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  1. July 11, 2017 DENTON -- For the next six weeks, fans who purchase Mean Green basketball season tickets will be eligible for weekly prizes as a part of a season-ticket campaign running until Aug. 21. All purchases (including renewals) made after July 11 are eligible to win prizes, which include two floor seats for a game, a parking pass for the season, Mean Green Club room access, or personalized autographed memorabilia. The prize for each week will be announced on and via social media on Tuesdays and the winner for each week will be announced in the same manner the following Monday. Everyone who renews or makes a new purchase of at least one season ticket will be entered into all remaining weekly drawings, so fans who purchase tickets this week will have eight chances to win. Ticket prices for the 2017-18 basketball season for both programs start at just $75 for general admission. To purchase tickets, visit the North Texas Ticket Office website. Individual Game Tickets Men's Basketball Reserved - $15 each General admission - $10 each 10+ Groups (Reserved) - $10 each Women's Basketball General admission - $7 each 10+ Groups - $5 each Weekly Prizes Week 1: men's and women's signed jersey (two winners) -- Drawing to be held on July 17
  2. Deion Hair-Griffin
  3. This is the experience I've had with non-North Texas people. When I moved into my current house, one of the first things I did was put the battle flag up. Several neighbors came by to introduce themselves, and all except one said something along the lines of "Is that flag for St Patrick's Day?" The only neighbor who knew what is was happened to be a La Tech alum who said he'd seen it up at Apogee before. I think flying the flag outside of stadium would be a great thing to help the general public realize that the flag is a North Texas symbol.
  4. June 14, 2017 DENTON – The University of North Texas will be adding a new 120-foot tall flag pole located in between the black lot entrance and Apogee Stadium marquee along Interstate 35. Mean Green Athletics is launching for fans to vote on the flag that will fly from the pole, coinciding with Flag Day, President Neal Smatresk and Vice President and director of athletics Wren Baker announced Wednesday. “We are very excited about this flag, which will be a source of pride for all UNT fans and graduates as well as a tremendous branding and awareness opportunity for our campus,” Baker said. “We thought it would be fun to let fans vote for their favorite design and I look forward to seeing the design our fans select.” Fans can rank their favorite flag designs from 1-4 and can only submit the form once. The voting period will be for one week, beginning Wednesday, June 14, and concluding Wednesday, June 21. The winning design will be announced on Twitter (@MeanGreenSports) Friday, June 23.
  5. Not a fan of him from his days at Texas. Also, his "amazing" recruiting ability may have something to do with the fact that he was violating NCAA rules...
  6. No shit. I know the interim doesn't come from outside of the program, but they get a raise to take on the extra duties. With one month left in a lost season it would be pointless to drop extra money on a team that won't win a single conference game. We'd be paying his remaining $100,000 that he's owed just to miss the last 8 games. The "we need to send a message" line is just a load of BS. It doesn't make a difference whether or not he's done on February 6th or March 4th. We've let him get to this point so we may as well see it out now and have him suffer with us. He should've been fired YEARS ago, but he wasn't. Why waste the extra money that would be given to an interim coach when it could be added to the new coaches salary, recruiting budget, facilities, etc. This department has to pinch every penny because of the mess RV created. It's 8 more games, deal with it.
  7. Exactly. The big donors don't care enough/don't think it's worth cutting a check to send Benford on his way (and they're right!). He's done after this year whether we fire him tonight or at the end of the year. No interim coach can turn this around, so why waste the money? Ride it out and start fresh in the fall. That's not a loser mentality, it's called the way it is at UNT. You want change, start giving real money!
  8. We. Don't. Have. Money. I don't know why people can't grasp this fact. You want change? Donate to the athletic department. And by donate, I mean dollar figures that will actually make a difference. Stop talking like you do and and actually do it for once. They don't have the funds to pay him his salary remaining salary and pay extra to an interim coach. The fact that y'all can't grasp this fact just speaks more and more to our school's reputation than anything else...
  9. The spring game should be a lot more entertaining this year.
  10. I can promise you that recruiting him wasn't to keep boosters happy. He was offered by the likes of Alabama, Arizona State, Oklahoma St, and a handful of other Power 5 schools. To the size point, the other quarterback they brought in that same class is the same size he is. And at that time Casey Pachall was their starting quarterback, who had almost identical measurables to Foster. For whatever reason the game just hasn't been able to click for him so far at this level. Scheme and/or lack of development are probably most likely to blame. I think he'd be worth taking a chance on if he's interested in coming here. I wonder if Harrell and Cumbie have been in contact about him.
  11. Being a Heights grad, I really wanted us to land Tariq. He's a good kid with great measurables. He's a lot like Rutherford in that the sky is the limit with the frame he has, it just comes down to if he can sure up some things at the next level. He sometimes had a hard time creating separation against the better competition, but I think that is something that can be fixed with good coaching at the next level. His motor has been questioned before, but every time I've seen him play it looks like he's going all out. I've heard that he was extremely excited after his visit to San Antonio, but I don't know if it had more to do with the coaches, the school, or the city.
  12. We got a winner. They have the same shirts listed on the Army page.
  13. Email Wren Baker or Ryan Peck and they will help you out. I donated a set of season tickets for basketball this season and they were extremely helpful throughout the process.
  14. I did go to the HOD bowl and had a good time at the game itself. We were out there tailgating starting at about 7 am. As soon as our crew started for the gates, the neighborhood's go getters started coming out and taking our stuff. This time I'm only bringing a cooler and some fold out chairs, if that! I'm extremely happy we're in a bowl game, but I don't expect a similar crowd to what we had in 2013. I say in the ballpark of 22,000-25,000 for attendance if the weather is nice.