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  1. 19 OL Landon Peterson (Odessa Permian)

    Denton is way cooler than Odessa. Just saying
  2. Love the step up in the social media game. We're starting to act like we have a football program.
  3. This seems pretty self explanatory. "So new recruiting coordinator, you had almost 90 guys here for the junior day. How do you think it went?" "Well Brett it was actually pure shit, but I appreciate you asking" Also can't help but see Walrus every time I see the new guys name
  4. FAU hires Southern Miss DC Tony Pecoraro

    USM actually had one of the better defenses in the league up until playing us. They slipped a little but were still very solid overall
  5. Get to Know EJ Ejiya

    Glad we have Ejiya. Seems like a good guy and he's primed for a big year. Definitely looks like he's bulked up in the offseason.
  6. DRC: Saturday practice notes, thoughts

    There's a reason LT's are usually some of the highest paid players in the NFL. Woodworth is a much more athletic player than Murray. What you're losing in size, you're gaining in athleticism. In this kind of offense it's imperative that your tackles be able to move and Murray's feet/hips have been his downfall.
  7. Wilson's Combine

    your inside source must not be very good. There's videos all over the place of him doing that kind of stuff lol
  8. DRC: Saturday practice notes, thoughts

    Here's hoping Rico's lingering Hamstring issues don't keep him from being as effective as we all know he can be. Excited to see improvement at the LB position. Won't be surprised to see Fulp start at some point this year next to Ejiya/Jojo
  9. Stars had a big OT win over the Blues today 3-2. I was at the game and the Stars have really stepped up their physicality this year. Seems like in years past a big bruising team like St. Louis would've beat them up all game. Not today.
  10. DRC: Saturday practice notes, thoughts

    I can smell the beer and beth maries already
  11. Wilson's Combine

    Doctors at the combine advised he not participate in the drills until his pro day. Probably due to the lower leg injury he suffered last season.
  12. "That identifies as a person of color and/or a woman" Stone Cold Steve Austin - "I now choose to live my life as an asian woman, please respect my life choices" And that kids, is how Austin hall was named.
  13. Doctors advised Jeff wait until his Pro-Day to do the drills, so it looks like he is done for now other than meeting with teams/media.
  14. Tied for 16 out of 32 so actually exactly average.