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  1. Now comes the hard part. Gotta be consistent. If Baker can show consistency in winning for a few years across multiple programs, he'll be snatched up by a P5 in a hurry. The hope is that he doesn't leave the cupboard bare when he goes. I think we're in good hands for at least a few more years with Baker. He's a good one.
  2. Mose will start at right guard. Would like to see the other OL step up and earn more reps/starting time. Thornton and Fulp will be huge. Same with Krasniqi, Novil, and Reynolds. Would like to see those three up around 260-270(or bigger if they're playing nose) by the time next season starts. I think Siggers and White are going to add a lot to the offense. White was a monster in every drill/practice I saw him. Siggers will give some power/flexibility that the other backs dont have. If the OL impoves significantly, I could see some 4 wide with 1 back, with the back motioning to the slot. Again, all depends on OL, but I think Siggers gives us that.
  3. '18 T/G Thomas Preston III (Scottsdale CC)

    Depth is one thing. I understand depth. I want guys that can actually make a difference, not guys that are just gonna take up a roster spot. Granted, we don't know what we have yet because we haven't seen practices/games with the new guys. S. Mose stepped in and played well, but Murray is still a concern and we have to replace the RG/RT.
  4. IF you only posted on GMG the way I do
  5. OG Matt Groeschel

    Won't be surprised if he wanted to stay home. West Texas has this weird thing where if you don't get out, and get out early, you're stuck there for life. Seems he might be following that path.
  6. '18 T/G Thomas Preston III (Scottsdale CC)

    Makes me curious that all these O-Linemen with no other offers they keep signing might be complete whiffs. I mean you have a crop of what, 5 RS freshman in the wings, and you're not confident enough to plug any of them in? Maybe their OL evaluations have been bad...
  7. I guess you missed that whole first paragraph.... I like being cirtical about the athletics program as much as the next poster, but at this point, you're just beating your chest and screaming about how great you/your ideas are and how terrible everything else is. IF they just did what I told them to do. IF they just donated what I donate. IF they only cared the way I care. You'd complain if you were hung with a new rope.
  8. I think everyone on this board would be ecstatic if Siggers could provide what Singletary has done at FAU
  9. I'm the most excited about Siggers at 5'8 and 195(probably gonna put on a few more pounds in the offseason). He could be the power guy we've wanted but with the same kind of quickness displayed by the other backs

    Does this mean it passed? Or are we still waiting on the results?
  11. Harrell and Mainord

    If we lost Harrell, I'd be very confident with Mainord stepping into the OC role
  12. '18 T/G Thomas Preston III (Scottsdale CC)

    Reported on his Twitter that he got Akron and Toledo offers as well.
  13. Looks like a 3 for 2 qualifier
  14. UNT D 2018

    I'm not saying swap position for position. I'm saying have JoJo, Fulp, and Ejiya as your three LB's. Keep JoJo where he's at, Ejiya at Mike, and Fulp as your Will/Sam(Whatever that linebacker is considered in this defense) Garner fell off hard. To me, he's another Fred Scott at best.
  15. Part of Our Problem

    I don't think this tweet is about the NFL. I think this tweet is about the quality of education he's receiving. I love UNT and our academics, but we can't hold a candle to Vanderbilt and that's just being honest. Sure there's a possibility if he balls out against SEC opponents that he'll get drafted, but that degree from that school means a hell of a lot.