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  1. Number of Football Analyst

    It's a ploy and a significant way to get recruits in the door...Hiring daddy to file papers and put on school colors for 80K a year. It's an absolute joke. And the spineless NCAA just keeps looking the other way.
  2. Jacksonville State (3/21/18)

    Couldn't make this one and disappointed in myself for it. GMG!
  3. Disappointed at Attendance

    No way there were just 1100 people there. 3k minimum. Not sure where that deflated figure came from.
  4. Mercer (3/19/18)

    Team played great. Fun atmosphere. If we get another, I'm there.
  5. Yes, they beat Duke a few years ago in the Tourney. I understand that. But name recognition means something to people that don't really pay attention. Boosting prices for a nameless opponent is not going to help garner the said support they are hoping to get from this game. That's all I was saying.
  6. $13 is cheap, but if they are trying to capitalize on this game from a support standpoint as they stated over and over then they shouldn't be boosting prices to watch FCS Mercer (And yes, I know they aren't FCS in hoops, but they might as well be) if in fact this was a means to bridge the gap to fandom support and not a way to capitalize monetarily. Either way, I will be there.
  7. Number of Football Analyst

    Control...In the NCAA?
  8. Disagree. Might as well start a G5 CFB playoff while we're at it. it's conceding, and the dickheads that be will grow that to a G5 glory trophy. More coaches need to be publicly bitching like UCF in football and Middle and St Mary's in bball. Every coach and University in any and all sports at this "level" when on runs have to be obnoxiously vocal. It's a branding thing and it has to happen.
  9. Down Goes The MUTS

    Joe Lunardi listed MTSU a week or so ago as one of the few mid-major programs that does not have to win their conference tourney to make it into the field. This COULD be a monetary blessing in disguise for CUSA. Edit: And to solidify this a bit, he still has Middle in the tournament as an 11 seed in one of the play in games as of this morning. He has ODU winning the CUSA tournament and making it in as a 13 seed.
  10. Best Ways to Impact/Stay Involved as Alumni

    Buying season tix and showing up to the games and whatever event(s) you can attend is the best way to stay active and involved. You meet a lot of people just doing these 2 basic things.
  11. Star Telegram Sh*ts All Over UNT

    Guy is FOS.
  12. Mr. Versatility - Kelvin Smith

    Liked this guy from the day he committed to us.
  13. UTEP (3/3/18)

    Crappy way to lose a game to a crappy team from northwest Mexico. Ugh.