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  1. Sonny Dykes to SMU

    One things for sure, SMU will be really really bad defensively.
  2. So basically, Baseball won't be happening any time soon.... :(
  3. All Conference USA Teams

    Unreal, and Rice got more overall players than we did. RICE!
  4. UT San Antonio is not going bowling

    Hopefully its this.
  5. Really Worried About Troy

    no questioning they made stops, but you have to take the level of competition into play. UTSA had a better D rating in against better competition in the CUSA. UTSA D > troy state D it will be a close game but i think Fine, Guyton and Nick Smith are the difference.
  6. Really Worried About Troy

    LSU had 4 Turnovers as well.
  7. Really Worried About Troy

    majority of those numbers are from the SunBelt...
  8. Really Worried About Troy

    Yes, considering Troy State's secondary isn't all that great against the pass D, i feel our chances are good considering we have one of the best QB's in the nation. additionally, LSU had 4 turnovers in that game, had 438 total yards against Troy State. So Yes, i like our chances.
  9. Post Game Thoughts (R-E-L-A-X)

    I don't think this has anything to do with tmjerm's feelings. In fact, this was more for you. If your goal is to be condescending asshat then no one will take your comments seriously and you will be having a monologue with yourself. If that's your goal, then have at it.
  10. Two years ago today

    didn't we force like 5 Turnovers, and still LOST?
  11. Two years ago today

    I was there as was sad and the game sucked.
  12. Houston Turn Out

    That’s what I as thinking too. Additionally, the ones that had family in houston and spent thanksgiving their for the weekend.