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  1. Home Of The 109th Ranked Defense

    Historic offense until they bracket Guyton and stack the box against Wilson. FAU pretty much gave every team on the schedule the blueprint to beat us. Obviously no other team has the kind of tempo run game they do, but that clearly hasn't mattered much.
  2. Home Of The 109th Ranked Defense

    So we had more depth last season? Because that defense finished higher than what we're doing this year. I get your logic, but in this case it doesn't make sense. How could we have less depth in year 2?
  3. New Halloween IT Graphic

    Is this because the defense was so bad on Saturday it was scary?
  4. Home Of The 109th Ranked Defense

    It seemed we were a lot more consistent with Ekeler and more zone coverage last year. Sure we might be more aggressive but we are getting burned more than we are making plays.
  5. 2018 Matt Gadek RB-McKinney High

    lol. Not a fan?
  6. If we go 8-5, that means we'll go 3-2 down the stretch, with likely losses to LaTech and Army. I would be ecstatic if we went 3-2 down the stretch. This time last year, when we were 4-3, we went 1-5 down the stretch. If we can't get our act together we could very well become the laughing stock of the conference with another epic collapse.
  7. Morning after and I've calmed down.

    You forgot Colton McDonald. The one linebacker I've seen that might actually be less athletic than our nose tackles. Dude looks slower than molasses on a cold winter day.
  8. Morning after and I've calmed down.

    At this point the one thing that worries me is we've been steadily playing worse since we beat Southern Miss. Littrell talks about peaking all the time. I'm worried we peaked then and we'll continue to shit the bed for the rest of the season. Much like we did last year.
  9. Morning after and I've calmed down.

    If you expect to lose every game, you're never let down when we do. Just pleasantly surprised when we don't.
  10. Home Of The 109th Ranked Defense

    Danny Mac and his pro style approach at least got us a bowl game win. Littrell hasn't won shit, and this is the second year in a row he's been completely embarrassed at least one game this season.
  11. Old Dominion

    We could use some more negative Nancys around here. This team read their own press after beating UTSA and promptly got taken to the woodshed. Its embarrassing and holding them accountable is something that isn’t done enough among this fanbase.
  12. Old Dominion

    Lol that’s a joke. If we continue to play like we did they’ll beat us by 14+
  13. Will 6-2 in Conference Play Win the West?

    I'm from West Texas, so you'll have to forgive me. But 25 mph is considered "very windy"?
  14. Will 6-2 in Conference Play Win the West?

    Yeah we might get 7k students for that. I'm just saying I'm pretty sure we could be undefeated and playing the Natty in Apogee and people would find an excuse to not show up
  15. Will 6-2 in Conference Play Win the West?

    So assuming we make it, and 23,000 people actually buy tickets, what then?