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  1. MGNation92

    19 QB Chase Griffin - Hutto

    UCLA huh? I mean I love UNT, but that's a hell of an offer to pass up. Best of luck to him.
  2. MGNation92


    and that's the issue. Our coaches can evaluate really well so far. We aren't landing those guys nearly enough.
  3. MGNation92

    CFB Focus: Most Experienced Teams 2018

    Because we're all panicking at the possibility of a NT and RT not being able to play. TJ and Rod are graduating after this season, and our OL recruits aren't exactly studs. I'm just saying if we don't take advantage and have another couple 9+ win seasons while Fine and co. are here, then we're gonna be in trouble in 2020 when they're all gone.
  4. MGNation92

    Meanwhile, in San Antonio...

    11-0 ain't a pipe dream folks.
  5. MGNation92

    CFB Focus: Most Experienced Teams 2018

    And if we don't have quality depth behind those guys, this thing could implode in 2020 when they all graduate
  6. MGNation92

    Texas at San Antonio preview

    Agreed. Also another gif in my signature. My absolute favorite throw Fine made last season.
  7. Also why am I getting downvoted? Don't kill the messenger people
  8. MGNation92

    Tauskie Dove ?

    He was a late academic qualifier. He was committed to Tyler JuCo before he got his grades in order. That's when Mizzou swooped in.
  9. MGNation92

    Athlon 2018 CUSA Predictions

    OL and defense must improve. Year 3 in the system and here's where these so called "Amazing evaluation skills" start to rear their head. I like our interior line, I am extremely skeptical about our tackle situation. Woody is our best lineman, but can he make the transition to tackle? Is the NCAA going to screw us on Mayfield? Can Brammer step up? If we don't get more consistent pressure from the front 6/7, we will lose those close games we won last year. These two units are the difference between 7-5 and 10-2
  10. MGNation92

    Anyone Seen 3 Star Deonte Simpson?

    IE two years ago we were maybe getting the attention of one or two 3 star guys. Now we're getting the attention of 10+ Feels good to be a step up on the totem pole.
  11. MGNation92

    Anyone Seen 3 Star Deonte Simpson?

    Definitely a good player and would be a great addition. I'm glad we're finally starting to be considered by a lot more of these kind of guys. I just wish there were more on defense.
  12. Looks like Daizion Carroll made it after all.
  13. MGNation92

    Back up OL Transfers

    Chett Munden was a 3 star? Didn't know that
  14. Until they can replace the monster production of Sutton/Quinn on offense and Lawler on defense, I'm not nearly as concerned.