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  1. Matt from A700

    DRC: Five reasons for pessimism heading into 2018

    Two of those came against UTSA in 2017 if I remember correctly.
  2. Matt from A700

    Why Not

    Will the Heart of Dallas Bowl even be around next year?
  3. Matt from A700

    UNT Baseball Renders Appear Out of Thin Air

    Didn't see the potential renderings of the stadium until now and I must admit that I do like how the eagle tail/wing was incorporated into the press box. Would be pretty sweet.
  4. UNT will not take away my New York Sub Hub!!
  5. I appreciate it! We look forward to having the third episode up next week.
  6. Here is the second episode:
  7. Thank you! Outside of an uncaring RA, I hope the stories are decently relatable. I had originally written six episodes, but we only shot once a week so when we started running out of time, I had to do a rewrite in the middle of the semester. I condensed the last three episodes into two episodes but ultimately I think they're better because of it. I think each episode gets better and better. Thanks for watching!
  8. Forgive me if this is not appropriate... AT LEAST I'M NOT POSTING IN THE FOOTBALL FORUM But since it is the offseason, I'm proud to release the first episode of a mockumentary series (think "The Office" meets college environment) called "Bad RA" that I wrote, produced, and directed as a senior last year. We will have new episodes new episodes the next two Thursdays with the last two episodes of the first season to be released shortly after that. The first episode is 20 minutes. Give it a watch, and show some love! Thanks everyone!
  9. Matt from A700

    DRC: UNT announces attendance milestones

    Hopefully we keep building off of those numbers and that the men have some better quality home opponents in non-conference. For starters, shouldn't we play UTA at home this next season?
  10. Matt from A700

    Loryn Goodwin

    Anyone who looks like Skylar Diggins has my attention.
  11. Matt from A700

    DRC: Examining UNT's 2018 schedule

    11-3 (lose conference championship game, win bowl game)
  12. Matt from A700

    Regal Eagle is For Sale - $350k Land needs a form of transportation to the CFP Championship Game next year, right?
  13. Matt from A700

    Favorite Mean Green Game

    Best game for me a student was undoubtedly The Drive against UTSA in 2018. Best basketball experience, of course, was the CBI run. Game 3 was the first ever that I showed up 20 minutes before tipoff and couldn't get a front row seat in the student section.
  14. Matt from A700

    Well Crap!

    I know it's easier said than done, but I would like to see much better opponents at The Pit. It'd be nice to have a home game against a Big 12 or Big 10 opponent each year.
  15. Matt from A700

    CBI championship shirts

    Will they be customized for the Mean Green or will they be the same, generic CBI Champions shirts that were given to the team Friday?