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  1. Bryce English

    He was out of the original boot and could have possibly played in December. Something else has gone wrong...
  2. Boca Raton Roll Call

    We have 9 going. We are going to try to sound like 900...lol!
  3. Boca Raton Roll Call

    In October, we paid cash($15) to park in Lot 10. Off of 808, we turned left onto 10th/W University. At the intersection of Volusia St, we turned left towards Lot 12. At the end of the street the attendants told to drive forward and around the buildings that were on the right, which put us in Lot 10. It is a little bit of a walk to the stadium, but it was the first cash lot that we were directed toward.
  4. Syd Moore No Longer On Roster

    He has been gone since after the FAU game.
  5. North Texas Chant

    I just see the video board as a good way to get the cheer started. The crowd was on their own, very soon. The crowd was into it, and that was so cool...And just like Ruston, our team responded!!! So, I just hope we use the chant to our advantage, more than just once! I will not be picky! When our crowd and our players are proud to be telling the world who we are...that is all I have ever wanted!
  6. conference championship game

    Not just cool, but possibly cold...In 2013, if we had won that fateful game, we could have hosted that game...in the ice! Wonder how days of ice and poor chance of transportation would be handled? Just always wondered about that.
  7. Post Iowa Thoughts

    Rodrick Young was wearing 98 this weekend. Not sure why.
  8. Have a little faith. Maybe they are working thru more than you know.
  9. More uniform pictures

    Year after year our pre-season photos were of our player in their uniform...no shoulder pads, no cleats...just gym shoes, no helmet. Finally, will we be able to have a quality photograph and our guy will look like a football player? This is so cool!!!
  10. Uniform Speculation

    I heard they are the coolest, ever...
  11. These Mean Green Production people...Eric Capper and his crew, are brilliant. What a great way to have our area people fall in love with our players and our school. I hope they get the credit they deserve!
  12. You will be able to use your RV pass to park, enter and leave with your truck. There are reserved RV parking spots along the east side of the Red/Blue Lot. Last year, the RV spots immediately following the locations with reserved signs(from north to south) were taken on a first come first served basis. Our generator holds 20 gallons. When used from Friday evening to Sunday morning, we used 18.
  13. King of the North!!!

    Looks like Andy Flusche works for the King of the North...
  14. In the case of our family, it is very easy to get a lot of extra people to enjoy the opening game with us, for several reasons. The first, is that it is a holiday weekend and it is easy for them to get to town and include a game in their plans. The second reason is the fact that we always enjoy the experience at Apogee. We love tailgating in the red/blue lots. We love seeing the band march thru, the players coming in on the buses, and their walk thru the fans(I bet many people don't even know this happens). We love our great seats in the stadium. We know enough of the players(either thru a casual introduction or maybe just because we saw an article or they were featured in a social media spotlight) that we genuinely want them to succeed. Getting people to come back and getting others to come in for the first time is pretty easy. This is Texas, and we love our football. Another reason people can come to Apogee is the fact that it is big enough to be cool, but not so big that people can't afford to come out and take part. I am happy that we are kicking off the season against a team like Lamar. It seems to me that all of the big schools do this. It's just a good place to start. Everyone likes to win. So I guess I am just trying to say, it's gonna be a great day to come to Apogee and if everyone would just make a little effort to invite their friends and family to come experience a day at Apogee, I feel like they will come back. I do hope that North Texas will do the same by offering some sort of discount to fill the seats that don't normally get filled. We can do this... Let's Go Mean Green!!!
  15. Anybody going to Iowa?

    We are looking forward to the trip to Iowa. Just a word of caution...may want to take it easy at the tailgate if you get your seats through UNT. Our section at Iowa is the WORST. I remember someone taking a tumble, last time. Luckily only rolled a few rows. It was a 2 pm start time in 2015, as well. We were in the shade by half time. A couple that had season tickets right behind our team came up near our area to get out of the heat. They gave us their tickets, so that we could spend the second half behind the team. We were in the sun, and surrounded by natives, but we didn't care. Thinking about shopping for tickets this year! (Unless of course, they moved us to a better spot???)