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  1. Where To Eat After The Rice Game?

    West of rice stadium: Union Kitchen is great. 100% Taquito
  2. Bowl projections post Army win

    there is 0% chance we go to the Armed Forces Bowl.
  3. Don't overlook Rice

    True, i guess they can "claim" whatever they want...
  4. Rice Tickets
  5. Don't overlook Rice

    so by default then, they wouldn't be co west champs, simply based on head to head.
  6. So next week....8-2 Army on the way

    We have played way better overall competition that Army has. to add, that's why i said "its a toss up".
  7. So next week....8-2 Army on the way

    8-2 with ZERO impressive wins.... its a toss up though. if we can get ahead early and make them play catch up that will be key.
  8. Rice Hotel

    price wise stay on the west side at the Homewood suites off of sage by the galleria. it wouldn't be that bad of a drive to Rice Stadium on the back roads. another alum and I are doing a day trip since kick off is at noon.
  9. Georgio bowing up

    That's fine and all. yes, Austin is passionate, however Austin needs to realize who he is talking to. George is one of the best mean greeners out there. attention whoring and using George on Twitter to get more views is pretty silly.
  10. Georgio bowing up

    As he should.
  11. UTEP eyeing Graham Harrell

    Don't think he's ready to be a HC. He's sooo young. but UTEP might be desperate.
  12. When is the CUSA Champ game?

    I agree that its a very slim chance, however stating that the university shouldn't waste energy or manpower for planning is a pretty ridiculous. its possible, just not likely. we've seen crazier things happen in college football.
  13. This is obviously assumes he will be fired, and he will if he finishes 4-8, 5-7. They have Baylor, TCU and Texas left. Baylor is no guarantee and they for sure won’t beat the remaining two. He hasnt done well at all in 5 years. Seth was the RBs coach under leach in the early 2000s. and I agree with you, at this point they won’t trade a young coach for another.
  14. Tech will not go after a young guy again. they might as well keep Kliff and give him time. Brent Venables a possibility with the Kstate connection to Kirby Hocutt.