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  1. GreenTexan13

    FAU at North Texas Game Moved up to Thursday

    Am I the only one that doesn't have a HUGE issue with this game being on Thursday? I'm just going to drive up after work and try to catch the game. It's late enough where rush hour traffic can die down. I think we can still retain a good student crowd, I'm a little worried about the alumni side though. I don't want to step on any toes, but this is warned well enough in advance to make arrangements with work, prior engagements, etc. If we want to be a leader of the pack in the G5, we need to be flexible as fans IMO
  2. GreenTexan13

    September Opportunities

    I like this article, this year is the perfect year to get W's against SMU/ARK. Although, I believe we should be winning against SMU every year... They have lost some good Seniors and are starting new coach that game. I wonder if SMU will travel a little better given that they want to see what their new coach can do his first game? I know that's a lot to ask the SMU fans. drive 30-40 miles north to see a game please... Arky, I'll be at that game! Can't wait! Going to see with my Arkansas alum brother and his friends. If this is a year to pull an upset against an SEC team. It has to be one of the biggest rebuild years Arkansas has had in awhile.
  3. GreenTexan13

    DRC: Examining UNT's 2018 schedule

    Sept. 1: SMU - W- We really need to win this, losing to them for the past couple times sucks.. First year SMU coach. The game should be in our favor. Sept. 8: Incarnate Word - W. And glad this is in the beginning of the season. More like a scrimmage to help us prepare for Ark. Sept. 15: at Arkansas - L.. I really hope UNT proves me wrong, but hey maybe we can punch a win against Chad Morris finally. It would really set us up for some high attendance in Denton the rest of the season beating SEC. Sept. 22: at Liberty - W, And I don't think it will be even close to a nailbitter. Sept. 29: Louisiana Tech - W- And a repeat type game of last year against them. Oct. 6: at UTEP - W- UTEP gets trampled Oct. 13: Southern Miss - W- I think this one will be really competitive Oct.20: at UAB - L- But this one could go either way. Oct. 27: Rice - W- Simply a W Nov. 10: at Old Dominion - W- Simply a W Nov. 17: Florida Atlantic - L. FAU is doing everything right. EVERYTHING. And I just don't think UNT is firing on all cylinders to beat them. Nov. 24: NutsaCK - W- I'll always mark that as a W. Just because I hate them to the point I think a win should never associate with KFC
  4. GreenTexan13

    Favorite Mean Green Game

    The Stand and the Ball State game in 2013 were my favorites! I regret not being able to go to the Ball State game, but I watched it on TV with my family and the whole room I was in was cheering and hi fiving after that win! I think UNT and (12-2) Northern Illinois were the only ones that beat BSU in the regular season that year. BSU was a hell of a game for sure! I liked SMU's meltdown against us in 2014, however.. The rest of the season was tough...
  5. I'm not really a big fan of playing a sun belt team... But after seeing this post, I want to beat the tar out of them and run up the score. Y'all are playing #2 in CUSA, get over yourselves...
  6. GreenTexan13

    CUSA Bowls Confirmed

    FSU vs Southern Miss? Oh lordy...
  7. GreenTexan13

    Horribly derailed FAU look-a-like thread

    Lane Kiffin Hyping his fans
  8. GreenTexan13

    Brett McMurphy says North Texas Lock for NOLA

    Uh.. yeah I really do think that would happen. Plus the fact that we beat Texas in a national spotlight. More people paying attention to who North Texas is, Seth Littrell becoming the greatest coach our program has ever had. Texas would have their meltdown.. yes.. And headlines in lots of places would dwell on it. But saying that beating Texas in a bowl and our perception would not dramatically swing, is ridiculous.
  9. GreenTexan13

    Final Week Bowl Projections

    Given that SMU brings 1000 fans. UTSA fans will start a fight before the game even starts and the 1000 SMU fans that decided to leave their country club in Uptown Dallas will leave. They don't sell out.. SMU will win though. You're right.
  10. GreenTexan13

    Brett McMurphy says North Texas Lock for NOLA

    Troy isn't an automatic win folks! Unfortunately I see the negative reproductions of losing to a sunbelt team.. getting to 10 wins? Well let's win against FAU. I think if UNT is at mercy to being placed somewhere that is open, then let's become the conference champs and get the honors of getting best pick for bowling. If UNT is picking the NO bowl, welp.. then that's something out of our control..
  11. GreenTexan13

    Brett McMurphy says North Texas Lock for NOLA

    I was really hoping that we could play a P5 or upper G5.. But if it's New Orleans, I'm going and cheering them on! I've never been to NOLA, so it'll give me an excuse to get down there. Let's just see how the championship game plays out too.
  12. GreenTexan13

    Final Week Bowl Projections

    I don't think that helps us though. There is a big difference in us saying "we (North Texas) beat LSU ourselves". Over, "We beat Troy, yeah but.. They beat LSU". Playing Troy would be good competition, but it does nothing for our branding. We need to pick on the bigger fish in conference above us. (That includes the AAC too)
  13. GreenTexan13

    Final Week Bowl Projections

    Given our luck, I would not rule this as not happening to us, unfortunately... I was a little deflated back in '13, when we got matched up with UNLV as our opponent in the HOD. I don't think the NO bowl is worse than another bowl game with Army. But the only plus side to it, is that we have history with that bowl and it's in New Orleans. Which gives us an excuse to visit Bourbon Street! But I don't want to play a SBC team for our bowl, especially since we made the conference championship. We deserve a better opponent. A few people, including Harry have been realistic bout our chances in the HOD with us playing Texas Tech or Texas. They have nothing to gain by playing us and everything to lose. I want to say that we still have a shot playing Tech, since they might be in a little more of a desperate situation (They were lucky enough to beat Texas and get eligible, and they are not high on the latter for upper tier bowl selection) After reading through a lot of y'all's posts. I'm really warming up to the Bowl in Shreveport. I just really... really... really... hope we get to play a P5. A P5 that wants to bowl against some good G5 competition. We are that really good G5 competition.
  14. Usually MeanGreenTexan makes these.. But I'm curious to know everyone's prediction going into the championship week! I think it's going to be a tough game. FAU holds the lead for awhile, but North Texas comes out clutch in the 4th quarter to win it. MEAN GREEN- 48 Atlantic- 41