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  1. eagle2014

    GMG.com 2018 March Madness Thread

    How does this impact conference payout?
  2. eagle2014


    Our corner backs are trash. I would never run against our team.
  3. eagle2014


    Why don't we ever line up under center?
  4. eagle2014

    Tv options today

    You have to upgrade to gold for $20 or purchase the channel for $12. I just signed up for the free trial for fubotv. It seems like the way to go.
  5. eagle2014

    It's GAME DAY!

    Anyone know if we must print tickets or if we can use tickets on phones?
  6. eagle2014

    What would it take.....

    Invite into p5 and guaranteed football success for 20 years
  7. eagle2014

    2017 North Texas Football Schedule Released

    I like that they finally separated the Texas teams.
  8. I disagree, if the girl didn't hit him first she wouldn't have gotten hit.
  9. eagle2014

    Drexel (11/20/16)

    I have a feeling it might be shorter than this giving the start of the season.
  10. Probably "WTF is this and how has it been allowed to continue for so long"
  11. eagle2014


    Or maybe he's not an idiot. No point getting hurt for a game that is already out of hand.
  12. eagle2014


    Kind of useless when you are getting killed. Also, maybe fine should play a little smarter so he won't get hurt.
  13. Being in North Texas. That is much more than utep could bring.
  14. If they added two Texas teams it would be us and probably utsa. Rice is too close to utsa and utep doesn't bring anything to the table. Adding utsa and us allows the MWC to gain exposure in north and south Texas.