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  1. '18 T/G Thomas Preston III (Scottsdale CC)

    I say bring in 5 ol every year. 1qb 1 RB 2 wr 1 te 5 ol 3 dl 3 lb 5 db 1 specialist With 3 schollys to play with. Fyi I don't think Carroll is still headed here. Alot like TE last year I think offer is no longer good. I may be wrong thought
  2. '18 T/G Thomas Preston III (Scottsdale CC)

    Oline guys that can step in day one and make a difference aren't going to G5. You have to develop... And it takes longer than one semester to develop...
  3. '18 T/G Thomas Preston III (Scottsdale CC)

    There is 5 ol spots we will have 20+ schollys With 3-3-5 there is 6 dl/lb starting spots we will have 20+ schollys Games are won in trench's can never have too many.
  4. '18 T/G Thomas Preston III (Scottsdale CC)

    Jevin was hurt last year. Cole and Jordan are both big athletic prospects alot like brammer. At a g5 school you have to get athletic guys you can develop. And developing takes sometime longer than one or two semesters. Jalen stepped in several times last year and played when Murray went down and played well. I picture that envision Preston the same way a guy that can back up both tackles and guards positions. The starting RT is one of three guys right now. 2 of which had over 5 fbs offers.
  5. '18 T/G Thomas Preston III (Scottsdale CC)

    You don't want addition depth? I thinks it's a good idea not to put all eggs in one basket. Mose was ready to step in last year. But injuries can happen. Better to be prepared. Can never have too much depth.
  6. '18 T/G Thomas Preston III (Scottsdale CC)

    They are going after both
  7. Mike Linehan LB Idaho

    Debatable. You put that group with Aaron Rodgers. Tom Brady or Drew Brees you would be singing different tune
  8. 18' QB Clayton Tune (Hebron) - 3 star

    I wonder if baby Briles used his go to line "do you like white women?"
  9. Weekend of 1/13 Visitors

    I got the Juco tackle. But that all I have concrete. The way it sounds they have a couple kids in.
  10. Mike Linehan LB Idaho

    I said solid. Not top flight. I understand it's a joke. But you never know
  11. Mike Linehan LB Idaho

    Top 5 RB top oline solid wr core. And the offense sucked this year for Dallas. I wouldn't be excited by the hire.
  12. New Commit Derrick Shaw 12/22

    Awesome video of Derrick talking about his commitment. Alot like Mason Fine. After his committment OSU and Tulsa came in!
  13. '18 T/G Thomas Preston III (Scottsdale CC)

    Visiting this weekend