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  1. This is stupid. We are now officially NFL 2.0. This is textbook free agency and will manifest more corruption than what is alreasy present. The G5's will be feasted on every. single. off-season.
  2. FAU's new OC - 24 year old, Charlie Weiss Jr.

    I just think it's the narrative of "2nd chance" for players that have been a new age-ish kind of ordeal trickling down (or up) into coaching circles and administrations ignorantly agreeing.
  3. FAU's new OC - 24 year old, Charlie Weiss Jr.

    #Nepotism May be the youngest coordinator in FBS history.
  4. '18 T/G Thomas Preston III (Scottsdale CC)

    That's great and dandy, but my boohoo'ing was aimed moreso toward our defensive front 7 and poor OL play vs quality competition.
  5. '18 T/G Thomas Preston III (Scottsdale CC)

    The same thing is happening throughout the defensive front 7. I have no faith in this staff when it comes to bringing in HS players on the OL or defensive front 7. Have they brought any in among these 10-12 positions from high school that have played with consistency or are projected to be difference makers among their peers? It's only the position groups that win championships, no biggie. And we all know JUCO players are textbook hit and miss gambles.
  6. Yes. But even with Nic going for 178 at Rice, the offense still looked stagnant and uncomfortable. And that was a very bad Rice defense. The O isn't the same without Wilson in there. The tune played the same in 2016 when JW was injured. I want to see someone step up and someone will definitely be getting the touches. It's a wait and see game to see the production.
  7. Kiffin factor Keeps Seth Here Longer?

    1) Most knew Troy was a tough draw. 2) Offense sputtered in that game, period. 3) SL hasn't finished a season strong yet. I would say these are facts. A desperate university will reach out to him in 2018 if he again is a 10 win coach. The media isn't letting this candle burn out.
  8. I read this after I posted the ego stroke post. But do you see? Kids are like this in this day and age. It's eccentric and blatantly and openly self centered. That's the new age "kid". And to be honest social media is a significant reason for it. Psychologists are stating that never in the history of mankind has the adolescent population been more self conscious, more perceptually influenced, and lived their life through the thoughts and reactions of other people. It is a self assurance and reassurance generation.
  9. I don't think he considers the impact that it has and the way kids love getting their ego stroked in what is now 2018. This would be a bad hot sports take.
  10. Kiffin factor Keeps Seth Here Longer?

    LK is gone after this year if he has similar success, so that breaks up your speculation a bit. However, your speculation is true in the meaning that SL is coaching in Lane Kiffin's shadow. Once Kiffin gets plucked, the next man in line in this conference at this point in time would have to be SL.

    It'd have a short term opposite effect, sure. But this year's freshmen, the year after, and after, or after, and so on and so forth won't care or even know of this.


    Greater good for the greater number.

    I'm sorry, but having students, more specifically UNT students, with this kind of power over athletics is absurd. Are we doing this out of respect to the student body? Or does it have to be done in this manner. If not, cut the small talk, pull the rug out from underneath their bleeding hearts, and get it done.
  15. Unless the breaking of the Twitterverse rules are egregious, there is no platform for the NCAA to push any university into consequences. If so, this would open up a huge can of worms and potential lawsuit on top of the NCAA.