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  1. Mistake. Herm edwards and Arizona State is going nowhere. Think Lovie Smith and Illinois.
  2. Ben Gooding

    Recruiting Update

    Agreed. Place is an aboslute dump. But, they love their sports over there.
  3. Ben Gooding

    Kiffin gets 10-year, $9.5 million dollar contract

    Shut up bill
  4. Ben Gooding

    CUSA 19' Recruiting Class Rankings - UNT #1

    This just solidifies my bitching, you calling my name when recruiting is looking bright. And it is in fact looking bright.
  5. Ben Gooding

    Big day ahead!!!!

    Sounds exciting, right? I think a consistent 60% rate per signing class is elite vs our competition. 15 per 25. Want to know why programs like Marshall, Toledo, LaTech stay relatively relevant...It's because they consistently have a talent rich roster with 3 stars scattered throughout. Many of folks roll their eyes at these systematic rating systems, but the programs that are littered with touted players are going to succeed or at minimum be competitive. Keep the momentum excuses.
  6. Ben Gooding

    Big day ahead!!!!

    I know you're not. Just been periodically checking for updates... At this rate, the current rate and not how it stands, this may be a historic class by the numbers.
  7. Ben Gooding

    Big day ahead!!!!

  8. Ben Gooding

    Garbage Stadium Rankings from the DMN

    They aren't innovative at all. At least not to my untrained eye. It's mainly the same routine, same in game songs, and same green t shirts and khaki shorts. I've literally seen high school bands the evening Friday before our Saturday games in full dress. That should be a minimum standard on Game Days. And a college football marching band should present itself to the grand stand crowd pre-game and halftime. Not play grab ass as they lollygag to their designated hash. Our band is good at a lot of things, but overall presentation is certainly not one of them.
  9. Just seeing this...I believe this is called recruiting momentum. A sight to greatly see. Let's steer that momentum to tbe DL now. Welcome to UNT
  10. Ben Gooding

    3 Years Ago: A QB Race

    Listening to him talk, no way he was.
  11. Ben Gooding

    North Texas Lands BIG Commit

    I like this a lot. I think he can be an all CUSA type player in as little 2 years. His recruiting makes no sense as in only Tech, us and Mcneese after him. I suspect him to roll in a handful more offers and if we can get him to stick that'd be fantastic. Welcome to UNT
  12. Glad to hear Colvin "settled" with North Texas.
  13. Ben Gooding

    ‘19 RB Garrison Johnson (Manvel)

    No, he does...UNT needs to revoke his media pass and let him get his stories from the parking lot.
  14. Ben Gooding

    Garbage Stadium Rankings from the DMN

    Brett taking a shot at UNT and its athletics??? Naaahhh, say it ain't so.