to SMU games

    Again 9,000 students in a community with a ton of other things to do and other school loyalties within families. So if you want to criticize the fandom go right ahead. I think it’s stupid because with the resources we have at UNT we have no excuse for not seating at least 28,000 every home game. Not giving any kudos to TCU.
  7. Mike Jackson

    Why no one goes to SMU games

    Unrealistic expectations from a blog post is revisionist history. Let me quote the blog posting you referenced. “With an enrollment of less than 9,000, TCU football games will forever remain a challenge to fill up Amon G. Carter Stadium's 45,000 seats.” I don’t know what you expect. But competing for sports entertainment dollars in the DFW area is hard. If UNT got the same percentage of local Alumni to buy in as TCU does we would have a nearly pack Apogee.
  8. Mike Jackson

    Why no one goes to SMU games

    That is a good one. But the aren’t small by any stretch of the imagination, 33,000 undergraduates. They are THE school for the Moron faith like Notre Dame is for Catholics. The difference in size of the schools reflects the difference in number of people who have those respective faiths. They have huge buy in from the state of Utah. So there attendance is better and should be.
  9. Mike Jackson

    Hope Y'all are ready to open up your wallets!

    “Not good” is being kind
  10. Mike Jackson

    Hope Y'all are ready to open up your wallets!

    This scares the hell out of me. Because my experience with season tickets did not go well. I couldn’t give my extra season ticket away for most home games. Even though I attend every home game and our games on the road at SMU I just can’t justify buying a seat no one beyond the MGC, GMG, or Alumni Association would want. I am very worried about the long term viability of our FBS level program if we aren’t in a P5 conference or regularly getting Texas region P5 teams into Apogee. The greed in NCAA is pushing the envelope toward cannibalization. If you cutting off masses of potential fans who are future alumni of G5 schools with your competition rules it will destroy long term health of the game. The NFL is the league for casual fans. That is a league of 32 teams on equal footing. The NFL figured out that competition was good for the league as a whole and the more valuable franchise benifit from the parity as well over the long term. As these conferences have cannibalized each other and made it more difficult G5 teams to get P5 teams in their stadiums I have grown less interested in the game as a whole. The all SEC final was great for fans from the Deep South but 3/4 of the country don’t have a reason to care. And I a rabid College Football fan didn’t watch. And I bet I wasn’t alone.
  11. Mike Jackson

    DRC: Three reasons UNT could be better in 2018

    I have faith they know defense is a huge issue and they will address it. How effective their remedies will be is the question. I did not mean to suggest that the any of the players on defense quit last year. I just saw them being overwhelmed by good offenses last year. And I don’t this is mostly the scheme. I would like them to be more aggressive next year. I would rather keep offenses out of rhythm and give up a few big one-on-one plays than just get nickeled and dimed down the field all game. Because once your defense is tired it is game over. The only way you can win is to score with no time on the clock like the did against Army.
  12. Mike Jackson

    Why no one goes to SMU games

    Others have already chimed in supporting my take very effectively. Find another G5 school with better attendance numbers than TCU did during that stretch (especially a small private university) and then we would have something to debate.
  13. Mike Jackson

    Home Opener Against SMU

    On point and that scheduling was inexcusable. Abilene Christian on the schedule really? If you going to schedule former Southland Conference foes schedule the better ones like Sam Houston State, McNeese State, and Stephen F. Austin. Then at least you can have some the local alumni from those schools help your attendance figures for a typically low attendance games against a FCS school. Also the fact there has not been any other big events there besides some high school playoff games is ridiculous. Also if he had developed a better relationship with Denton City and County officials there we could have a bowl game there (We need better traffic flow to get that done. That requires government help). If Frisco can have a bowl game and a FCS championship game there is no reason Apogee couldn't.
  14. Mike Jackson

    DRC: Three reasons UNT could be better in 2018

    I love the weapons we have on offense and the apparent depth we have at QB. Can defense be worse and not have players just quit? I doubt that. If the defense can average holding teams under 30 points we they could be very good.